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“Eh? You don’t remember anything from when you were evil?” Kanako asked as they sat in the living room of the Hamasaki house.
Akarin shook her head. “All I remember were the few times I saw the five of you during or after your concerts as well as when I work… then I just black out. What did I do when I black out?”
The six hesitated. “Various things…”
“Masaka… Did I hurt people? I couldn’t have! Ne! What did I do?!”
“We can’t tell you until we know what happened before you started to black out,” Reni said,” Do you remember anything? Anything that happened before you first blacked out?”
Akarin started to think before she looked at Tomoko. “He-he mentioned her… He mentioned Hime.”
“You remember Hime?” Momoka asked, receiving a nod.
“I guess when he first confronted me, I suddenly remembered what happened back then but was in bits and pieces… The only memories I have of Hime was of the fire and meeting all of you at first. …Where’s Ryo? Did Ryo escape with Hime like you all planned?”
Kanako pulled away. “Ryo tte… Akarin… We’re not sure who did it but Ryo’s dead… Someone working under the Dark Syndicate killed him as a warning to us… They didn’t leave a mark so we couldn’t trace what kind of magic was used against him…”
“Ayane-san. What happened after you left MomoClo?” Tomoko asked. “How did the Dark Syndicate get to you?”
“I-It’s just a blur… All I remember was returning home one night from an audition and…” Her eyes glowed for a moment. “Uso… It was that alley…”
“What alley?”
“I heard something from an alley the night I first blacked out… I saw some sort of Shadow torturing someone. I tried to run but a humanoid that reminded me of someone from the Dark Syndicate found me and knocked me out cold…”
“Dorgon… Looks like he was the one who got a hold of you… So that was the night you regained your memories?” Aarin asked, receiving a nod.
“I don’t remember anything else… I just find myself safe at home from time to time so I thought nothing would happen until I black out again. I would work, go to school, and even visit you guys… I just don’t know why I blacked out during the past few years…” She looked at her comrades. “Did I really hurt innocent people?”
“That was our suspicion since the Dark Syndicate couldn’t perform the Forbidden Spell and part of the Hayami Family did specialize in a branch of Dark Magic…” Reni said,” But considering what you’re telling us, we wouldn’t blame you for what happened to those people. Even if you did perform the Forbidden Spell on them, you had no control of yourself. There’s no need to feel bad for what happened to them.”
“Ayane-san. Maybe it’s best if we can figure out how to make sure you heal,” Tomoko said,” It’s still possible some of the Dark Magic they implanted still exists but in small amounts after Reni-san removed most of it. You have to heal or the Dark Magic will grow…”
“So what would you suggest?” Momoka asked.
“Hmm… Ryo-san and Chichi-ue told me that in order to get rid of Dark Magic that is forced into someone, it’s best to make the victim happy and forget anything that can happen with the Dark Magic. Is there anything that happened between the six of you that made Ayane-san really happy?”
“A lot of things we did together made us happy,” Shiorin said,” Concerts, outings, even embarrassing ourselves in public when filming for our variety show.”
“Then should we have an outing? Ayane-san. Is there anywhere you’d like to visit? The shopping district or a different city?”
Akarin shook her head. “I think Tokyo will be fine. De mo arigatou.”
Tomoko smiled, knowing she might be able to cheer up her comrade.
“Sa. Where should we stop first?” Shiorin asked as they walked through the district.
“Hmm… Which one was the last stop of our first tour, again?” Kanako wondered as she gave her friends a knowing look.
The five smiled before the 6 entertainers said in unison,” Yoyogi Park!”
“Yoyogi Park?” Tomoko asked.
“Hai. Yoyogi Park is basically where MomoClo first started to perform in public,” Reni said,” That was when it was just me, Shiorin and Kanako with Akarin helping to support us. But during our first national tour, I was also our last stop.”
“Then let’s head to where we first started,” Akarin said.
“It’s right… here,” Kanako said as she stood between two trees. She turned towards the fence and looked to her right before finding a building. “Yep! Right here! A good look at NHK Hall!” She looked at the others who gazed on happily at the building.
“Things surely changed for us ever since we stepped foot here,” Reni sighed,” Remember when it was just us three singing? Shiorin in the center with me and Kanako at both sides. Akarin handing out the flyers to those watching. It was fun.”
“Too bad you outgrew those orange shorts of yours,” Shiorin teased.
“It was warm so I had to!” Reni said,” Besides, you two kept covering yourselves so someone had to wear them. But since we could only perform here for a few months, we moved towards the stage a year or two later.”
“Then let’s sing!” Kanako said before she started to run. “Last one there has to do a solo performance!”
“Oi! That’s not fair!” Aarin whined before the six of them ran with the leader of the Guards.
♪Reitō mikan reitō mikan reitō mikan 4-ko-iri
Mushiba no ha ni wa shimiru n 〜
Reitō mikan reitō mikan reitō mikan 4-ko-iri
Ikutsu tabetemo yame rarenai n 〜 oishī!!♪

Momoka struck a pose after finishing as the others clapped. “Yay~”
“It’s been a while since we performed that song,” Aarin said,” We all had to be cats during that performance, right?”
“According to Shiorin’s dream, we had to be,” Momoka said as she jumped off the stage. “But it’s nice. Being back on this stage after so long…”
“How many songs did you perform back then?” Tomoko asked as she rested her arms on the railing.
“Not much. We were about 2 years into the business so we didn’t have a lot of songs but we also did some covers,” Akarin replied,” We would show you the places we performed but there’s too many.”
“Honto desuka?”
“And then there’s so many fans that we would lose track,” Aarin said,” We had to go to larger venues each time because so many people would want to come. But it makes us happy to know so many people support us.”
“Like those two boys from before?”
“Sort of. But someday you’ll learn how to be a fan by watching the others while we’re on stage,” Shiorin grinned as she poked the young Princess on the cheek. “You still have a lot to learn about this time period.”

“But since we’re here…” Kanako ran and jumped onto the stage. “Why don’t we perform another song as the six of us? Surely no one will notice since it’s still a bit cold out.”
“Which song?” Reni asked as she followed suit.
“Akarin! Which song should we sing?” Aarin asked as she and Momoka ran up the steps that led to the stage.
“Eh? Watashi? Hmm… Since Hime’s here… Why don’t we do Chai Maxx?” Akarin suggested as she walked up the stairs.
“Chai Maxx? Then this calls for a lot of Transformation Magic.” Aarin’s eyes glowed as she twirled before her clothes changed into familiar gold attire with shorts and vest that had a black tube-top underneath. With it were black boots with gold laces and a gold headband with a white puffball on top. “Who’s next?”
♪Chai Maxx!♪

The six struck a final pose as they panted. Tomoko clapped in joy. “Sugoi desu!” she cheered.
“How long has it been since we performed together?” Akarin panted as Aarin used her magic to change them back to their normal clothes.
“Two years? We lost count,” Kanako replied sheepishly.
Shiorin looked at her watch. “Ah! It’s lunch time! Ne! Where should we go?!” she cried, feeling hungry.
“Shiorin, you always think about food,” Akarin chided.
“But I’m hungry, Akarin~” Shiori whined.
“Hai hai! We’ll go get something to eat then!” Aarin said.
“Takoyaki?” Tomoko asked as she looked at the cart.
Shiorin took a bite out of her dango as the girls wanted to pick up a snack. “Yep! It’s basically octopus fried in some dough with ginger and onions and then topped with mayonnaise, fish flakes and seaweed!”
“Four boxes please!” Kanako said as she and Reni were paying for snacks. “Arigato gozaimasu!”

The seven sat at a table at the street corner as Kanako and Reni were trying to figure out how to split the takoyaki between everyone. “Hmm… There’s only four left over so four out of the seven of us will get five,” Reni said. “Jan Ken.”
The six Guards looked at each other. “Jan Ken Pon!”
“I win!” Kanako pumped her fist in the air as Shiorin and Aarin lowered their heads in shame after losing.
Tomoko picked up a piece of takoyaki with a toothpick as she looked at it. “Hmm…” She looked at Akarin who was being pestered by Shiorin. “Ayane-san.”
Akarin looked at the small girl. “Hime. It’s best to call me Akarin. It’s not Ayane anymore.”
“H-Hai… Akarin-san…” She held out the piece of Takoyaki. “Hai. First bite.”
Akarin smiled. “Arigato. Itadakimasu.” Akarin accepted the piece and smiled.
“Tsurui, Hime!” Shiorin whined. “I want a bite from Hime!”
“Shiorin, you’re older than her. Shouldn’t you act as so?” Kanako chided.
“Then what about Kanako-chan?” Shiorin looked at her friend with a knowing gleam in her eyes.
“You asked for it, Kanako,” Momoka teased as she ate her share.
“There’s never a dull moment with all of you,” Akarin sighed,” I don’t remember all of you being this energetic back in Eutopolis.”
“You must’ve not remembered the rare instances when we played with Hime when she was younger,” Aarin said,” Those were the only times we were allowed to be ourselves instead of the strict Guards.”
“Ah… That would explain.” Akarin looked over at Shiorin and Kanako, the Earth Mage pestering the Fire Mage who was trying to eat before stealing a piece. “Looks like Shiorin’s still trying hard to break Kanako’s tsundere barrier…”
[Pinky Jones]

Shiorin jumped onto Akarin’s back as she declared a race through the shopping district. “Kuso!” Reni took hold of Kanako before carrying her as well, leaving the remaining three to chase after the four.

Momoka spotted a glass shop and called out to the others who stopped and looked back. She pointed at the shop as they all smiled and followed her in. They soon signed up for a glass-making lesson as the instructor showed them how to handle the molten glass.
Kanako tried to inflate the glass but started to pout after failing a few times, only to be hit in the head by Akarin. The taller girl explained how to do it better as Kanako tried again, succeeding after a few more tries. She pumped her fist into the air in victory, making the others laugh.
The seven stepped out of the shop after finishing and smiled as they held out their charms. Kanako’s had Bearda surrounded in flames, Shiorin had her favorite Manpaku Curry, Akarin had a snowflake with eight spikes, Aarin had a bunny with hearts, Momoka had a frog in the center of a pink flower, Reni had an eggplant surrounded in lightning bolts, and Tomoko had a black dragon surrounded by blue stars.
“Looks like we have another item to save when separated,” Akarin said with a smile.
Aarin pointed out a cosplay shop as the seven headed in.
Akarin opened the curtains as she and Kanako came out as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon respectively, only to have Reni and Shiorin nosebleed from the sight.
Momoka later came out dressed as a Café Maid with her hair pulled up into pigtails. She gave a wink which caused nosebleeds from everyone but Tomoko who only became flustered at the sight.
Aarin opened the curtains as she was dressed as the Kaname Madoka in her Goddess form. The group clapped as Aarin twirled her hair.
The curtains opened as Tomoko showed up in a horse costume but the others looked at the back half of the horse before Reni came out for air, making them laugh.
The curtains opened for a final time as the six Guards came out dressed as the Survey Corps from Shingeki no Kyoujin. Tomoko clapped at the view until Reni’s Maneuver Gear was set off and launched her into the ceiling, making the group laugh. This then caused Kanako’s Gear to activate and send her flying as well, creating a larger riot of laughter in the group.
The seven sat around a fountain as they enjoyed one more snack before they could go home. They soon noticed bubbles before seeing Akarin’s eyes glowing as bubbles emerged from the fountain. They all smiled at the sight as small children ran around to pop the bubbles. Akarin gently nudged Kanako’s shoulder before making her look at the sky, only to find bubbles in the shape of clovers flying away. Kanako laughed and made the others look as well.
“Group hug!” Reni said after taking her last bite before taking hold of all six of her friends for a hug.

Yogatta ne. It’s been so long since Kimiko-san-tachi had so much fun together. Once the Dark Syndicate is defeated, I will make sure they’ll have another outing like this… Yakusoku…

Momoka quickly took out her camera before taking a picture of the seven of them together as they laughed.

Just a nice freebie chapter for the girls just so they could have fun and make up for lost time. It's nice to see them interact with each other and not care about what happens when they have fun.
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