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Bright light surrounded Shiorin and Aarin as they transformed into their battle attire. They ran into the hallway as they found many students and faculty running towards the exits, some of the staff carrying those injured.
“I don’t see Hime…” Aarin murmured. “Hime?! Doko?! Hime!”
Shiorin placed her hand on the ground. “Kuso… Everything’s moving too fast…” She stood up and took hold of her hairclip and placed it against her ear, “Akarin! There’s an attack at the school! We might need some back up!”
Aarin’s pendant started to glow as she detached it from her ribbon. “Kanako?”
“Aarin! Where’s Hime?! Everyone’s already evacuating! Momoka went to go search so hurry!”
“We’re going to look for her right now! Make sure everyone gets out by then!” Aarin replaced her pendant before looking at Shiorin who placed her hairclip back where it was before. “We have to find her before the enemy does.”
Another explosion was heard as they looked over to find Tomoko jumping out with a scythe in hand. “Hayaku nigette!” the small girl cried as students started to escape. Her eyes glowed as she released a disc of blue energy, destroying the Unknowns approaching her.
“Hime!” The two ran over to the girl before Shiorin cut apart a few more with her knives.
“Daijobu?” Aarin asked, worried of the girl.
“Daijobu desu. They’re appearing everywhere since they’re attacking the school…”

Shiorin’s eyes glowed as her foot slightly shifted. She looked up to find cracks in the ceiling. She looked at the two. “The building’s going to collapse!”
“But what about Momoka?! Kanako said she’s coming for us!”
Shiorin soon felt something from underground until thick vines shot up and pushed themselves against the ceiling. The three turned to find Momoka who was holding onto some more students injured. “Minna! Hayaku!”
“Momoka!” The three helped their small friend as they evacuated the building.
They set the students down a safe distance away as some staff members appeared to pick them up. “Get them treated as soon as possible. Evacuate all students. The building’s going to collapse,” Shiorin said.
“But those monsters…” a teacher said.
“We’ll handle them! Just get those injured treated and everyone else to a safer place or they’ll be monster meal.”
“H-hai! Minna! Ikuyo!” They brought the students towards the others. “Evacuate!”

“Minna!” The four turned as they found Reni, Kanako and Akarin running towards them.
“Is everyone out?” Akarin asked.
“Middle school’s safe. How’s everyone else?” Momoka asked,” Any casualties?”
“Not that we know of but no auras detected in the buildings aside from the Unknowns,” Reni said,” Looks like they’re creating a final attack like last time.”
“Already…?” Tomoko murmured. Her hand went to her chest as she remembered what happened during the last war. “Sonna…”
“Hime, follow the others to safety,” Kanako said,” Hide your aura and make sure they’re safe.”
“Iiada! I’m not leaving you again!”
“Hime! You have to be protected! We took an oath to protect you!”
“This isn’t Eutopolis! There is no oath! I’m not leaving you to die again!”
Kanako looked at the girl.

“But what will Hime say if we keep her out of this?! Remember what she told me when I tried to go get that killer?! She’s going to find out sooner or later!”
“Da me desu, Minami-san! I can’t afford to lose all of you again! You might make me escape like last time but I saw you die! This time is different! You might not be able to be reborn again if he takes you! I don’t want that to happen again!”

“Hime…” “S-sou da… She’s not that little girl anymore… She already saw us die and lost Ryo… De mo…” “I-ii yo… De mo… Just make sure not to die…”
“Kanako… But if Hime fights…” Reni trailed off, knowing what might happen considering the prophecy that might come true.
“Hime isn’t that little girl anymore… Maybe it’s the time she proves herself to be a fighter… De mo…” She looked back at the civilians who are still trying to flee. “It’s best if we try to create a strategy before we start this war… The enemy might get stronger in our absence but we’re not ready without a plan.”
“So we have to retreat?” Aarin asked.
“Just for now. We’ll continue this battle soon but not now.”
The rest of the Guards hesitated but agreed, knowing their Leader is serious about this.
“So they escaped once again…” Dorgon mused as he stood atop a building. “But sending away the Crown will be futile. It will be mine.”
“Due to an unknown terrorist attack on Clover Academy, the Head of Security suggest that everyone within the area should evacuate from the district until the situation is dealt with. Reports say that many students and faculty have been injured and all survived but the cause of this accident may be linked to the murders. Furthermore-”

Akarin turned off the TV as she sighed. “Looks like we can’t escape it… Dorgon is probably planning something.”
“Well it’s just the seven of us against an entire army…” Kanako sighed. She looked at Tomoko who was fiddling with her pendant. “Hime. It’s going to be a long battle. It’s best not to worry about it or you won’t have the energy.”
Reni looked at her leader before pulling her to the side where the others couldn’t hear. “Kanako… Are you sure about this? Letting Hime fight with us when she’s the main target in all this?”
“I know you don’t like the idea of Hime fighting and neither do I. Hime wants to prove that she’s a capable fighter and that this time period is different than Eutopolis… You have to trust me on this, okay?”
“Kanako… Masaka… Are you planning to-“
“Just don’t tell the others. It’s my job as the Leader, okay? There are a lot of hard decisions to make but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Just trust me, okay?”
“Trust me, Reni… When have my plans as a Guard ever failed?”
“Even if your plan succeeds… someone’s life is going to be taken away…”
“Hopefully it’ll be mine instead of everyone else’s…”
“Kanako, you know you don’t have to do this. What will Hime say? What will the others say about this? That you were perfectly safe for one day and then just suddenly disappear? This isn’t like Ryo’s death, this is yours. One where everyone remembers you as someone not from the Royal Guard of a destroyed kingdom, but a normal girl.”
“Since when were we normal, Reni? You know we never were.”
“Daijobu. It’ll just be our secret.”
Reni looked at her friend before pulling her into a hug. “Sometimes I just wish you weren’t a stupid leader…”
“I know… But it’s also my strong point…”
Momoka quickly helped Akarin stretch as Aarin split a cream puff in half before handing the second half to Shiorin. “Mou, you’re making it look like we’re about to perform for the Emperor or something,” Kanako said.
“We’re just a little nervous…” Momoka said as she stretched.
“There’s nothing to be nervous about. Just remember what happened at our first one-man live. Small audience but tons of fun even though the stage isn't as grand as those recent.”

“Doushita, Reni? You seem a little more nervous than you used to be,” Shiorin said as she bit into her share of Aarin’s cream puff.
“Eh? Iia… Just a bit worried about the damages…”
“Since when were you worried about damaged buildings? You’re the most destructive member out of all of us.”
“C-can we just drop the topic? I need to focus and make sure the Dark Magic doesn't go crazy…”
Shiorin sighed, knowing she can’t make the girl budge when bothered.

Kanako looked over at Tomoko who was practicing her attacks at the side. “Hime.” She walked over to the girl. “Is it okay if I can talk to you for a second?”
“Eh? Ah, hai.” Tomoko put away her weapon before following the Fire Mage to the hallway. Reni looked after the two and became worried. “Doushitan desuka, Kanako-san?”
“Hime. It’s your first time fighting a larger group of Unknowns. From experience, the numbers would grow and grow no matter how many you defeat. I just want to make sure you’re up for it.”
“Of course I’ll be able to handle it, Kanako-san. You and the others have been training me for years on how to use my powers and I’ve watched you fight… Ryo-san even insisted about having me fight before…”
“I know… But sometimes fighting a lot can weaken a Mage… Everyone’s worried you might get hurt since the enemy’s after you…”
“S-sou desu ne… But I want to help all of you fight so I won’t lose you again like last time…”
“Sou dayo ne…” Kanako reached behind her back as she took hold of something behind her. She held out her free hand. “Why not a final hug before the battle? Usually you hug Reni or Aarin but it’s rare for you to hug the rest of us…”
“Okay…” Tomoko walked over to hug her but Kanako swung open the door behind her and pushed Tomoko in, only to be a closet. “K-Kanako-san?!”
“Gomen ne, Hime… We have to do this…” Kanako closed the door and locked it as Tomoko banged her fist against it.
“Kanako-san! Kanako-san!” Tomoko pounded against the door as she tried to escape.
Kanako ignored her pleads and leaned against the door. “Gomen ne, Hime… It’s for your own safety…” She walked back towards the others who looked at her.
“Eh? Where’s Hime?” Aarin asked as she took her last bite.
“She got a little sick and told us to go on ahead… I guess I scared her a little…”
“If that’s the case… shouldn’t we wait for her?” Momoka asked as she stood up.
Kanako shook her head. “She wanted to make sure we would go ahead first so not that many Unknowns would appear… Ikko. We have a battle to finish.”
The four looked at each other before giving a nod, leaving only Reni who looked on at the hallway. “Kanako… Honto ni baka dayo…”
Okay! Break time for this long LONG chapter… yea, you hate me… I know you do… But that’s what I do. Make characters suffer which is really bad and I’ll probably need the therapy that doesn’t work… …Oh, you’re back? Okay, let’s continue.
The six stood in front of the collapsed school as they looked on at the Unknowns hidden but waiting to strike. A piece of rubble fell from the collapsed building and brought up dust and dirt as it hit the ground, only to have the girls unfazed.
“Ne… Are you sure Hime is coming with us?” Momoka asked.
“She still might be sick,” Kanako replied,” But it’s time we finish this battle we started.” She brought out her pendant as the others followed suit.
Bright light surrounded the six of them as they transformed.
“Ne. It was nice… Being able to spend a lot of time with everyone…”
“Nani yo, Aarin? You sound like we’re all going to die.”
“De mo… someone will…”
“Cheer up, Momoka. Maybe the prophecy will be wrong. Ne, Reni?”
“U-un… Maybe…”
“Sa… Ikuyo!”

The six struck a final pose as they brought out their weapons. What they noticed different about Akarin was that her hair grew longer as it was pulled up into a curled up-do and her tube-top became a lighter shade. Most of her chains disappeared and were replaced with thin gold chains around her waist and blue bracelets made of ice crystals were around her wrists, an aquamarine pendant visible on her right wrist.

“Looks like a final confrontation before one side gets the Crown,” Dorgon said as he looked down at them. “But it’s best to hand her over since we all know who the victor will be.”
“You won’t get your hands on her!” Kanako said,” You might’ve tried to take away our trusted comrade but now she doesn’t work for you anymore!”
“That may be true but don’t you remember what happened back in Eutopolis? You all lost and the Crown was free to take as long as that dragon was gone and you were separated from her.”
“Don’t underestimate us, Dorgon,” Momoka scowled,” We’re more powerful than you think!”
“Then why don’t you prove it? Ikke.”
Several Unknowns flew out from the school buildings as they charged at the six through the air and on foot. “Momoka! Aarin! Take the ones in the air! Everyone else! On the ground!”
“Kanako wa?” Akarin asked as Momoka and Aarin flew off to fight.
“I’ll be on the ground for now. Ikko.”
Akarin gave a nod before the four charged.

Aarin twirled her Heart Wand as she summoned powerful winds that wrapped around the flying Unknowns. “Momoka!”
Momoka charged at the Unknowns before punching one square in the face, making him disappear. Thorns soon came out of her gloves before she attacked at the others. Aarin released a few energy beams to help out her friend to prevent her from tiring herself out.

Reni’s sword shortened into a dagger with a violet blade as she held onto the handle with both hands, the blade pointing at the ground below her. “Shiorin! Cover for me!”
“Got it!” Shiorin jumped off her shoulders as she ate a tablet, allowing her to create a giant spoon. Reni closed her eyes as she started to chant, causing a ring to form at her feet with a strange design within. Shiorin took the chance and charged at an Unknown who jumped at the Mage. Her spoon started to glow as she swung, knocking it away before it pixelated away. She soon dug it into the ground before lifting thick slabs of concrete into the air. “Eat this!” She swung her weapon as she catapulted the concrete at the Unknowns, crushing them from the weight.
The Earth Mage soon noticed a bright glow coming from the ground to find the same design that’s under Reni’s feet. “She’s using this spell?” She quickly ran to get out of the ring.
“HEBI!” Reni’s eyes snapped open as a strange snake-like beast emerged from the ground, swallowing the Unknowns in its path before submerging into the ground. Reni sighed before hearing a growl. She turned to find an Unknown leaping towards her.
“Abunai!” A large butcher knife appeared and cut the Unknown in half, destroying it instantly. Reni turned to find Shiorin. “Abune zo, baka,” the younger girl chided as she twirled her knives.
“Sa. Let’s take care of the others.”
Reni gave a small nod before her dagger changed back into a sword.

Kanako and Akarin stood back to back as they were surrounded by Unknowns. “Kanako… You’re planning something, aren’t you?” Akarin asked as she summoned icicles under her feet.
“You know me too well, Akarin.”
“You’re always the crazy leader with your plans.”
“So you’re going to stop me?”
Akarin smirked. “The only ones stopping you are these idiots. But I won’t let you do this…”
“If you want to join, I’ll see you at Eutopolis.” Kanako’s ponytail flared up with her sword as she charged. Her eyes glowed as she swung her blade, encasing a group of Unknowns in fire before slashing at those still standing.
“Honto ni baka, Kanako. Starting so soon.” Akarin’s eyes glowed as more icicles appeared under her. The Unknowns growled and charged.
Akarin thrust her fists forward as the icicles under her flew at the Unknowns, impaling them at different points before going on to others charging. She looked back to find others lunging at her. She summoned her daggers before slashing at them, encasing them in ice before the Unknowns disappeared. Her eyes glowed a darker shade before water started to seep through the cracks on the ground, creating geysers that sent the Unknowns into the air. The geysers soon froze as icicles came out of them, destroying those caught by the geysers.

“Shoukyaku!” Dorgon jumped away from the dragon as he looked down to find Kanako.
“Shouldn’t you be waiting for your friends to help you, Fire Mage?” Dorgon sneered as he summoned a twisted black sword.
“This ends now, Dorgon! I won’t let you touch her!”
“If that’s what you think is a challenge, then I accept.” Dorgon charged at the girl and slashed at the girl, only to have the blade hit the ground when the Fire Mage jumped away.
The two exchanged blows as they tried to find an opening.
“Kanako!” The others held back the Unknowns as they found their Leader fighting Dorgon. “Kanako!”
Kanako ignored their calls as she slashed at Dorgon, making him block the blow as she kicked him in the chest, making him fall back a few steps.

“Honto ni baka dayo ne? Locking Hime in a closet just so she doesn’t have to fight the ones who destroyed her home and killed those dear to her… Even letting myself fight on my own while the others are distracted by the Unknowns so I can end everything for some prophecy… Hopefully I’ll see them again… Probably make that drama come to life as an angel or something… Just to make them happy…”
“Kanako-san! Kanako-san!”
“Hime… I won’t forget you and the others… Yakusoku…”

Dorgon scowled as he couldn’t land a hit on the girl. His eyes started to glow black as he formed a second sword. “Say goodbye,” he said under his breath.
Reni’s eyes glowed as she found the sword. “Kanako!”
Kanako blocked Dorgon’s first blow but turned when she heard Reni’s call. She soon found Dorgon swinging his second sword at her. She closed her eyes.


The five guards stood there in shock. “Sonna…” Momoka muttered as her wings started to give out and she landed on the ground. “It can’t be…”
Kanako slowly opened her eyes to find herself on the ground. She didn’t feel any pain and looked up, only to find a black blade dripping with blood as standing in front of her was a familiar Mage in a blue cloak, blood staining the garment as a diamond crown fell to the ground in pieces. “Hi…me…?”
Dorgon pulled back his sword as he stepped back. “Sonna… bakana…”
Tomoko fell back as Kanako quickly got up to catch her. “Hime! Hime! Why…? HIME!” Tears started to fall as Kanako held on to the Princess.

“Hime… Iiada… Sonna iiada!” Aarin screamed as she fell to her knees when she landed on the ground. “HIME!”
“Hime…” Shiorin lost her grip as her weapons clattered onto the ground. A black-cloaked figure darted passed her.
“HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HIME?!” Reni screamed as she slashed at Dorgon who stood there and let the blade strike him. Purple flames surrounded him as he turned into ashes.
“Sonna… bakana…”
Reni fell to her knees as she let the tears fall and started to sob. “Hime…”

“Doushite…? Even when I tried to protect you from all this…” Kanako whimpered as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Why did you save me…?”
Tomoko weakly looked up at the girl, tears freely falling as she gently smiled. “Kanako-san… Gomen ne… Even though you all wanted nothing but my safety… I knew I had to do something… I overheard you talking to Reni-san about your plan and… Having you sacrifice yourself would bring more pain to others than having me die… Once you locked me in the closet… I wanted nothing but to get out and save you from that death… You have a life in this time while I don’t… You deserve to live in the present more than I do…” Bright light surrounded her as she changed back to her seifuku. “Onegai… Please live for my sake…” The girl started to glow and Kanako noticed she was disappearing.
“Hime! You can still live! You can’t die now! HIME!”

Akarin heard something and looked around to find the Unknowns disappearing as they seeped into the ground. “Uso… they’re dying…?”

“As long as the Crown isn’t used… the Unknowns won’t exist… Onegai… Please take care of everyone…”
Kanako tightly held onto the girl. “IIADA! You can’t leave us like this, Hime! We promised we would take care of you as long as we live! You can’t die!”
Tomoko gently hugged the Fire Mage. “Daijobu… We’ll see each other again someday… Maybe at one of your concerts… Sayonara…”
Kanako soon felt nothing but air between her arms as she pulled back to find bubbles. She looked at her hands to find Tomoko’s pendant and glass charm. “Hime…” She held the two items close as she cried.
Akarin looked away as she failed to hold back her tears. Aarin covered her ears as she shook her head, unable to believe the turn of events.
“Hime…” Momoka curled up into a ball as she covered her eyes to hide the tears.
Shiorin collapsed to her hands and knees as tears started to fall. Reni wiped her eyes and looked at Kanako before back at the ground, tears staining the concrete below her.

...Yea, you definitely hate me for this... You REALLY hate me for this... but. Don't worry. One more chapter and this arc will be over. Yes, there will be 2 arcs. Two. I'm pretty sure I won't go for more than just 2
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