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"Hime! Time to go to school!" Shiorin called as they rang the doorbell. "Hime~!"
The front door opened as Ryo answered. "Ah. Looks like the five of you are here again..." he said," No costume this time?"

Ryo opened the door to find the girls in costumes similar to “Journey to the West” characters. "…Omae dare da?" he asked.
"We're here to look for the Holy Transcripts for Buddha!" Kanako said as she pointed her staff at the dragon. "We heard that his acquaintance lives here and knows of their whereabouts so we came to pick her up!"
Ryo looked at them before closing the door.
"OI! How dare you treat the Monkey King like this?!"

"Just so you know, we had a performance that day and wanted to bring her," Reni said.
"Well you might as well go to school without her. Apparently she became ill with what humans call the flu in this time period. The school said they'll excuse her for a few days until she feels better."
"Eh? Sick?" Aarin asked. "She's only been here for a couple of weeks and she's already sick?"
"We had to take the train a couple of days ago since we had to look for some supplies not found in the shopping district. Apparently there was this one passenger sitting next to us sneezing and coughing and didn't wear those weird masks the other passengers had. Next thing I knew, she was doing the same thing last night. You know how Hime is with diseases."
"Then how come you're not sick?" Momoka questioned.
"Dragons are immune to diseases after adapting to new environments. I switched places with her when he started to cough and sneeze but she still got it."
"Mou. I guess we still need to take care of her then," Shiorin sighed.
"Oi. You should be in school. People could've seen you even when you call in sick. Just let me handle it and consider it a day off. You've already watched her for years. It's best if you leave her care to me. I've done this plenty of times."
"Fine. But we'll email you on how to take care of her in this time period," Momoka said," Surely you know how phones work."
"I looked through videos so I'll be fine. Hime has her own phone, as well. Sa. Sync." The six exchanged phone numbers as well as receive Tomoko's. "Hurry and get to school. I'll watch over her."
"You sound like a protective father trying to keep boys away," Kanako said. "Matta na, doragon." She stuck her tongue out before the five left.
"Matta ku. I'm not going to do anything..."
"So a day off, huh? It's been a while since we had one," Reni sighed as the five walked to school.
"Well we started out training since we're kids and weren't summoned for duty until we were at least 13 since that was when Hime was born," Momoka said," So we spent 14 years taking care of her. Of those 14 years, we had a day off every month."
"So a total of 168 days off," Aarin said. "Thinking back, it does seem like a lot of days off."
"Sou da ne. But since Ryo asked us to have a day off since he has his powers to protect her at home, we should at least make use of it."
"But what should we do?" Reni asked," We don't have practice today since Kawakami has a family event and Yumi-sensei is on a trip for the next few days."
"We can figure it out once school ends," Kanako said," We had tons of days off before we started fighting so it'll be fine."

"Sou iieba... Ne, did any of you had a strange feeling before we had those dreams?" Shiorin asked," Like a close connection to our elements or abilities?"
"Not that you mention it, I do remember that I just had to walk to school when it's cold and windy," Aarin said.
"And I did have a close connection to fire and how easy it was for me to do gymnastics," Kanako said," I guess we all had our magic without realizing just as Hime told us."
"But what about the Unknowns? Back in Eutopolis, they don't possess humans or Mages," Reni said," And they always separate from the victim once they form."
"They must be attracted to the dormant magic they might not know about. Hime said that the first time they attacked, they targeted Mages for their powers. And since no one knows of magic truly existing, it's possible they're using that magic to cling onto humans."
"Even if that's true, we still can't hurt them until a high-class Mage separates them and only Aarin can do it until Hime learns the spell as well as Reni," Shiorin said.
"We'll have to figure that out before they spread and infect the whole area," Reni said," Before they get to any of us, especially Hime."
"Then we should meet at Stars once school ends," Momoka said," We could rent out a private room so no one would know."
"Sounds like a plan."
"Looks like the Unknowns can now disguise themselves in the human world," Dorgon smirked as he sat on a stone throne. "A shame I'm still overpowered by the Guards even though they've been inactive for over a millennia... But if we gather enough dark energy, I will be able to get my hands on the Crown.”
Ryo gently dabbed Tomoko's forehead with a towel as the girl looked up at him. "Gomen ne... I guess I still need to get used to everything..." she said softly.
"Daijobu. Even back home you got sick easily. It's natural for me to take care of you since your parents didn't want Ran-tachi to fall ill while on duty."
"Sou desu ne... Minna-San wa?"
"I told them to take the day off. They're still untrusting about me being your caretaker but a least they accepted."
Tomoko gently smiled. "It's just how they were trained. You were the only dragon in history that worked with humans so everyone has issues trusting you. But I'm glad you won't hurt anyone even though your instincts tell you to."
Ryo smiled. "Sou da na." He placed a cold pack on the girl's forehead. "Sleep a little more, okay? They told me that you will need plenty of rest. I'll go prepare your lunch while you sleep."
Tomoko gave a small nod as she started to go back to sleep. “Ganbatte... minna-san...”
Kimiko dodged another arrow before her eyes glowed and released a blast of fire, burning the rest of the projectiles. "Looks like I still need to learn how to make the flames bigger," she sighed as the instructor stopped his attack. She looked over at the others. "Sa. Who's next? Eh?" She noticed the four lying down on the grass as they tried to distract themselves, some of them sleeping. "OI! Wake up!"
Sheru lifted her head as she rubbed her eyes. "Hm? Ah. Kimiko, you're done?"
"Mou! Ou-sama and Ojou-sama told us to train a little before taking the rest of the day off!"
"Gomen. But the wind is so nice," Aira said as the wind blew through her long hair. She laid back down.
"Besides. It's the summer time where we can relax without complaints," Minami added," There's no need to act like a strict leader on days off."
Kimiko pouted before seeing Ran who was still asleep. "I thought she doesn't like being out in the sun for too long," she said, pointing out the girl’s hood was off.
"If she's asleep, she's asleep," Sheru said. "But a sure fire way to wake her up." She sat up and crawled over to Ran who gently snored. She leaned in and gently kissed the girl.
Ran's eyes snapped open and pulled away, pushing Sheru away. "Are you insane?! If I didn't wake up sooner, you'd be dead!" she cried as her eyes were glowing in panic.
"Well at least you woke up." Sheru crossed her legs to sit properly. "Why are you so afraid of your magic, anyway? We all know you won't hurt Hime with it."
Ran sighed as she pulled up her hood to shield herself from the sun. "It's still unstable, Sheru. Even when asleep, they can still activate. I can't risk getting any of you hurt because of it. Why else do I refuse to use it during court?"
"Well if you kept sleeping like that, we could've been ambushed and someone would've taken away that ability since a lot of them are learning it nowadays."
"Maybe it's best if we head into the village and check up on things," Aira said, trying to change the topic," Usually we spend our days off within the gates so why not a change?"
"Well it has been a while since we visited our brothers," Minami confessed," Okay. Let’s go."
"Mou. If only there were a few clouds..." Ran pouted as she tried to shield her face more.
"Well Hime was the one who asked us to have the day off since her parents are in charge of teaching her how to do the paperwork today," Kimiko said," She wouldn't want us to worry about her when she's guarded by other reliable adults."
"We can rest under some trees when we have to make stops," Sheru said," And grab some food while we're at it."
"Aren't you worried you'll create something when you eat? It'll cause an uproar when someone finds a knife that's about to chop their head off."
"I can control it now!" Sheru pouted.

Kanako felt a piece of chalk hitting her forehead as she jerked up in her seat. "Nakamushi da, Sheru!" she shouted, only to be hit again. "Itta!" Her hand went to her forehead before waking up in class.
"Momota-San! At least try to keep your head up if you're going to be dozing off!" the History teacher chided.
"Gomen nasai..."
"Ariyasu-san mo!"
Momoka's head perked up as she looked on at the teacher sleepily. "H-hai..."
"Looks like a new dream..." Shiorin yawned during lunch. "Strange how we had it at the same time."
"How long ago was that? That day off?" Aarin asked.
"I think it was when Hime was about ten years old," Reni said," But if you guys ever wake me up like that, I will make sure the spell goes halfway."
"Kowa!" Momoka cried, now being wide awake from the threat.
"I did not expect that kind of threat, Reni..." Kanako muttered as she looked at her friend.
"Gomen... I just don't want you guys to get hurt..."
"How did you learn that spell?" Shiorin asked.
"It was by accident! I don't even know how I even learned it!"
"Sou da ne. We have been able to perform spells without knowing how we learned it," Aarin sighed. "We all had to train for years before being called for duty..."
"Ah. I remember that day. We didn't really like each other until we had to take care of Hime," Momoka said.

Ryo looked at the five teenagers in front as they seemed to have looked a bit hesitant, the eldest being the same age as him. "Sa. Why don't we introduce ourselves? Ore wa Ryo. I'm the King and Queen's advisor."
"Advisor? You look a bit young," Kimiko said.
"I'm older than you think. My kind ages quickly despite having long lifespans. Sa. Kimi wa?"
"Momorin Kimiko. Fifteen."
Ryo gave a nod before looking at Ran who looked away, her arms folded. "Omae?"
"Igarashi Ran. Sixteen."
"Kawazoe Sheru. Fourteen."
"Hara Minami... Fourteen."
"Ono Aira. Thirteen."
Ryo gave a nod but noticed they all looked away, uncomfortable with the new setting. "It might be your first day but it’s best to get used to everything. The five of you are the only Mages powerful enough to protect the soon-to-be Princess. And it's rare to find Mages who develop new spells without realizing it."
Ran looked away. "Don't think of it as a benefit," she said," How can we protect her if that happens all the time?"
Ryo sighed. "Just spend a few more days here and once the Princess arrives, you'll see how important your job is."
Sheru rested her head and arms on the crib as she looked at the small baby who was looking around. "Mou. Out of all days we have to take care of you," she pouted.
Minami held out the bottle holding the baby's milk. "Hai. All prepared."
"I'm not doing it. She cried the last time I did."
"You can't trust my powers with a child," Ran said.
Aira looked at the child before gently picking her up. "De mo kawaiishi. Ne, Hime?" She repositioned the child and cradled her. "Too bad your parents are busy and Ryo has to run errands." Her nose twitched. "...She's not hungry..." She stuck her tongue out and looked away, disgusted by the smell.
Kimiko covered her nose. "Aw! Come on! I'll have to burn it again!"
"Who's handling it this time?" Sheru asked.
"Mou. I'll do it," Ran said.
"DOZO DOZO!" the four insisted.
Ran took hold of the child before setting her onto the bed. She placed a towel under the child as the others prepared everything. "Let's do it..."
"Burn it!" Minami cried as she used a vine to throw out the waste.
Kimiko's eyes glowed before she released a strong blast of fire and closed the window, only to have the garbage disintegrate. She opened the windows before covering her nose. "Kusa!"
"OI! Don't go burning up Hime's business!" a guard shouted from below as he covered his nose.
"Mou! We know that!" Kimiko closed the window and sighed as Ran applied the baby powder to get rid of the odor on the child.
"At least she cooperated this time..." the Dark Mage murmured as she sighed. She finished cleaning the Princess before picking her up. "You're surely a lot of trouble for Ryo and your parents." She smiled. "De mo kawaii..."
"Ne, since she's still awake and it's not feeding time just yet, why don't we play with her?" Sheru suggested. "There's everything set up even though she has to grow a little more but she'll be fine."
"Ja ikko. We can play until its feeding time and she goes back to sleep," Aira said with a smile. The five smiled at this before Ran placed Tomoko on a thick blanket on the floor that had some toys. The child's eyes stared at them as they noticed they were changing colors that matched their uniforms.
"Looks like she's going to get used to us," Kimiko grinned.
Kimiko looked around the courtyard with the others, searching for their Princess who wanted to play and hide from them. "Sa... Where can Hime be?"
The five heard a giggle and turned to find nothing. "Sneaky girl," Sheru grinned. "But..." Her eyes glowed as she located their Princess through the vibrations in the ground. She looked behind the statue of a soldier to find blue fabric sticking out a little from the top of the pedestal.
Ran and Aira teleported to somewhere their Princess couldn't see them before Minami controlled the grass as a blade lengthened and gently tickled the girl, making her laugh.
"Gotcha!" The two skilled Mages jumped out and jumped at the girl who ran away laughing.
"You can't run away forever!" The others gave chase before Kimiko grabbed the girl and the two rolled on the ground and stopped with the child on top of the warrior of flames.
"Caught you!"
"You caught me!" Tomoko giggled in joy before the others landed next to them with huge smiles on their faces.
"You should ask for a smaller bow if you want to hide well," Sheru said as she tugged on the girl's hair bow.
"Sa! Time for you to find us!" Ran said before the five ran off, letting their small Princess give chase.

"If it wasn't for Hime and our abilities, we wouldn't have met each other and become close," Kanako said with a smile.
"De mo sa... Did anyone else think that looking for Hime was harder than fighting Unknowns?" Sheru asked. "Usually it would take us over an hour since the courtyard is big."
"Well looking for one person is hard, especially when she's small," Momoka said. "But aside from that, we still managed to get along even though we didn't have Hime for the past few years."
"Sou da ne. I'm glad the five of us became friends," Aarin said with a smile.
Ryo turned away from the closet towards the window.
"Doushitan desuka?" Tomoko asked from the bed as she was making what seem to be dolls.
"Iia. Thought I heard something. You know how cautious I am."
"Sou desu ne..." Tomoko soon became worried. "Ne... Ryo-San... Do you think they'll remember her?"
"Hai... According to law, the Princess and the keeper of the Crown must have at least six guards: two to guard her right, two to guard her left and two to guard her back. I was expecting to see all six of them together but they don't seem to remember her or not know of her... It makes me worried..."
Ryo soon realized who she was talking about. "The one who got separated in the fire..."
Tomoko gave a small nod. "I can't seem to detect her water magic anywhere... Is it possible that she could-"
"We can't be so sure, Hime," Ryo said as he hanged up the girl's freshly cleaned clothes. "We know for ourselves that those who have died back in Eutopolis were reborn into this time period since it was proven that Kimiko-tachi exist together as well as your parents who are somewhere we don't know of. But as the only ones who escaped, the only ones who survived were those of the Dark Syndicate. I'm not even sure those who fell victim to that dark spell were reborn..."
"But she's out there, right? Waiting for us to get her..."
"Most likely. But-" He closed the closet doors. "-I’m sure the others will remember her soon enough. They just need time." He took a seat next to her. "Just rest for now. You might be feeling better due to your healing abilities but you still need your rest."

Just some flashbacks for the girls on their day off. What? A day off once a month is immoral? When Tomoko was little, they had more than just a day just to play with her! Don't judge me!
Wait, now you're asking about that 6th guard? ...I'm saying nothing! No! I refuse to say anything about her! No! Wait, don't skim through the chapters! No! That's not proper reading! You won't go through the awesomeness between the beginning and ending of a chapter!
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