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Shiorin took a bite out of her Manpaku Curry as she was deep in thought. "Unknowns controlling humans... Even a whole day trying to figure it out, it still doesn't make sense..." she murmured as she took another bite.
"Too bad we don't have a program that could help us demonstrate the magic process needed..." Momoka sighed as she drank her iced tea. "But even if we do, it'll still be too difficult to figure it out."
"Hmm..." Aarin took out a small notebook and opened up to a blank page. She took out a pencil and started to write. "Flame Magic, Earth Magic, Plant Magic, Wind Magic and Lightning Magic," she said as she wrote down the types as a list. "But there's also Energy Magic that goes with Light magic. And to counter it, there's Dark Magic."
"And then there's Water and Ice Magic since we need the four elements," Reni said. "What about Manipulation Magic?"
"What kind?"
"Telepathic and Telekinetic Magic," Kanako said," But there are still spells that are not placed into a specific type."
"But even if we do know the types, how are they all connected to the Unknowns?" Shiorin asked.
"Hmm..." Aarin's eyes started to glow. "I think I might've done some studies on beings that aren't created naturally... But most of the magical creatures I found were ones that can use magic like Ryo. Dragons, unicorns, mermaids... But none of the books I read said anything about it since I needed it for training."
"None of my books said it as well," Momoka said, knowing she had to study a lot when not training her powers.
Kanako rested her chin on her right hand as she started to think. "Hmm... Ryo told us when we were younger that Unknowns were created by dark thoughts and memories... Maybe that's why they're drawn to magic?"
"Not really. Unknowns can't use magic until they turn into actual monsters like the one who attacked Hime and allowed us to awaken our powers," Reni said. "But..." She started to rethink everything. "Hmm... Unknowns are prone to last longer when they're created by Mages... But only a few Mages can use Dark Magic."
"But doesn't all magic branch off from magic itself?" Shiorin asked. "That is why the Crown exists since the keeper can use any form of magic possible. Families just use one or two forms of magic since it’s what they have specialized in for generations."
"True... It is possible you're right, Kanako. I did sense a small amount of magic from those who have attacked... They must've used it to attach themselves to former magic users..."
"But it can't be confirmed until we truly know it’s like that," Momoka said," Do you think Ryo knows?"
"I don't think so. If he did, he would've told us," Shiorin said as she took her last bite. "Ah..."
"Sou da ne... As ones who are forced to leave Hime's side to fight, he should've told us so we could have an advantage if he knew for so long," Kanako said as she leaned back against her seat. "But it can't be helped... We still have issues remembering everything from the past..."
"And our bodies have yet to adapt to the conscious levels of our magic..." Momoka sighed," Even having our elements react to us until we figure out how to control it like before."
There was a long pause as the five looked down, unsure how to react now.
"Sou iieba... We still don't understand our actual mission..." Aarin murmured," I know we were told to fight and everything but... It doesn't feel natural sometimes..."
"Our past selves were so different than what we're used to in this life," Shiorin sighed," We were still busy but this time period is more lax so we don't run into a lot of trouble..."
"Not to mention we don't remember everything and without all of our memories, there's not much we can do aside from what we were told," Reni added, nervously stirring her drink with her straw. "Which means we have to do nothing but try to play off the fighting from everyone and fight the Unknowns with Hime..."
The five became quiet as they became worried, knowing they'll have to separate themselves from those close once again.
Tomoko gently hugged her legs as she looked at the small TV in her room. After a couple of tries, she managed to get everything to work and was surfing through the channels before finding the news reports.

“Despite hearing nothing but calm nights, the number of homicide victims has been increasing,” the anchorman said. “Many reports have said that all the recent victims showed no signs of struggle and no injuries were found. Tox reports stated that they were perfectly healthy before their deaths but all signs points to a supernatural death. Please be warned that all citizens be careful and-"

The screen turned black as Tomoko turned back to find Ryo who had the remote in his free hand. "Ryo-san."
"Looks like you found it as well." He placed the tray on the table before taking hold of the mug of warm milk and placing it in front of the girl. "Looks like a Mage is present during these homicides... It might be from the effects of the Removal Spell."
"De mo... Only three Mages were allowed to it back in Eutopolis. Two now that it's only Reni-San and I..."
"That's the mystery."
"Ryo-san. Please don't blame Reni-san. I know they're having more difficulty with their magic than they should but Reni-san would never hurt anyone. Nor will the others."
"I am fully aware of the Guards wanting nothing more than to prevent themselves from hurting innocents with their magic. But the Syndicate can't even master all of the Forbidden Spells so it’s highly unlikely they're responsible for these deaths."

The Forbidden Spells. Spells that are easily accessed by Mages that can lead to corruption if not controlled properly. They were given the title due to the effects they have on other Mages and humans, possibly magical creatures. Mages were banned to use them unless they have the proper documentation as well as a good reason to use them, thus having them used by chosen Mages and the Guards; the latter having no choice but to learn due to their free-willed magic. But if a Mage were to ever use it, there is a high chance he will become corrupted by the power and seek destruction. Once this occurs, he must face death to prevent harm to others for there is no possible cure. Only those Chosen have yet to be corrupted by their use.

"All signs have pointed directly towards the Removal Spell... But no one else should know of it and the victim died without showing signs of a lost soul..."
"Well whoever it is, he must've known about magic existing and trying to learn spells. Once he uses a Forbidden one, he'll lose control of himself unless he's a highly trained Mage."
"Should we tell the others, then?"
"Most likely. But as I checked on them, they do seem hesitant about fighting. The signs showed that they haven't fully recovered their memories."
"Sou desu ne... I still don't have enough power to be able to use all the spells since I'm still training... The five of them were forced to recover them because of my outburst that day..."

Ryo sighed as he looked around the town to do an area scan. He looked at the girl next to him, her wrist in his grasp as tears threatened to fall. "It will take some time, Hime."
Tomoko's eyes turned violet as she pulled away. "Iiada! We have to find them!"
"Hime. It's best to think about everything first. We just learned how to move into a house and how to take care of ourselves. I'm pretty sure that the others can wait a little longer."
"Iiada! You heard what they said! We already spent five days trying to get used to everything here and we still haven't found them!"
"Hime, your magic will become even more unstable if you act like this." He soon noticed a neon blue ring appearing at the girl's feet with a strange pattern inside. "Hime!"

"Gomen ne... I didn't mean to hurt everyone there..."
"I know you don't mean it. But if we actually did approach them in the beginning, they won't know who we are. If it wasn't for your magic, they wouldn't have remembered since you messed up quite often.”
Tomoko softly pouted. “Honto ni baka desu…”
“I never meant it like that. All we need to do is figure out who’s causing these deaths. Before this magical killer finds the six of you and takes away your powers.”
“Minori-chan. You’re going home already?” a girl asked as a group of friends walked out of the karaoke club.
“Gomen ne. I have some last minute chores to do. I’ll see you at school tomorrow, okay?”
“Hai. Matta ne.”
Minori soon went the other way at the intersection and stopped before crossing the streets, waiting for the crossing signal to change. A truck drove by and she noticed a figure at the other side of the street. “Eh?” She squinted her eyes to get a better look to find a cloaked figure with red eyes as the person smirked. “Hen ja nai?”
Reni’s ears perked as she turned to the front door. “Eh? An Unknown?”
“Doushita no, Reni-chan?” Takagi-mama asked as she ate her dinner.
“Eh? Gomen ne, Mama. Just a little uneasy.” Reni took a bite out of her fish as she continued to eat.
“Mah. I guess it’s natural,” Takagi-papa said,” Rumor has it that those homicides appear night after night without a known reason. Some say that supernatural beings are the cause of it.”
“Supernatural? As in ghosts?” Reni asked, getting suspicious.
“Sou. All the new reports say that the victims were unharmed when found dead and they weren’t poisoned either. Everyone in town has been spooked about it.”
“Masaka… A Dark Mage is present?”

‘Reni. Reni, do you hear me?’
Reni recognized the voice. “Kanako?"
‘Watashi-tachi mo,’
Shiorin retorted. ‘Looks like our telepathic link is still intact. But it’s best to make it look like everything’s fine. We’re still eating at my place.’
‘Did anyone else watch the news? Mama just told me about it,’
Aarin said.
“I was told just now. But it couldn’t be us… We can’t even use the Forbidden Spells in our current states until we’re ready…” Reni said.
‘That’s the problem. The Dark Syndicate are still incapable of performing transformation spells so they can’t fool anyone to allow them to perform Forbidden Spells,’ Momoka murmured,’ Hime and Ryo said that we have to be careful at night since that’s when the deaths usually occur.'
“Well they are right. I received a weird feeling a moment ago… Like someone just performed the Removal Spell…”
‘We have to talk to Hime about this,’
Kanako said. ‘If a Mage is out there killing innocents, we have to come up with a plan to stop him. We can’t just leave Hime alone with Ryo since it works on dragons as well.’

“You’re awfully quiet these past few weeks, Reni-chan,” Takagi-mama said as she noticed her daughter wasn’t speaking that much. “Doushita no?”
“I-iie… Gomen ne, Mama. Things are just getting a little complicated for me and the others. But we’re trying to figure out how to get through it. Sorry to worry you.”
“Daijobu dayo. Just make sure to keep your grades up,” Takagi-papa said,” You’re graduating in a few months.”
Kanako sighed as she knew one of them broke the connection. “Looks like we can’t ignore everything…”
Her phone soon rang as she picked up to be Tomoko. “Hime?” She flipped open her phone to find an email and opened it.

Taihen desu! Ryo-san detected another attack by the Mage! Please meet at our home to discuss everything! –Tomoko

“Uso…” Her phone rang again but was from Momoka.

Just received Hime’s message. They’re acting faster than we thought. Doushiyo? -Momoka

Kanako quickly texted back.

Tomorrow’s the weekend so we have time to talk about it. Try to stay calm, okay? Keep a high alert in case something happens. –Kanako

Kanako fell back against her pillow as she sighed. “Looks like things are moving faster than we thought…” she murmured. She turned to her side and gently hugged a throw pillow.

Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries... So many things we don't know that much... It's so weird, isn't it? Oh well. On to the next chapter!

Remember: I OWN NOTHING!
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