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"Tadaimasu," Tomoko greeted as she took off her shoes. "Dozo." She allowed the five to enter as they looked on amazed at the large house.
"Dekai..." Shiorin murmured as they headed in.
"Glad you brought them here, Hime," a man greeted as he walked in. He seemed to have platinum hair with dark tips as he was old enough to be Tomoko's uncle.
"Tadaimasu, Ryo-san," Tomoko greeted.
"Ryo-san tte..." Aarin murmured, recognizing the name.
"Sou. I'm that cat from earlier."
"Eh?!" The five looked at him in shock.
"I'll prepare some drinks for the six of you and then we'll talk about what happened."
Ryo placed the drinks on the coffee table as well as a plate of snacks. "Just as you all like it." He took a seat next to Tomoko. "Sa. Shall I explain or would you like to explain, Hime?"
"The both of us can explain," Tomoko replied. She looked at the five who were waiting for their answer. "Minna-San. Ryo-San and I traveled here from Eutopolis, a time where magic and creatures alike existed. The two of us are basically the only living proof that Eutopolis exists."
"Eutopolis tte... As in the ruins discovered a few years back?" Momoka asked, receiving a nod.
"Eutopolis was created by the Gods who granted humans the ability to use magic. Strong magic-wielders control the land without making normal humans cause a civil war due to the source of the strongest magic existing, the Crown."
"The Crown is an ancient artifact passed down by the royal family to the heir with the kindest heart for that is what gives the Crown its powers," Ryo said," Hime here is the current wielder and heir to the throne."
"But I thought there isn't any evidence of life from Eutopolis considering the research said everything was destroyed," Kanako said.
"The Dark Syndicate was the cause of our home's destruction," Tomoko muttered as her hands clenched into fists. "Evil creatures created and powered by the living's dark thoughts and memories. No one knows how to stop them from producing so the only way to stop them from hurting others was to destroy them when they appear."
"They usually appear once someone's darkest thoughts reach their peak and become an Unknown which is what you saw before," Ryo added," Considering the lack of magic in this time period, it's rare for Unknowns to appear as if they were just created so the Dark Syndicate must've sent them to feed on the pain and suffering humans go through. Once they have enough, they turn into true monsters.
"A week before the kingdom's destruction, the Crown gave Hime a premonition on what's to come, allowing her to warn everyone of the attack. However, all the soldiers and Mages were outnumbered and they infiltrated the palace. Even Hime's personal guards were overpowered as well as those who guarded the perimeter, all eight of them being the most powerful Mages after the Crown."
"But once the battles started, dark energy that came from everyone's suffering made the enemy even stronger which allowed them to take down armies in an instant. Everyone knew I was the main target so the Dark Syndicate separated me from my family who was guarded by those at the perimeter. Ryo-San was ordered to protect me if something were to happen to my parents and when my guards found out, they took us to a portal located at the Prayer Room, the room located at the top of the tallest tower. There was a portal to the future where magic-wielders are reborn with no memory of their magic or their time in Eutopolis. We were told to go through it before they could close the portal and fight the enemy even though they couldn't win..." Tears started to fall. "Once we came here, I had to start looking even though Ryo-San told me to wait until we adapted to the new life..."
"It took time but since my kind is known for manipulating others, we were able to buy a house and I got a job to raise enough money to support the two of us. Hime insisted on looking for everyone but I had to refuse since her emotions were still unstable and she could cause an explosion if she doesn't calm down and wait."
"Explosion?" The five looked at each other as they remembered a small crater a few blocks from the school. Because of that crater, the five of them started to have that dream.
"Gomen nasai... I wasn't acting like myself and caused a lot of trouble for innocents..." Tomoko murmured," I never wanted things this way since the Dark Syndicate has caused so much pain to others just to get what they want..."
"But Hime is Hime. You always wanted what you thought was best and that was keeping everyone safe. You were just shocked from the war."
"If Hamasaki-San was the cause of that explosion... Why were we involved in it?" Aarin asked.
"That would explain why your auras were present at the time. But we will tell you since we are telling you of everything we know. The five guards who have protected Hime are powerful Mages well known in Eutopolis for their loyalty for their Princess as well as how they treat others. Their names were Ran, Kimiko, Minami, Sheru and Aira. I'm sure you recognize those names."

"Ran-san. Can we play another game?"
"Another one? I'm pretty sure the games you haven’t played yet are still too advanced for your skills."
"And that's how you should approach your target, Hime."
"But Kimiko-San. What if their comrades jump out behind you while you're distracted?"
"Eh? Uh... Let’s save that for another lesson!"
"Minami-San! Tasukette!"
"Mou. You were the one who climbed the tree. But don't complain if the vines have thorns."
Sheru blocked the attack and knocked the wooden sword away before pointing hers at the princess. "4-0."
"Mouikai, Sheru-San!"
"You sure?"
"Ne, Aira-San. How do you still stay thin after eating so many sweets?"
Aira sweat-dropped. "Mah... I guess the practices works off the calories. But make sure not to eat too much. That's why I limit myself to one per day."

"Eh?! Watashi-tachi?!" the five exclaimed.
"Well it would be too much of a coincidence for the five of you to be suddenly reunited at this time period. Besides, you must've felt some kind of connection when you all met each other."
"Sou iieba... I did get a weird feeling when I first met Reni-chan and Kanako," Shiorin said, knowing the three were together the longest. "Once Aarin and Momoka came, the same happened."
"It would explain how we got along so well," Momoka murmured," Considering how different we are from each other..."

"But it doesn't explain everything!" Aarin said as she stood up. "Why did we even get the same dream? Does Eutopolis even exist?!"
In a flash, Aarin found herself face to face with a large dragon as his silver eyes glared at her and his dark scales reflected the light. "It's best to not question Eutopolis," he scowled," Hime wanted nothing more than to be with all of you and make sure you haven't been caught in a battle against the Syndicate. You should be thankful Hime took your place fighting while looking for you."
"Ryo-San! Don't take it out on Aira-San!" Tomoko cried as she took hold of the dragon.
Ryo looked at her and softened before turning back into his human form and sat down. "Warui. You know my anger makes me take my true form."
"True form?" Kanako stuttered," So you're actually a dragon?"
"Sou. Dragons normally destroy everything in their path when they're at my age. That is, until Hime's family found me when I was a baby. My parents were killed by the Syndicate when the King and Queen were sent to exterminate them from the area. They found me defenseless and took me in. I was under their care and learned how to use my magic. As I grew older, I grew fond of the humans who raised me and I met the five of you who were taken to the palace to start your training a week before Hime was born. Ran was assigned to watch over her but when she's called into battle or training, I was left to watch her. She wasn't spoiled but sensitive like I was when I was that young. I would entertain her when she's alone and felt like a second father to her. That's why I was given the order to protect her if something were to happen to her parents or the guards. But insulting Eutopolis is insulting the two of us and I have issues tolerating it."
"G-Gomen..." Aarin murmured.
Ryo sighed. "But you all had a smart mouth against me whenever I’m with her. Always threatening me as if I was going to eat her or something because of what I was. But that never bothered me because I knew I would still protect her in your place so awakening you would've been irrelevant if Hime didn't insist on lending me help since one cannot fight on his own to protect his Princess."
"Now you're sounding cocky," Shiorin said.
"But if we really are these guards you're looking for, it's possible we can't help you," Kanako said.
"Kimiko-San..." Tomoko's eyes turned blue.
"First off, we don't know anything about this magic business or about Eutopolis. We also have school and work to deal with and friends who could be in danger from these battles."
"De mo... If you refuse to fight, the enemy will still be able to locate your dormant magic and attack..." Tomoko said," That Unknown from before targeted random innocents. Ryo-San would recognize them as mages since he's more sensitive to auras from Mages. If they're attacking innocents like that when they don't know who they are, they'll attack the five of you..."
The five hesitated, knowing they won't have time for this fighting business.
Kanako dribbled the basketball in her room, deep in thought as she thought back to that conversation from before. She looked over at her desk to find a silver necklace with a ruby pendant.

Tomoko held out five pendants as the five stepped out the door. "Onegai. Please keep these with you."
"What for?" Shiorin questioned.
"These are the pendants you wore back in Eutopolis before you sent me here. They help control your magic and release it like I did during that fight. If something ever happens nearby because of the Dark Syndicate, these will warn you and protect you with your dormant magic. I just don't want more lives to be lost and these will protect you from them..."

Kanako picked up the pendant and fiddled with it. “Is she really serious about this?”
Shiorin fingered the amber pendant in her hands as she sighed. “Magic...? It can't be real... The only magic here are the magic tricks magicians use...”
She soon heard barking and looked over to find Iroha who was trying to jump onto her bed. She picked him up and rested him on her lap. "Doushita, Iroha?"
Iroha went towards the pendant in her hand as she held it away. "Da me! You shouldn't touch this!" she chided. "Mou~"
Aarin tapped her pencil against her notebook as she thought back to what Ryo did. She looked as the pink diamond pendant and wondered if the two were telling the truth. Ryo might be a dragon but what if the five of them weren't actually the guards they were looking for? What if they were mistaken for someone else who looks like them?
Aarin leaned back against her chair as she looked at the origami cranes hanging from the ceiling. “Yume... ka na?”
"Make sure to study for that test next week," Ariyasu-mama said.
"Hai~" Momoka walked up to her room as she lied down onto her bed. She let out a sigh before taking out the emerald pendant from her pocket. “Uso daro...? Having magic in this world... Especially with expensive jewelry acting as something to control magic...” She put it down as she turned to her side, only to look at a photo of her friends. “I wonder what they think of it...”
Reni gently petted Zetto as the feline rested on her lap. She took hold of the amethyst pendant around her neck as she tried to remember the memories the two spoke of. “Hamasaki-san's caretaker? ...Masaka, ne? I would be too young to take care of someone Aarin's age if I had to start when she was a baby... De mo...” She thought back as she remembered seeing a smiling face from somewhere. “Is she really who she says she is?”
Tomoko brushed her hair straight as she sat in front of the mirror in her room. She stopped as she looked down, her eyes blue.
"If they don't agree, it's fine with me," Ryo said as he leaned against the doorframe of the girl's room. "You do know it’s their choice even though you wanted them to reawaken."
Tomoko turned to him. "De mo... If they refuse and try to ignore everything... what would they do if the Syndicate targets them? They're after dormant magic and if they get their hands on them..."
"I know you're concerned for their safety but you know well that if they refuse to fight, their magic will be unstable and easy to manipulate. I might be against it a little but they still need to awaken their powers."
"Dinner will be ready soon. Get ready, okay?"

This chapter basically describes everything the girls needed to know about Tomoko and Ryo and who they truly are. The next chapter's pretty short and I should've added it onto this chapter but got lazy. But just to give you a heads up, I'm REALLY bad at fight scenes so do not expect much. I consider this more of a drama than action story which is different than the Mahou Shoujo genre where there as to be a fight scene in every chapter or episode. I'm different. Different is good unless you're the type that bash people for not sticking to quo. sorry.

and blame anything that happens to MomoClo that is similar to this story on my imagination. I have no idea why but sometimes small things just apparently happen a few weeks or months after i write it... I don't know...
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