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"Daijobu kana..." Tomoko murmured as she looked at the outdoors stage. "Will music truly bring her back?"
"It's a plan but surely it will work," Aarin said as she fixed her headsets. "It's too bad we actually can't sing it as all six of us like back then."
"Ne... What was it like when Ayane-San was with you in this time period?"
"Hmm... She was actually there with us since the beginning when we first started," Kanako said," We used to perform at the park as training but it was only me, Shiorin, Reni and three other girls. Akarin was there to support us and everyone mistakes her as a member until we announced her joining us when Aarin arrived into the group with another girl while the three girls left a while ago. But it just became the five of us when we released our first single but Momoka joined to make six for our second single.
"But since it was during the early MomoClo years, Akarin had a lot of issues being an idol even though it was a lot of fun between the six of us... She found herself having the least amount of fans... Since we were young that time, everyone expected us to be very cute but Akarin had a more mature and beautiful look to her. Her parts of the song mostly involved rapping which showed off her voice a lot and fans really like it. De mo... Before we released Mirai Bowl... Management had a meeting with us about Akarin's announcement... She said she was going to leave the group to go into acting and modeling... It was hard for us since we spent so long with her and it was difficult to let her go since she's our friend and things wouldn't be the same without her..."
"Akarin and Kanako were the closest duo so it affected them the most," Shiorin said," But a lot of issues came up for the fans when she announced her graduation. They tried to encourage her to change her mind since she was important to the group but it wasn't until the day of her graduation concert that they accepted it and wished her good luck..."
"She was a big sister to us even though she wasn't the oldest," Aarin said," She was the one who would help make announcements and speeches during the concert since Kanako has trouble doing it. She watched out for us when we were in trouble and always told us to smile no matter what happens. But it was too hard not to cry during her graduation period... We even have difficulty speaking when people mention her on talk shows since it brought back too many memories... Luckily we always see her since she tried her best to go to our concerts to support us... It made us happy that we're able to keep in touch... De mo..."
"After what Dorgon said about her being taken after her graduation... We didn't know if it was actually Akarin who came to visit us... Especially for New Years..." Momoka murmured," We used a song that the six of us sang and included her name instead of the five-person version. Kanako called her asking if she saw and she said yes but...  it was like she was lying to us all this time when she was under their control... That's why we have to bring her back..."
"Hmm... sou nanda..." Tomoko looked at the sheet of paper in her hands. "That's why you chose this song..." She gently smiled. "I'm sure Ayane-San will hear you..."
"Looks like they're planning something," Dorgon mused as he watched the scene from his lair.
"Ii jan. They're just asking for death," Akarin said as she leaned against the rocky walls.
"Pretty harsh thing to say to your comrades. You must've changed a lot after having Dark Magic forced into you."
"Betsu ni. Mah. Might as well finish them and get the Crown. Just don't follow." Ice soon covered her before she disappeared.
♪Words of the mind kazaranai ai kokoro wa uso tsukenai
Honto no kotoba wa kitto todoiteiku deshou
Soba ni ite yasashiku mamoreru taisetsuna yume wo...
It's a time for brandnew journey
It's a time for you and I♪

Tomoko watched in please as the girls performed on stage.
“How much longer until she comes?” Aarin asked telepathically as Shiorin sang her line.
“Just a little longer. We just started,” Kanako said.

♪Hitori ja nani mo dekinai kara yowasa wo kakushiteta ne
Kou shite ima wa anata no koto
Toki ni wa sasae ni
Ikutsu no jidai ato ikutsu wo konashi nanika wo ushinau Dorama ni
Nani mo somaranai futari no crystal li-♪

“Get down!” Reni cried, tackling her smaller comrade to the floor as icicles flew over them. The six looked over to where the icicles came from to find Akarin who held a pair of daggers in her hands.
“Ayane-san…” “Akarin…”
“I thought I heard a ruckus,” Akarin said as she readied her daggers. “So you called?”
“Akarin… We’re going to snap you out of it!” Kanako declared. “Minna!”
“Duairu!” Bright light surrounded the six as they transformed.
Akarin snapped her fingers as Unknowns appeared. “Get the Crown. I’ll handle the five of them.”
“Not if we can help it!” Shiorin scowled as she summoned a large frying pan. “Hime! Head to the control box! Increase the speaker volume!”
“Hai!” Tomoko jumped over the railings before running to the side of the stage, only to find some Unknowns blocking her path. Her eyes turned violet as her bostaff appeared.

Kanako slashed through a pair of Unknowns as they went ablaze by the sword’s ability. She turned back to find more approaching. Her eyes started to glow as she held up her sword, chanting a strange incantation. A ring of fire appeared at her feet before the flames grew larger, making the Unknowns back away, unsure of what she’s doing. “Shoukyaku!”</i>The flames swirled around her before creating a large dragon. It flew around the Unknowns before the flames swallowed them whole.

Shiorin swung her large frying pan as she knocked away the Unknowns around her. She soon heard some coming from above. “Tch…” Her eyes glowed before her weapon split into two. She stomped her foot against the ground as large boulders appeared. “Kore ya~” Shiorin hit the boulders that flew up to knock down the Unknowns flying towards her, some of them turning into sharp pebbles as she hit them.

Aarin twirled her Heart Wand as she looked at the Unknowns surrounding her. One of them summoned a sword and swung at her. She blocked the attack with her wand before releasing a strong gust from her free hand at the Unknown’s abdomen, knocking it back. “Uzakenna!” she shouted. Her eyes started to glow pink as a pink ring surrounded her, only to form a tornado that took hold of the Unknowns. Bright light surrounded the tornado before it exploded to pink hearts.

Momoka flew away from the arrows coming towards her. ”Kuso… Out of all days, there aren’t any plants…” she thought as she flew.
Momoka looked down to find Reni who was fighting off some Unknowns with her sword. “Reni!”
“Momoka! There’s a tree a few blocks down!”
“Tree… Ah!” Momoka’s eyes glowed before her Glove appeared. She flew down towards the Unknown before punching the ground, causing tree roots to emerge from the concrete. They soon wrapped around the Unknowns who tried to fight off the roots. “Reni!”
Reni’s eyes glowed as she started to chant an incantation, causing a dark cloud to appear in the sky. She raised her right hand as lightning struck down on her. “Shiden!” She swung her arm down in a fluent motion, causing several lightning bolts to strike down on the Unknowns, turning them to ashes from the attack.
“Reni!” Momoka flew over to her. The two smiled and shared a high-five.

Tomoko’s bostaff turned into a scythe as she cut apart the rest of the Unknowns. She leaped towards the control box before increasing the speaker volume. “Minna-san!”
“Ryoukai!” The five regrouped and looked at Akarin whose eyes started to glow, causing icicles to form around her.
“Akarin…” Kanako fixed the headsets. “We’re going to snap you out of it… Zettai ni! Hime!”
“Hai!” Tomoko pushed a button as a ballad started to play.

Akarin scowled as she recognized the tune. She quickly charged at the five, only to find herself caught by a rope of blue energy. “Listen to them, Ayane-san!” Tomoko said as she held the taller girl down.

♪Mou tomenai yo tomerarenai yo
Akari ga kimeta michi da mon
Kishi ga tsuyoi koto wa ichiban shitteru yo
Ookina yume o mezashiteta kara
Shinjirarenakatta kedo
Takusan kizutsuite dashita kotae deshou?♪

♪Nayami koto o tame komu sonna seita Dakara
Zutto kurushikattan da ne
Shitteta yo naiteta koto♪

♪Uta ga rigate de karada yowakute
Takusan nayandeita kedo
Koko made koreta tsuyosa
Wasurenai de ne♪

Akarin’s eyes started to glow again but her hand went to her head as if she was in pain. She weakly raised her right hand and swung, releasing icicles as the girls dodged her attack. “Akarin! Open your eyes!” Aarin cried.

♪Kore kara wa betsu no michi aruite yuku keredo
Kagai ni urayamu you na
Mirai e susunde yukou♪

♪Kokoro bosoi yo choufuan da yo
Dakedo mou nakanai kara
Gonin de ookina yume o kanaete miseru yo♪</i>

Kanako looked at Akarin and smiled.

♪Hajimete deatta hi o oboeteiru?
Fast food de futari katari atta ne
Kinou no koto mitai da yo♪

♪Egao to utagoe de Akari o terashidase
Ikuze! Let's go!
Akarin no heart o nerai uchi
Ima made arigato ne
Anata ga daisuki desu
Zutto zutto
[Rokunin] no omoide wasurenai♪

“Akarin! Please stop hurting everyone!” Aarin cried.
“You were always there for us!” Reni said.
“Please come back to us!” Shiorin said as she wiped away her tears.
“We all need you!” Momoka added.
“Akarin… Onegai! Separate yourself from the dark magic!” Kanako said.

The five continued to sing as Akarin collapsed to her knees, tears streaming down her cheeks as she grasped her head. Tomoko released the Mage as the five walked up to their comrade.

♪Zutto zutto
[Rokunin] no omoide wasurenai♪

Kanako knelt down in front of her friend and offered a kind smile. “Akarin… Let us help you…”
“K-Kanako…” Akarin murmured as she looked at the Fire Mage.
“Akarin… We’ll do what we can to help you…” Shiorin said,” Please let us help…”
“We just want the Akarin we know and love to come back…” Aarin said.
“We want to be here for you like you were there for us…” Momoka murmured as she tried to fight her tears.
“Akarin… Please trust us…” Reni said.

Kanako gave a small nod before looking at Reni. “Reni… Think you can do it?”
Reni gave a small nod. The two switched places before Reni took hold of Akarin’s shoulder. “Akarin… Stay strong, okay?” She planted a kiss on the Water Mage’s lips. Reni’s aura started to grow in strength as the others noticed it caused a dark aura to surround Akarin. The dark energy soon shrunk in size before it went towards where the two Mages had contact, leaving Akarin’s aura to turn blue. Reni pulled away and opened her eyes, her eyes a dark violet before turning back to their original color.
Akarin opened her eyes and looked at the five. “Minna…?”
“Akarin!” The five held their friend in a hug as tears started to fall freely.

At the stage, Tomoko smiled at the scene, happy her Guards were reunited at last. “Yogatta…” She looked up at the sky to find clouds that resemble the six Guards on stage. She smiled. “Ryo-san… Looks like you know as well…”
“Looks like they’re stronger than I thought… Being able to take back their comrade without killing her…” Dorgon muttered angrily as he watched the scene. “But this means I should take things more seriously from now on. Especially with the Crown.” He looked over at Tomoko who was pulled into the fray of hugs and tears, only to have the seven laugh at themselves.

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