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December 24th, 2015. One year after the disappearance of the Dark Syndicate and Hime’s death.

Reni gently raised the microphone to her lips as she faced the audience at Nissan Stadium dressed in her battle attire.

♪Kinou no shippai wa ocha no naka ni irete non de shimaou
Asa no NYUUSU keshite tobira aketa saa aruki dasou♪

Reni lowered her microphone as Shiorin started to sing.

“Kanako. Here are the blueprints that you requested for this year’s live,” MomoClo’s Manager said as he handed her a roll of paper.
“Arigato. It’s just what we need.”
“Kanako, what are you planning? Suddenly wanting to get involved with the stage.”
“Chotto ne…”
Akarin shuffled through the letters after getting home from her errands. She soon found a letter from Kanako. She smiled and opened it, only to have a concert ticket and a copy of the blueprints. “Yosh… Looks like I’ll have to pick them up on my way there…”
Momoka looked through the flower shop as she tried to find the perfect flowers for the arrangements Kanako gave her. “Hopefully they’ll survive the winter… Just for their sake…”
“Eh? That big of an order?” the baker at Stars Café asked as he looked at Aarin.
“Hai! And please have it ready by this date.” Aarin held out a slip of paper.
“Christmas Eve?”
“Onegaishimasu! It’s a very special event.”
“A-ah… Wakarimasu…”
“So we need lights near the back of the audience as well but we also need some space in the center of the stadium for it to work,” Shiorin said.
“But wouldn’t it set the stadium on fire?” manager Furuya asked.
“It will work. Trust me on this.”
“I’m not sure if this will fit a Christmas concert, Takagi-san,” MomoClo’s costume designer said as he looked at the finished costumes for the encore. “It looks like anime.”
“Daijobu, Yone-chan! We’re just going to wear them on the first day!” Reni said,” Onegai!”
Yone-chan sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Even requesting to make six instead of five… I hope Kawakami knows what you’re all doing…”
“He knows. Just not the small details we left out.”

♪Sorezore no ima wo tsunagu sora no KAATEN
Hare nochi namida SHIGUNARU kae nagara
Mawari mawaru yo chikyuu wa
Samishikunai sa minna fuyu no naka
Omoide PYURURIRA fukiarete
Kokoro no sukima toki ni itamu no darou
Naite mo ii'n da yo nigeru na
Soko kara mieru asahi ga mirai da♪

Lanterns started to float up from the back of the stage as well as the center of the stadium, causing the audience to cheer as flower petals floated down. The lanterns started to float away and the girls waved goodbye as they sang their individual lines.
Kanako stepped up as from behind, Akarin appeared in her battle garb, making the audience cheer in both shock and joy to find their beloved member of blue on stage.
The two raised their microphones to their lips.

♪Tosho shitsu ni naranda kotoba dake ja
Hontou no ita sa wa wakaranai
Hajimari to owari wo itsu shiru darou
Maitoshi haru wa mayowazu kite kureru no ni
Kousaten de docchi ni ikeba GOORU nan darou
Daijoubu sa ikidomari sontokya
Hikikaeshite mata hajimereba ii♪

The audience cheered as the two held hands before the others stepped forward and the music completely stopped.

♪Ikutsu mono fuyu wo tsunagu sora no KAATEN
Hare nochi tameiki shiroku nobotte iku
Mawari mawaru yo chikyuu wa
Shinpainai sa susume kimi wa kimi
Omoide PYURURIRA fukiarete
Kokoro no sukima toki ni itamu no daro
Naite mo ii'n da yo nigeru na
Soko kara mieru asahi ga mirai da
Hashiri hashiru yo BATON nigitte watashi wa ima koko da♪

Fuyu ga kita♪

They lowered their microphones as the audience cheered. The six linked hands and gave a bow.
They straightened themselves as a few of them rubbed their eyes from the tears.

”Hai… Arigato gozaimasu,” Kanako said as she held onto her microphone. “Ano… It must’ve surprised you to have Akarin on stage for today but… Today is a special day for us… Having Akarin singing with us for this song… wearing these outfits which isn’t like our style that much… But we wanted to dedicate this to a special friend of ours… She never had the chance to be one of the mononofus like all of you here but like all of you, she has a special place in our hearts. She couldn’t make it today for unknown reasons but we thank you for tolerating all of this…” Kanako rubbed her eyes.
“Ganbatte!” “Kanako!”
Kanako softly laughed. “Arigato...”
“That last song might’ve been dedicated to our friend but we would like to dedicate this last song to everyone,” Akarin said,” Our fans, families, and those who have been caught in those monster attacks back in our hometown last year…” She looked at the others as they all gave a nod.
“Ano Sora he Mukatte!” The audience roared as the six got into position.

[Ano Sora he Mukatte]

“I wonder if she got her birthday present…” Momoka murmured as the six lied down on the dance studio’s floor the next day. “Management found the lanterns after the candles burned out…”
“She should’ve gotten it… Didn’t you hear her when the audience tried to encourage Kanako?” Shiorin asked. “She said ‘Arigato… minna…’ It was definitely Hime’s voice…”
“It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year…” Aarin sighed,” And we have a lot of desserts left over…”
“Hopefully she’s happy with Ryo…” Akarin sighed,” She’s probably waiting until everyone’s reborn again…”
“Maybe all six of us will stay together and not separate from each other next time…” Reni said,” And then we’ll meet Hime and Ryo so we can have a reunion…”
“Sou da ne…” Momoka smiled at the thought,” We might be able to play with her again…”
Kanako smiled as she held up the pendant and charm. “It’s hard to believe she left the Crown in our care…”
“Maybe it’s a sign we’ll see her when we’re older,” Shiorin said as she held onto Kanako’s hand. “Hime wants us to be happy.”
“Sou da ne.” Kanako sat up. “Ikko. The lights outside the stadium might still be on even though they were on last night.”
The six raced to the Stadium as they looked around to find the trees still decorated in white lights along with the outer rim of the stadium. “Kire da ne…” Aarin said. She felt someone taking hold of her hand and turned to find Momoka who was holding onto Akarin as well. The six linked hands and smiled as they watched the lights shine on.


The six turned as they heard a voice, only to find a silhouette of a small girl petting the head of a familiar dragon. “Hime… Ryo…”
The two smiled before they disappeared.
“Sou da ne… We’ll see Hime again…” Kanako said with a smile. “Yakusoku…” She soon felt someone take hold of her from behind to be Shiorin who carried the Fire Mage on her back.
“Sa! Time to get dinner! MomoClo Style!”
“Monja party!” Reni cheered before the six ran off to the shopping district.

Sou da ne… The Dark Syndicate might be gone but it doesn’t mean we won’t see Hime again… Hime… We’ll make sure to always sing on your birthday… Minna mo…

The six looked back and smiled. “See you again… Yakusoku!”


Various pictures of the six Guards were seen as they fooled around in the city.

Momota Kanako. MomoClo’s Leader and Head of Eutopolis’s highest-ranking Guards as a Fire Mage. Often seen as a silly leader in the idol world, she always takes everyone’s burdens as her own to protect them. But she tends to hide it so the others won’t know about her true nature as Leader. Her favorite sports are basketball and soccer and also likes rhythmic gymnastics. But be careful not to get her mad or you’ll get burned by her fire. Literally.
Hayami Akari aka Akarin. MomoClo’s former member and sub-leader of the Guards as a Water Mage. A close friend of Kanako’s as the two are always seen together. She’s considered to be the one who takes care of everyone even though her duties are different from theirs but doesn’t care as long as she can be with them. After being separated from her friends, she made sure not to separate herself again and help protect them. She studies acting and is currently working in a movie and hope to work with her former bandmates.
Tamai Shiori aka Shiorin. MomoClo’s Little Sister Figure and a member of the Guards as an Earth Mage. Often seen hungry and eating at various occasions, she tends to pass time by making jokes with her friends despite going through troubles of her own. Despite making fun of her fellow teammates, she truly cares for them and hopes that she wouldn’t lose those close or she’ll go through more pain than she wanted. Current hobbies include video games, eating and sleeping at any time. …And trying to get Kanako’s attention…
Sasaki Ayaka aka Aarin. MomoClo’s Idol figure and youngest member of the Guards as a Wind Mage. Despite her cutesy nature around others, she acts like a mother around those close even though she’s the youngest. She would at times refuse to cry until she feels as though she’s about to break. But when she sees her friends in trouble, she would always try to find a way to comfort them or cheer them up even though they make fun of her cutesy nature. Current hobbies include talking to stuffed animals and learning how to bake.
Ariyasu Momoka. MomoClo’s Little Giant and shortest (but strongest) member of the Guards as a Plant Mage. Having been pushed to train and study hard as a child, she wants to prove she’s an important part of the group and is never seen without a book or a training mechanism. Often emotional, she tends to let her emotions get the best of her and would cry at the drop of a hat when upset but always try to put on a strong face for the others. Current hobbies include studying, dancing and cooking.
Takagi Reni. MomoClo’s Electric Girl and most mysterious member of the Guards as a Dark Mage. After going through a rough childhood back in Eutopolis, she learned how to open up her feelings towards her comrades and was relieved they could deal with her ability to cry at any situation. But sometimes she has a tendency to hide her worry by picking on Kanako or Shiorin or act like the eccentric girl the entertainment industry sees her as. Current hobbies include dancing and playing with her cat Zetto.
Hamasaki Tomoko. Eutopolis’s Princess and keeper of the Crown. A young Princess forced to escape her kingdom destined to be destroyed and is told to look for her Guards so they can fight once more. Often sensitive and worrisome, she cares deeply for her Guards’ safety, claiming she doesn’t want to lose them again after what happened in Eutopolis. After the Guards’ final confrontation against the Dark Syndicate, she sacrificed herself to save Kanako, telling her that she has a life with the others as the Princess is no one but a foreigner who doesn’t know her way with others that well. Hobbies included studying of magic and sewing.
Ryo. Eutopolis’s Monarch’s assistant and Akarin’s teacher. Having been rescued as a child, he found no threat from the humans and made a vow to never hurt one and will instead protect those working under the King and Queen, especially the Princess. He was the one who had to watch the Guards during their training despite their harsh attitude towards him and took care of the Princess when needed. Despite his cold and intimidating appearance in his Human Form, he’s very kind-hearted and is willing to sacrifice himself to protect those dear to him and those close to who he protects. Hobbies included reading and relaxing in the sun.

Kanako waved at the others when they reached the fountain. The group gathered and Kanako held out the camera as the others squeezed in to fit. Kanako clicked the shutter as a flash appeared. A final picture landed on the pile as something was written on the border.

See you again!

Last chapter of the arc... prepare for the waterworks... :crying:
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