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"Ikemasu, Ryo-San," Tomoko called as she put on her shoes.
"Iterasshai, Hime," Ryo said as he peeked out the kitchen doorway.
Tomoko opened the front door to find the others. "Minna-san. Ohayo gozaimasu."
"Ohayo, Hime," the five greeted. They soon found Ryo as their eyes glowed. Ryo's expression hardened as the six glared at each other.
"J-ja... Ikemasho?" Tomoko said before leading them out. "I'll be back before dinner, Ryo-San!" She closed the door and let out a sigh. "Doushita no, minna-san? You were so trusting of him back home."
"After what he did to Aira, it's best to be cautious no matter how well trained he is," Reni warned," I am in charge of your safety, remember?"
"S-sou desu ne..." The six started to walk. "De mo... Since we're not in Eutopolis anymore... is it okay if you don't call me Hime? Everyone in school will be confused about why you call me that."
"We'll stop calling you Hime if you stop calling us by our old names," Kanako said," It's Kanako now, not Kimiko."
"Sou. It's Reni, Kanako~, Shiori, Ayaka, Momoka," Reni said as she sang their names. "But it's more preferred to call Aira ‘Aarin’ since she prefers her nickname than her surname. Same thing for Sheru. Call her ‘Shiorin’."
"Ja... Kimiko-San is Kanako-san, Ran-san is Reni-san. Minami-San is Momoka-san, Sheru-San is Shiorin-San, and Aira-San is Aarin-San. Hmm... Hai. Wakarimasu."
"If you keep it up, we'll stop calling you Hime," Aarin said," But I think it's best if we call ourselves by our old names in battle so no one will know it’s us."
"Hai!" Tomoko soon realized something. "Eh? Reni-San. Before when you said your names, you were singing. Why did you say the names like that?"
"Ah, you don't know yet," Reni said. "Jitsu wa ne, the five of us form an idol group. In this time period, there are various types of performers. We're idols because we do what idols do best: sing, dance, act, and model. We were all in the same promotion company and were brought together to form their first idol group. That's why we know each other before finding out it was because of the past life."
"We mostly work on the weekends because of school but sometimes we're called down to practice after school hours," Momoka said," We became closer because of the work we do."
"Honto desuka?"
"Sou. Besides. Now that we remember everything, it's possible we can use our abilities as an advantage when performing," Kanako said," Not that we really need it in the first place."
"So if the five of you sing and dance for others, do you perform for those of high class like back home?" Tomoko asked.
"Not really. We have performed at large stadiums where people can gather after buying tickets for admissions," Shiorin replied," With the money we earn from tickets, we're able to pay for what's needed on stage and the venues. That way, it would be easier for us to perform as well as letting everyone have fun."
"Then what about those who can't make it to your performances?"
"We sell DVDs which are basically discs used in recent technology. We would have cameras set up to record our performances and they would then transfer to DVDs so we could sell them to those who couldn't see it or want to see it again later on. Hopefully you and Ryo can come to one of our performances and see the kind of fun everyone has for just one night."
"It sounds exciting! I can't wait!"
"But we can't really hand out tickets unless we get permission," Aarin said. "We do have a concert in a month and tickets will be sold out as soon as sales start."
"But Ryo isn't enough to protect Hime from the enemy since they're at their strongest at night," Momoka said," We have to keep her close to make sure she's safe."
"S-sou da ne. We'll see what we can do, then…"
"Honto desuka? Yatta!"
"Mou. Even when you're fourteen, you're still like a child," Reni chided," I blame the Eutopolians' long lifespans." She stopped as her eyes glowed for a second. She turned around as the others took notice.
"Doushita, Reni?" Shiorin asked.
"I-iia. Betsu ni. I thought I felt something. You know how it is."
"Ah~ you're unstable dark energy. Surprising how they chose a Dark Mage to watch Hime," Shiorin teased.
"Uruse. You know hurting her would be the last thing I do. And this is coming from someone who has to eat or she'll be fighting bare-handed."
"OI! It's just a setback!"
"Mou, yamenasai," Kanako chided," We've been working together for about nineteen years now. At least try to be mature."
"As long as you bring your grades up, baka leader," the two pouted.
Kanako blushed at this. "OI! My grades are none of your business!"
"I think you shouldn't have mentioned the word 'mature'," Aarin said," Since we're still in school and forgotten our lifestyles from Eutopolis, I'm pretty sure we're still the same as how we grew up in this time. We might've remembered what we were like but we still have habits from this time period."
"Besides, we have to be a good influence on Hime so arguing wouldn't be good to do in front of her," Momoka added.
The three pouted. "Gomen..."
They all heard laughing and looked at Tomoko. "Hime?"
"G-Gomen nasai. I don't usually see all of you like this."
"Ah! Sou da! We kept this part of ourselves from you die to orders!" Momoka exclaimed. "Gomen. We should've warned you!"
"D-daijobu desu! I'm perfectly fine with it!" Tomoko couldn't stop laughing.
"Mou. If you keep laughing like this, we'll be late," Reni chided. She took hold of the small girl's arm. "Ikko."
"Minna-San! Mite mite!" Tomoko said as she and Aarin headed up to the roof to meet the others. She held out a bag. "A lot of our classmates gave us some snacks before we came up."
"Eh?" The four looked inside to find a lot of sweets and some bread from the school store.
"H-Hime! What did they say when they gave it to you?!" Kanako cried, knowing people don't usually give away food during lunch unless it’s a trade.
"Eh? What did they say? Hm... 'Aarin kawaii.' 'Tomo-chi kawaii.' 'You two look like cute siblings.' Something like that."
"I was about to say no but there was too many of them crowding around us when we were talking to each other about our work," Aarin said sheepishly. "Usually I would get about two snacks but once Tomo-chi started to be with me, it's like I heard a meter breaking and everyone crowded around us."
"Just to expect from the school idol and Hime's small stature..." Shiorin muttered. "But what about Hime alone?"
"Just a few snacks until we're together."
"No helping it then..." Momoka sighed," Let’s just eat lunch and hope no one's spying."
"Hai!" Tomoko took a seat next to them as Aarin took a seat next to Momoka.

"Ne, Aarin. Did they see?" Momoka asked.
"Did who see?"
"The fanclub members."
Aarin soon realized what she meant. "Un. They were in the back corner when I was talking to Hime." She then averted her eyes to the door as Momoka looked over to find some kind of mirror. "I felt them following us and made sure she didn't notice."
"Sou da ne... Hopefully they won't do anything..."
"Kuso! Who does she think she is? Hanging around with Aarin-sama and the others," a boy with shaggy dark hair and glasses scowled as he looked at the reflection of the mirror.
"Sou da! She's only been here for a few days and is already comfortable around them like she knew them all these years!" another boy scowled. "I bet she doesn't even know who they are!"
"We'll have to do something about her."

"You sure you don't need an escort?" Aarin asked as Tomoko was about to leave the room.
"Daijobu desu. I can find my way. Besides, your fans would like some time to talk."
"Okay. Make sure to come back before the bell rings."
"Hai. Ikemasu." Tomoko took her leave as she walked around to look for the bathroom. “Gomen ne, Aarin-San. I guess I ate a little too much...”
"Hm? Bu?" She looked around before hearing something. She found a plush keychain rolling around before stopping. "Eh?" She walked up to it and picked it up. It seemed to have resembled a pig with one ear green to match the pinkish-brown heart-shaped mark around its left eye.
"Did someone lose you?" She gently brushed off the dust before finding a small ledge near the windowsill. She placed the plush on the windowsill. "Gomen ne. I still don't know my way around here but hopefully your owner will find you. Gomen ne. Bye bye." She straightened herself and continued her way.
"Chotto omaera! How dare you treat Momorikobuta without addressing him?!" a voice questioned.
"Heh?" Tomoko turned to find the two boys from earlier. "Momorikobuta?"
"Oi! How do you not know his name?!" the second boy shouted.
"Honto desuka? But if one addresses someone, it's best to not address them a name if it's unknown. Gomen nasai."
"Unknown?! And this is coming from someone who addresses Aarin-sama-tachi as friends?!"
"Eh? Aarin-sama? So the two of you are friends of Aarin-san-tachi?"
"Friends?! More like bodyguards!" the first one retorted as he tried to keep his glasses from falling off. He took hold of her shoulder as she winced. "Do you even know one thing about them?!"
"Eh? Etto... Shiorin-San tends to eat a lot and Aarin-San likes to make sweets after Momoka-San taught her."

"Mou. You two sure cause a ruckus," a voice groaned. They all looked over to where the voice came from to find Shiorin who was holding onto a stack of paper. "Tomoko. Kocchi kocchi."
"Hai." Tomoko was about to head to Shiorin's side but was pulled back by the boy. "Ittai!"
"Shiorin-sama! It's best to stay away from this girl! She defaces your title!"
"Tomoko's an old friend of ours from Hokkaido. She has every right to be with us. It just took us a while to recognize her." She took hold of Tomoko's arm and pulled her away from the two. "Don't touch her again, okay? We were told to take care of her until she gets used to everything. Ikko." Shiorin led Tomoko away.
"Shiorin-san... Who are those two?"
"Just some weird fans who take things too seriously. But don't worry. It's rare to run into those kinds of fans. Those two just take it too far since they're crazy otakus. You'll be fine as long as you ignore them." She stopped in front of a class. "Chotto matte. I have to drop these off. Ah. What were you doing in that hallway, anyway?"
"Eh? Ano... I was looking for the bathroom..." the small girl said, embarrassed of the situation.
"You're not going to find one here." She pointed towards the end of the hallway. "Just take a left at that intersection and its right there."
"Eh? That way? Arigato gozaimasu."
"Daijobu. Make sure to meet up after school, okay?"
"Hai." Tomoko took her leave as Shiorin went to drop off the papers. The two didn't notice the boys peering out from the intersection at the other side, a dark aura around them.
Tomoko slipped on her black shoes at her locker before finding a note. "Hm?" She took hold of it, wondering if it’s from Ryo.

'Hamasaki. You have insulted us for far too long. Meet us at the soccer field so we can settle this. -Kobayashi.'

"Kobayashi...?" She stopped as her eyes turned violet. “Matta…?” She closed her locker and ran towards the source, only to be at the soccer field where she was told to meet the two boys. She soon found one of them but noticed a strange aura around him. "Unknowns...? De mo... They usually don't take over humans..."
An arm came out from behind and wrapped around her neck in a chokehold, only to be Kobayashi's friend. "Keep her in place, Kochiro," Kobayashi said," It'll make things a lot easier."
Tomoko struggled against the boy's hold before she found the aura around Kobayashi growing as glowing red eyes were visible. She noticed the same with Kochiro. “No choice then...”
Her eyes turned red as she kicked Kochiro in the shin, making him let go to grasp his leg. "Kusama..."
"Duairu!" Bright light surrounded Tomoko as she transformed into her battle attire. She twirled her bostaff before pointing it at Kobayashi. "Release them!"
The shadow started to move. "Now why should we, little Princess? They're hatred as an otaku has grown so strong once they found someone interfering with what they love," it sneered. "Besides. Having them try to kill you will make an excellent meal with all that pain you'll experience."
Tomoko stood her ground, knowing she might hurt the humans captive if she fought. She soon heard something and looked down to find black vines wrapping around her legs. "Eh?" She looked back at the other shadow that got back up, his eyes glowing.
She slammed the end of her bostaff against the ground as she tried to get out, only to have the first Unknown take her by the neck and lift her into the air when the vines disappeared. She struggled against the hold as she started to run out of air. “Minna...san...” Her eyes closed as she lost consciousness.

A yellow blade flew by as it cut off the Unknown's arm, releasing the girl as she started to fall. "Gotcha!" Momoka swooped down and caught the girl before landing.
The Unknown scowled and looked over to where the blade came from, only to find the rest of the Guards at the rooftop, a set of knives in Shiorin's hands.
"Yare yare. Even letting Unknowns target them," Reni sighed as she sat at the ledge. “They must be that desperate to keep us separated from everyone."
"Minami. Keep Hime safe," Kanako said.
"You got it!" Momoka replied with a thumbs-up. Her eyes glowed as she lifted Tomoko into her arms before running off.
"Sa. Time to take care of business. Aira. This calls for the magic expert."
"Leave it to me," Aarin said as she summoned her Heart Wand. She jumped off the rooftop and landed a good distance away from the two. "Ne~ I heard you like moe girls!" She gave a teasing wink as a heart made of pink energy appeared in front of her. "Sa. Let’s see your true forms!" She hit the heart with her wand before two beams came out of it. They soon turned into hands as they took hold of the Shadows and pulled them away from the boys, rendering them unconscious. The Unknowns soon morphed into the boys' shadows as they struggled to escape from the hold.
"Da me yo. Aira's magic is too powerful for Unknowns to escape. Gomen ne! Sa. Minna! Time to do what you do best!" She looked over at the others who were hanging over the ledge as if they were about to throw up. "Eh?! Doushita no?!"
"Aira... You overdid it..." Shiorin groaned as she covered her mouth.
"Leave it for the fans..." Reni added.
"Mou! Just do it already!" Aarin pouted.
"Fine..." Kanako said before the three jumped up. Shiorin threw her knives into the air as it turned into one large butcher knife. She took hold of it before the three charged.
They jumped up into the air as Shiorin swung down on one with Kanako and Reni piercing the other with their swords. The Unknowns disappeared as Aarin let her restraints fade away.
"That wraps it up for today," the pink-clad Mage said with a smile.
"Please forgive us for our unruly manner!" Kobayashi cried as the two boys faced the girls the next day. "We were just going to tell her off but we had no control over ourselves!"
"We didn't mean to hurt her!" Kochiro added.
"Mou. You two are so annoying," Reni groaned," If you didn't challenge her in the first place, this wouldn't have happened!"
"We are truly sorry! We will try to make it up to you!"
"N-ne... Maybe they already received enough punishment..." Tomoko said as she peeked out from behind Kanako.
"Nonsense. You might've been taught to be merciful but you also need to know how to discipline others," Kanako chided. "And these two deserve a lot of discipline considering what they've been up to these past two years."
"Batsu game!" Shiorin declared.
The two boys tried to fight the tears as they danced in the soccer field to Caramelldansen in seifuku.
"Another two minutes!" Momoka called.
"So that's how it is to be ruthless?" Tomoko asked.
"Iia. Being ruthless is putting it on tape and posting it online," Reni said as the group stood behind their class to watch. "But we’re not that heartless to embarrass them online unlike some people in this school."
"I must have a lot to learn then..."

This Chapter's a pretty good chapter and I did have a lot of fun writing it. And sorry to all mononofus who took offense at the minor characters. They don't represent actual mononofus, they just represent the crazy people in the fandoms that exists today and Shiorin pointed that out if you haven't read that yet.

Remember: I own nothing!
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