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"Hime! Abunai!"
A young girl with long magenta hair opened her eyes and sat up. "Matta..? Konno yume..."
She looked at her clock and noticed she was going to be late if she doesn't get out of bed soon. "Ah!" She jumped out of bed and ran around to get ready.

"AARIN! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" a voice called as she ran down the stairs.
"HAI~" Ayaka ran into the kitchen and took hold of a muffin and her lunch before heading out, only to meet her friends who were waiting.
"Mou. Wake up earlier," the girl with short blonde hair chided.
"Gomen gomen. I had that same dream again," Aarin said sheepishly as she bit into her breakfast.
"I guess they won't stop until we know who that Hime is," the girl with raven hair sighed before the five started to walk. "I wonder who she is..."
"We'll never know until we meet her," the red-head next to her said.
"Ah. Sou iieba. Aarin. Isn't there supposed to be a new transfer student in your class today?" the girl with forest-green hair asked as she looked up at her taller friend.
"Yea. We don't know where she transferred from but a lot of rumors were going around about her."
"Hai. Today we have a new transfer student today," Tatenashi-sensei said before turning to the door," Dozo." The door soon opened as a small girl with midnight blue hair and grey eyes entered the room. She stood next to the podium and faced the class.
"K-konnichi wa... W-watashi Hamasaki Tomoko desu... Yoroshiku onegaishimasu..." She gave a bow as the teacher wrote Tomoko's name on the board.
"Hamasaki-San has transferred here from Hokkaido and will be spending more time here in Clover Academy. Please make sure to give her a warm welcome and make her comfortable."
Aarin looked at the girl. “Kawaii... De mo... Why does she look familiar?”
"Chiisai..." "De mo kawaii yo."
Aarin headed upstairs towards the roof before finding the others peering out the door window. "Doushita no, minna?"
"Shh," Reni chided.
Aarin went to go take a look to find Tomoko sitting at the farthest bench as she was eating her lunch. "Eh? Hamasaki-San?"
"Eh? You know her?" Shiorin asked.
"She's the new transfer student."

Tomoko ate her lunch as she look on into the city. Her eyes turned turquoise as she turned, only to find a white and black cat climbing over the fence. It scurried over and jumped onto the bench to sit next to her. She gently smiled. "Konnichi wa, Ryo-San."
The cat let out a soft mew as Tomoko petted him. "Even after giving you a warning, you still follow me." She took hold of a piece of grilled fish and held it out. "Hai."
Ryo accepted the treat before nuzzling his head against her arm, making her giggle. "Sou desu ne. We still need to find them. It's been a while since I saw them..."
"As your parents' advisor, I will have to help you look since you have yet to recognize them with everyone around you," he said as he started to speak in the human language," Perhaps you don't remember what they look like?"
Tomoko shook her head. "After they made me escape, everything was a blur and it's hard to recognize them since they're much older than me. De mo Ryo-san... Are you sure it's okay? Forcing them to fight again when they're at peace?"
"I know it's a tough decision but it's their orders. The Dark Syndicate is after the Crown you possess and they vowed to protect you as long as you live. You won't be able to fight alone since you're still inexperienced."
"Sou desu ne... De mo arigato... You followed me to this world to help me find them despite what happened back home."
"The least I could do for your parents since you all rescued a defenseless creature meant to destroy everything when older."
"Daijobu. I'm sure you won't hurt anyone."

"Ne. What is she saying?" Momoka asked.
"Not sure... But enough to say that she must've went through something before moving here," Kanako said.
"Sou iieba... That voice we heard in those dreams..." Aarin murmured," It did sound similar to Hamasaki-San..."
"Well if it does then we should try to get to know her better," Shiorin murmured as she took a bite from her lunch. "Aarin. Think you could try to talk to her before school ends?"
"I can try."
Tomoko packed her books into her schoolbag as she was about to leave. "Hamasaki-san. Are you sure you don't want to join any clubs?" a girl asked.
Tomoko shook her head. "Gomen ne. I have a lot of chores to do when I get home."
"Ah. Sou ka. Then we'll see you tomorrow then, okay?"
"Hai. Sayonara." Tomoko took her leave as Aarin found her chance.
"Ano. Hamasaki-San?"
Tomoko turned to the taller girl. "Hm? Doushitan desuka?"
"A-ano. I was wondering if you have any plans today. Since you're still new to the city, I was hoping I could show you around."
"Honto desuka?" Tomoko's eyes soon turned pink as she found a strange aura around the girl. “Aira-San...?” "Etto... I think I will have some errands to do before I head home... I think that would be nice."
Aarin smiled. "Yogatta."
The two left the school before Aarin noticed the cat from before at the gate, a bag in its mouth. "Eh? What's a cat doing here?"
The cat scurried over with the bag and stopped in front of Tomoko. "Ryo-San." She picked up the cat and took hold of the bag before noticing a note.

Hime. I forgot to bring this to you during your break. Here's the list of supplies to pick up on your way back as well as the money needed. -Ryo

Tomoko gently petted the small cat. "Arigato, Ryo-San. Thanks for bringing it to me." She put him down as he scurried off.
"You know him?" Aarin asked, seeing no tag on the cat.
"Hai. Ryo-san tends to deliver things to me for my guardian whenever I forget something. In return, we take care of him."
"Sa. Ikuyo. I have to buy some supplies for home."
"Ne, Hamasaki-San. Did you have any friends back in Hokkaido?" Aarin asked as the two walked around with grocery bags at hand.
"Hai. I grew up with all of them. I was scared to leave them but I knew I was going to see them again. It just takes time."
"S-sou desu ne... You must miss them a lot."
"Hai... It might've been a week but I've missed them the whole time... I just hope I can see them soon."
Tomoko's eyes turned violet as she stopped. “Already...?”
"Doushita no?" Aarin asked.
A large explosion was heard as the two turned, only to find a store collapsing.
Tomoko put down the bags before running towards the scene.
"Hamasaki-San!" Aarin ran after her as she picked up the bags. "Hamasaki-San!"

Tomoko ran towards the scene as Ryo appeared beside her. "Looks like they're acting already..." Ryo muttered," I thought they'd attack later."
"But we don't have a choice... We have to wait until they appear and fight..." Tomoko murmured.
"Sa. Ikko. This relies on your training."
"Hai." A gold necklace with a diamond-shaped sapphire pendant appeared around her neck as it glowed along with her eyes that turned light blue. "Duairu!"
Bright light surrounded her as her seifuku disappeared, only to be replaced by a white leotard with gold accents. She swiped her hand as it formed a matching skirt with a blue trim. She twirled before a royal blue robe covered her shoulders and was clasped by a sapphire pendant. She clapped her hands and clicked her heels together to form white gloves and boots. A tiara with baby blue diamonds and a large diamond in the center appeared atop her head. A crystal bostaff appeared in her hands before she struck a pose.

"Uso desho?!" Shiorin exclaimed as the four girls spied on her with Aarin running towards them.
"Mahou Shoujo da!" Momoka cried.

Tomoko swirled her bostaff before pointing it towards the wreckage. Her eyes turned red as she scanned the area, only to find a strange shadow-cloaked monster. "Looks like one of those Unknowns," Ryo commented," Think you can handle it?"
"I can try." Tomoko's eyes glowed before she charged at blinding speed. A blade came out of her weapon as she swung, cutting through the monster before it disappeared into nothing. She stopped and looked back to find the molten concrete where the monster once stood. She looked at the blade. "Arigato... Kimiko-san..." she murmured with a small smile. Her clothes turned back to normal before she walked back to Ryo, only to be stopped when five figures stepped in front of her.
"Chotto matte!" Shiorin shouted as she stood before the girl.
"Omae... Nani mono?" Kanako questioned.
Tomoko's eyes went from violet to red-orange to green to yellow and then to pink as she saw names flash by. “Ran-san... Kimiko-San... Minami-San... Sheru-San... Aira-San... Looks like they're all here...”
"Answer us!" Reni ordered.
Tomoko looked over at Ryo who already escaped, meaning he's back home to get ready. "Hai. I'll tell you everything. But this is private information so it's best to go somewhere private to talk about this."

Just to let you know before we begin, I own nothing that is copyrighted. None, zip. But I will say this is rated PG (maybe PG-13 due to violence later on).
First off, stress got a hold of me and made my brain go nutsy and I got into a little more into the Mahou Shoujo genre where some of them can look very cute but is actually really dark in terms of plot. This fic was created because I was wondering what would happen if Momoiro Clover Z were to become magical girls with a mission of their own. (and don't hurt me but the very first version of this story involved Aarin spraining her ankle during practice and was written months ago. I did not know it was going to happen in real life so very sorry to all puninofus and mononofus)
wait, I forgot the plot...

Okay, the plot mostly revolves around the five girls being their idols selves but are actually younger by 2-3 years in this fic because I wanted all of them to be in school. They all live in the same district and attend Clover Academy, a school with an escalation system from elementary to high school so the girls could keep in touch outside of work.
However, on one fateful day, they meet a girl who transferred to Aarin's class who has a secret and tells them of their true identities as powerful Mages of a distant past and must help her defeat the darkness that destroyed her home.
but the story felt a little rushed at some parts so very sorry if it disappoints you. Send me hate messages if you want, I don't care. I've been told not to care and then take them as advice. >:P


Momota Kanako - The Leader of MomoClo and the second oldest of the group as a Fire Mage. Her previous life gave her the name of Momorin Kimiko as well as a hidden ability of flexibility and agility that allowed her to play sports and rhythmic gymnastics. As Leader of the group, she's in charge of making decisions but sometimes she can be a bit dimwitted which makes the others make fun of her.

Tamai Shiori (Shiorin) - The Little Sister figure of MomoClo and the second youngest as an Earth Mage. Her previous life gave her the name of Kawazoe Sheru as well as an ability to create any type of weapon she desires with the consumption of food (but she also has the ability to create small food capsules as a substitute for combat). You all know her as the gluttonous girl who is pretty attached to Kanako but does care deeply for her fellow comrades. But sometimes she can be a bit sarcastic.

Sasaki Ayaka (Aarin) - The Idol of MomoClo and the youngest of the group as a Wind Mage. Her previous life gave her the name of Ono Aira as well as the ability to create and perform spells unrelated to her primary set. She's basically the cutesy member of the group but is also motherly towards them if there's something wrong, allowing her to control her emotions when necessary. But just don't call her Sasaki...

Ariyasu Momoka - The Little Giant of MomoClo and the shortest of the group as a Plant Mage. Her previous life gave her the name of Hara Minami as well as the ability to increase her strength and fly (lol pretty ironic since she was afraid of birds until recently). She's one of the most sensitive members of the group but makes up for it in battle despite the lack of vegetation in the cities. But she's considered the one who think about the safety of others' first which would concern the others if the plan can be too risky.

Takagi Reni - the Electric Girl of MomoClo the the eldest of the group as a Dark Mage. Her previous life gave her the name of Igarashi Ran as well as the ability to use Lightning Magic as a secondary set. Like Momoka, she's pretty sensitive to situations around her and is often concerned of the others' safety but tends to try to hide it in public by being the eccentric girl everyone would know her as. Just make sure not to hurt the others or you're dead...

Hayami Akari (Akarin) - a Former Member of MomoClo as the Cool Beauty and as a Water Mage. ...wait... I shouldn't be telling you about her yet! CUT! CUT!

Tomoko - A Princess of an ancient kingdom forced to flee to the future as the kingdom was at the brink of destruction. A small and kind-hearted Princess, she wanted nothing more than the safety of the Mages and would try to stop them if they're going to do something risky, not wanting to lose them again after what happened when she fled into the future. But considering she's still young, she's still inexperienced in terms of how to rule a kingdom or even being able to use high-class spells like the others, leaving her at a disadvantage unless she uses melee combat. Her maiden name is still unknown and never addressed by the others.

Ryo - A rare dragon and Tomoko's caretaker. Having been rescued and raised as a baby by the girl's parents, he grew a liking to humans even though his kind were meant to destroy everything in their path when angered. He was in charge of training the Mages back in their past life but they were rebellious against him due to his true species and think he might hurt Tomoko if the two are left alone. But nevertheless, he cares about the girls and watches out for them just for the sake of keeping a promise he made to the ones who rescued him.
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