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Tomoko bit into the pork bun the others brought over for her as the group sat around the kotatsu in the living room. "Be careful not to eat too quickly, Hime," Ryo chided," I might let this one go but just be careful."

"Sa. About that attack last night..." Aarin said.
Tomoko swallowed and looked at the five. "Ryo-San detected a disturbance last night within the shopping district. He went to go check and found a dead body in an alley much like the other victims... He had no choice but to leave it since he might disturb the evidence the police needed when found."
"Currently the victim is reported missing as the police is looking for her. No one saw who it was that attacked but we do know that she let her guard down to let the attacker trick her into falling into the spell."
"It would explain that weird feeling I had last night..." Reni murmured. "So what happened to her as of now?"
"I don't think they have found her by now but I don't think anyone would know what the supposed Mage looks like,” Ryo said. “It looks like he plans his attacks accordingly. Basically the area the victim was found was out of sight of security cameras and it seems as though he takes passages that avoid them. So even if we find a way to look for any security footage of the attack, there’s a small chance we’ll see his face.”
“After detecting the auras, it’s more than likely the victims used to be skilled Mages with high levels of various magic,” Tomoko said as she took her last bite, causing her speech to be a little muffled. “And with such a situation at hand, it’s best if you try to be cautious and avoid being out late.”
“Hime, swallow before speaking,” Aarin chided, knowing the girl doesn’t usually act like that.
“Gomen nasai.”

“But wouldn’t it be best if we try to lure out this Mage?” Kanako asked,” He is after other Mages, isn’t he?”
“Those who aren’t aware of their abilities,” Ryo said as he folded his arms. “But even if one of you pretend to fall victim to lure him out with others standing guard, you still won’t be able to escape the spell. You even know yourselves that you don’t have enough control over your powers like you did in the past. Not to mention you only remember fragments of what you know of Eutopolis. It wouldn’t be safe to approach him until we know it’s safe.”
“So you want us to just sit around and let him take more lives?!” Momoka questioned as she slammed her hands onto the table.
“We’re not even sure when he attacks and who he attacks,” Tomoko said,” There’s no set pattern on the victims but the five of you possess powers far greater than the other victims. It’s too risky…”
“Well we can’t just let more people die, Hime! We have to try!” Momoka was about to leave but Tomoko ran up to her and took hold of her arm.
“Da me desu, Minami-san! I can’t afford to lose all of you again!” she cried as tears started to fall. “You might make me escape like last time but I saw you die! This time is different! You might not be able to be reborn again if he takes you! I don’t want that to happen again!”
Momoka looked at the small girl. “Hime…”

Ryo’s eyes glowed as fire erupted from his mouth, knocking away the Unknowns that were advancing. Sheru created a hammer and hit it against the ground, causing an earthquake. Minami’s eyes glowed as vines appeared from the cracks and restrained the Unknowns.
“There’s too many!” Kimiko shouted as she engulfed a few more in flames. The group backed up the stairs as they saw more Unknowns appearing.
Ran raised her sword as lightning struck down against the tower, causing the stairs to crumble so the Unknowns on the ground would become trapped. “Hayaku!” she ordered.
Aira took hold of Tomoko’s arm before leading her up the stairs with Ryo following next to them. “If we have enough time, we can get through the portal,” the dragon said before swinging his tail to knock away the flying Unknowns.
Aira’s eyes glowed as she raised her hand, releasing an energy beam at a door that opened on contact. The group rushed in and Sheru locked the door, covering it with rocks to secure it. She was knocked back as something rammed into it from the other side. “Da me da… There’s too many people out there…” she muttered.
Minami pushed aside a bookshelf to reveal a door. She opened it as they found a strange vortex inside. She looked at Tomoko. “Hime. This portal will lead to the future. A peaceful one. Once you go through, look for us and tell us everything we need to know in order to defeat the Dark Syndicate.”
“Look for you…? Nande? Aren’t you coming with me?”
“We need someone to close the portal so they won’t follow you,” Ran said,” But it requires all five of us combined to seal it off. The Dark Syndicate will realize you don’t exist in this time anymore and will wait until you appear. That’s why you have to go look for us.” Bright light surrounded the five as their garb turned into knight armor. They held out their pendants.
“Take these with you, okay?” Kimiko said,” No matter what we say, make sure that our future selves have it.” She looked over at Ryo. “Ryo. Take care of her. She needs someone to rely on.”
Ryo shrunk in size and rested on Tomoko’s shoulder. “I suppose you will continue to refuse to join our journey.”
“We don’t have a choice. Hime, take care.”
Tomoko shook her head. “Iiada! You have to come.”
Kimiko gently smiled and rested her hands on the girl’s shoulders. “You’ll see us again.” She gently pushed the girl before Tomoko fell into the portal.
Kimiko closed the door as tears threatened to fall. She took out her sword. “Let’s get this over with.”
The others brought out their swords as they started to glow. With a single stroke, the five cut through the door, causing it to glow before disappearing.
“Sayonara… Hime…”
The door soon went ablaze as Unknowns appeared.

“Dakara… I can’t afford to be separated from everyone again… It’s too painful…”
“Hime…” Momoka pulled the girl into a hug. “Gomen ne, Hime… We should’ve known better…”

Ryo’s eyes glowed. “Early at this time?” he muttered. The others looked at him.
“He’s attacking?” Kanako asked.
“Most likely. I don’t sense a member of the Dark Syndicate. Just a large amount of Dark Magic.”
The warriors looked at each other before Aarin took hold of Tomoko’s shoulders. “Hime. You have to stay here where it’s safe. This situation is different. You have to trust us, okay?”
“De mo… Aira-san…”
“Shinjite, Hime. We won’t die this time.”
Tomoko hesitated but gave a small nod. “Come back soon, okay…?”
“We will…” Aarin gently petted the girl’s head.

The girls ran to the scene to find some icicles as well as bodies frozen on the ground. “Uso… Ice Magic?” Shiorin muttered. She gently kicked part of the ice to find it solid.

♪Yes! Yes! We are the Momoiro Clover! Reni Kanako Akari Shiori Ayaka Momoka! Go now! Kimi no haato megate! Sing a song!♪

The girls looked around as they heard music playing. “Akari?” Kanako murmured. “Masaka…”
Shiorin’s eyes glowed as she felt the ground shaking. “Get off the ground!” she warned.
Momoka’s wings sprung out as she took hold of Reni before flying up. A disc of pink energy appeared at Aarin’s feet as Kanako jumped on before they flew up into the air. Shiorin ate a capsule as a grappling hook appeared in her hands. She shot it to the top of a building before being pulled up.
Aarin felt the air shaking before a tidal wave crashed onto the streets below. “Uso… That magic…”
The five landed on the ground once the wave disappeared before finding a figure on the middle of the street about a block away from them. They noticed she seemed to have short midnight blue hair as she wore a sleeveless leather shirt with a navy tube top underneath since there were horizontal slits on the back of the leather shirt. With it was matching leather shorts and black boots with blue shoelaces. What shocked them were the chains that hanged from the belt loops and the straps of her leather shirt.
Their eyes glowed in shock as they recognized the bobbed haircut and frame. “Akarin…”
The girl smirked as she faced the warriors.

*facedesk* ...Don't kill me. I swear, do not kill me for what I did... I forgot how I wrote it, I forgot what time of day I wrote it but I know I wrote it and regret it...
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