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Reni yawned as the five walked to past the school gate to leave and get ready for work. "Still tired?" Momoka asked.
"Gomen. I couldn't get that thought out of my head last night..." Reni murmured as she slung her bag over her shoulder. "What if Hamasaki-San was telling the truth about our powers and the enemy being after us?"
"It's a 50% chance she's telling the truth..." Kanako said. She reached into her pocket to take out the pendant. "But it just feels like I have to bring it with me..."
"Sou da ne..." Shiorin murmured as she took out hers as well. Her eyes glowed for a second as she stopped. "Eh?" She noticed the pendant glowing. "Uso..."
The others took out their pendants and noticed they were glowing as well. "Eh?"

They turned around at the scream. "That's Hamasaki-San!" Aarin cried. They ran towards the scream to find Tomoko against the wall as a strange dragon-humanoid with his hand around her neck, the red scales on his clawed hand slowly digging into her skin.
Reni's violet eyes glowed as she recognized the aura. "Uso... Is that a monster they were talking about yesterday?"

"Looks like we finally found you, Hime," the dragon sneered as he held onto the Princess. "Sa. Give us the Crown."
"I-iia..." Tomoko choked out as she tried to get out of his grasp. “Da me... I can't use those spells yet... Ryo-San...”

"Doushiyo...?" Momoka murmured," If we just stand here..."
"Hamasaki's going to get herself killed..." Aarin finished in fear.
Reni looked at her pendant and noticed it was shaking as the glow became brighter. "Kuso..." She put the necklace around her neck before running.
"Reni!" Kanako followed her before the others followed suit.
Reni's eyes glowed. "Duairu!"</i> Bright light surrounded her as her seifuku turned into a sleeveless lavender yukata with the skirt cut short with black shorts underneath that stopped just above her knees. Black ribbons wrapped around her waist to form a black and violet obi, the stripes jagged to resemble lightning bolts. Lightning surrounded her to form a dark purple to almost black cloak clasped with her pendant. In her hair was a braid clasped by lightning bolt-shaped clips. Ribbons formed around her legs to form black boots.
A sword appeared in her hands as the blade turned into a lightning bolt. She charged and swung at the monster, making him dodge as he jumped back and released Tomoko. The girl fell to her knees and coughed, trying to take in the air she lost.

"Reni..." The four looked at each other before giving a nod. "Duairu!"</i>
Kanako's crimson hair turned into a fiery orange with red tips as her seifuku was replaced by a white strapless leotard. She swiped her hand over the bottom to create a pair of white shorts with a black belt. Black fingerless gloves appeared on her hands as black boots appeared when she tapped her legs together. Fire surrounded her as a thin vest appeared as the bottom reached down to her knees and was clasped at the collar with her pendant.
Shiorin's hair turned a light brown color as her seifuku turned into a sleeveless white leotard. Rocks appeared and clung onto her bottom as they formed a pair of gold-yellow shorts. White sneakers covered her feet as a yellow cuff-like bracelet appeared on her right wrist and a white bracelet appeared on the other. Silver spoons then surrounded her to form a thin yellow vest and a floral clip appeared in her hair with her pendant at the center.
Aarin's hair turned into a lighter shade as her seifuku turned into a strapless white leotard. Pink hearts floated around as they formed her magenta skirt with a white tutu underneath. White boots covered the lower half of her legs and feet as white frilled gloves covered her hands. She twirled around before she was given a pink sailor collar that was connected to her leotard with a pinkish-red bow, the collar extending down to her lower back like a cape. A pink choker appeared around her neck with a heart clip as well as a black headband. Her pendant appeared at the center of the bow to match the heart-shaped buckle on her white belt.
Momoka's hair turned black as she was given a sleeveless green-black unitard that reached down to her knees. It was then covered by a green skirt with a hidden underskirt. Vines soon clung onto her hands and feet to form white sneakers and green rubber bracelets. The vines reappeared to form a white and green striped shirt with a wide neckline so one side would slide off her shoulder, only to have vine-wrapped tree-like wings with flower petals as feathers spring out from her unitard. Her hair was then pulled up into a side ponytail with her pendant attached to her hairtie.

Kanako took out a katana as fire erupted from it. A capsule came out of Shiorin's white cuff as she caught it with her mouth, only to have a large frying pan appear in her hands. A sugar pink rod appeared in Aarin's hand as a red heart formed at the top. Vines surrounded Momoka's hands before they turned into mechanical gloves with a green clover bejeweled on them.
They all charged as Kanako jumped off of Reni's shoulders, slashing at the monster from above with the others hitting from the ground, knocking him further away as he hit a brick wall.
He looked at the five as he recognized the power. "Looks like the five of you awakened your powers. Mah. I suppose I should escape for now." Dark energy swirled around him before he disappeared.

The girls put away their weapons before looking back at Tomoko. They went up to her and knelt down. "Daijobu, Hime?" Reni asked.
"Ran-san..." Tears threatened to fall. "You remembered..."
The five smiled. "With our Princess in trouble, how can we not?" Shiorin teased.
"Suma. I was too busy expecting Hime's return that I did not realize she was attacked," Ryo muttered as the group gathered at the Hamasaki household.
"Mou. Just be happy we recovered most of our memories and chased off that guy," Kanako chided. "But that excuse makes you sound like a dog under house arrest."
"You heard her, dragon," Reni retorted as she held onto Tomoko protectively with her tongue sticking out.
Ryo sighed. "You girls never change..."
"N-ne... Maybe we should just stop fighting each other..." Tomoko said. "You know how Ryo-san's anger is..."
"Then let’s make dragon stew if he turns on us," Shiorin said as she held up a knife. "Well done or medium rare?"
Momoka sighed. "Mah. I guess things never do change no matter what time it is."
“Da ne?” Aarin agreed as the two giggled.

As I said, this is a short chapter. I guess it was because i was writing most of this story on an app so it looked long on mobile but short on the pc. If you couldn't visualize the outfits I used for the story, I submitted it a while ago under the same name as the fic.
I own nothing. Send me as much hate as you want. and blame anything that happens in the story that comes to life on my imagination. I can't control it... I really can't
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Submitted on
February 13, 2014