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(PS: Make sure to read the description first for this chapter. We need to introduce the characters from this arc)

Year 3050: Tokyo, Japan

“Kanae! You’re going to be late!” a voice shouted from the first floor of a two-floor house that seemed to have resembled a house from the Edo era.
“Hm…?” A young girl of age 15 opened her eyes that shined a fiery red. “Heh?” She looked at the clock next to her bed before she shot up into a sitting position. “HEH?! USO!”

Momota Kanae desu! Jyuugo sai to chuugaku sanensei desu! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Kanae quickly combed her crimson red hair before tying it up into a ponytail with a black ribbon. She rushed downstairs in her white seifuku before heading into the kitchen. “Mou! Onii-chan! Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?!” she whined as she tied her blue-trimmed bow that was attached to her sailor collar. Around her neck was a silver necklace with a ruby pendant but was slightly hidden by her collar.
“I tried many times, Kanae,” a boy with mahogany hair chided as he washed the dishes. “Hurry up and eat before I leave without you!”
Kanae stuck her tongue out before noticing three sets of dishes in the sink. “Eh? Otou-san to Okaa-san wa?”
“Otou-san headed off to his business trip and Okaa-san went to work. If you woke up earlier, you would’ve seen them head out.”
Kanae stuck out her tongue at her brotheragain and started to eat. “Mou. You’re always such a sourpuss in the morning.”
“Speak for yourself… Aren’t you forgetting something?”
“Good-luck-charms,” Kanao said, emphasizing each syllable. “The ones Obaa-san gave you.”
“Mou. You know I keep them with me. I always wear my pendant and the other three are in my bag.”
Kanao sighed. “Just hurry up.”
Kanae quickly slipped on her shoes as Kanao opened the door so the two could walk to school, Clover Academy.
“Hayaku. I don’t want to be held responsible for your tardiness.”
“Mou! I’m coming!” Kanae walked out the door before walking.

Kanao slung his jacket of his gakuran over his shoulder as well as his school bag. “Looks like those weird accidents have started again,” he commented as the two walked past the scorch marks on the brick walls.
Kanae jumped over a large crack on the sidewalk. “It’s a good thing it’s summer or we’ll be covered in snow again…”
“But we can also get floods, Kanae. And once we get floods, we get strong winds that make it worse…”

Twenty years ago, there have been strange events in the weather that haven’t been solved by meteorologists or scientists. Wildfires would start even at the coldest temperatures, large cracks in the streets and sidewalks despite the lack of earthquakes, floods during the summer and blizzards during the winter, even strong winds or thunderstorms. No one was sure how or why they started so they made sure to fix everything as soon as possible once the events stop for the day.

“Ne. Do you think it has to do with those weird monsters that appeared a thousand years ago?” Kanae asked,” Sensei said that back in the 21st century, there were these monsters that appeared for a day or two but what destroyed them was something similar to these incidents…”
“Now you’re talking crazy, Kanae. I’m pretty sure those who wrote about those things had no idea what they were saying. I mean really, monsters? Monsters don’t exist.”
“You can’t be too sure, Onii-chan. Many things can happen.”
Kanae found herself tackled in a hug as she fell back, only to find a certain pigtailed blonde holding onto her. “Mina!” she cried, trying to get out of the girl’s hold. “Mou! At least let me get to my seat first!”
“Zurui na, Kanae-chan…” the girl pouted as she looked at her friend with pleading pale orange eyes.

Tamai Mina. She’s 14 but visits from the second-year class before class starts. I’m not sure why but she has an overwhelming amount of affection towards me that has been misinterpreted for a while until everything was explained.

“Can’t I at least go to school without being hugged?”
Mina pouted as she sat on the floor, playing with an amber pendant that hanged from her neck. “Mou. You’re so boring, Kanae-chan. I never see you since you have basketball practice.”
“No one said you couldn’t watch…”
“Hai, hai. Now get back to class before Sensei catches you.”
“Hai~ See you later, Kanae-chan!” Mina jumped to her feet before running off.
Kanae let out a sigh before standing up and heading over to her seat by the window. “At least I made it in time…” She rested her chin on the palm of her hand as she looked at the board. She slowly closed her eyes but didn’t notice her pendant slightly glowing.


“Itta!” Kanae jumped up when she felt something burning her face. She gently rubbed the area that got burned as her pendant stopped glowing. “Nanja sore…?”

The bell rang as the door opened, making everyone stand by their seats as the teacher entered. Kanae noticed it wasn’t their regular teacher, Sato-sensei.
“Ohayo gozaimasu!” the class rep greeted, making everyone repeat after her as they gave a bow.
“Ohayo gozaimasu,” the new teacher said as he fixed his black-rimmed glasses that covered his silver eyes. He seemed to have neatly combed black hair with silver tips but was a bit ruffled from Kanae’s view. He was a bit young, young enough to be a student teacher or one that just finished his teaching classes as he wore a dark grey dress shirt and black dress pants.
“Mazu ni. During the weekend, you teacher, Sato-sensei got into an accident and will be in extensive medical care until further notice. Until she returns, I will be taking her place.” He faced the board before writing his name. “Ore Hamasaki Ryouki. Call me Hamasaki-sensei.” He looked back at the class and smiled, only to send chills down the students’ spines. “Sa. Let’s get started on attendance.”
“Is it really true, Kanae-chan? Having a cute guy as your teacher?” Mina asked as the two sat on the roof of the middle school’s section of the academy for lunch.
Kanae gave a nod. “Since Sato-sensei is on medical leave, Hamasaki-sensei will be taking her place. De mo kawaii? Did the girls actually say that about him?”
“That’s what I got from the other second-year students who are closer to your wing!”
“I wouldn’t say cute but he is pretty young,” the older girl said as she took a bite of her lunch. “I just find it strange… having someone substitute even though we know nothing about a new teacher.”
“How strange?”
“Not sure. Maybe it’s just a weird feeling…” She continued to eat before taking a sip from her thermos.

Mina took a bite out of her curry-flavored udon as she was deep in thought. She soon remembered something. “Eh? Hamasaki?”
Kanae looked at her. “Nani?”
“Iia… I thought I remembered running into someone in the first-year hallway who got lost… Her name is also Hamasaki and she just transferred… They couldn’t be related… could they?”
“It’s possible but Hamasaki is a common name…”
“S-sou da ne… I would be too much of a coincidence…”
READ MomoClo wa Mahou Shoujo da! FIRST BEFORE CONTINUING! Chapter 1:…

Hai~ New Season/Arc! So... New Plot?

This story actually drags it out so much and you don't get into the action until the second "half" (I shouldn't say half. I suck at action scenes anyway :P).
THis new season takes place more than a thousand years into the future as we meet descendants of MomoClo. Momota Kanae and the rest of the descendants witness various events that have been happening in their town for almost 20 years. Kanae wants to get to the bottom of it but before she knows it, the six families were reunited and have to face an enemy their ancestors fought. But their enemy this time isn't who you expect.

Main Characters

Momota Kanae - Descendant of Momota Kanako and a Fire Mage. Being Kanako's descendant, she was given her ancestor's pendant and glass charm as well as Tomoko's since her items were left in the Momota family's care. She's in the third year of middle school and is said to be in the school's basketball team. Like Kanako, she can be a little airheaded but turned out to be the first one who found out about the cause of the events that has been trying to destroy the city. She was the first one who was aware of her true powers, as well.

Tamai Mina - Descendant of Tamai Shiori and an Earth Mage. She was given Shiorin's pendant and charm as keepsakes and is in the second year of middle school. She's very affectionate towards Kanae since they've been friends since elementary school, even calling her "Kanae-chan" in school. Se was the first person Kanae went to when she found out about what was behind the earthquakes in Mina's street and fires at Kanae's.

Ariyasu Eriko - Descendant of Ariyasu Momoka and a Plant Mage. She was given Momoka's pendant and charm. She's the smallest member of the group and is in the third year of middle school in Kanae's class. Often quiet and clumsy, she finds herself being taken hostage by plants, especially by the ones in her rooms that would increase in size without her knowing the true reasons behind it.

Hayami Hikari - Descendant of Hayami Akari and a Water Mage. She was given Akarin's pendant and charm. She's in the third year of middle school in Kanae and Eriko's class and is also Eriko's childhood friends. She's often seen getting into accidents involving sinks and water fountains despite the systems being undamaged. Being Eriko's childhood friends, the two watch out for each other when one is in need.

Sasaki Haruno - Descendant of Sasaki Ayaka (Aarin) and a Wind Mage. She was given Aarin's pendant and charm and is affectionately called "Haru-chan" by her brother. She's in the first year of middle school and youngest of the Mages. Despite being only 13, she has already reached her rebellious age and would like to go out and have fun with some friends and commute to school alone rather than being escorted. She would often find herself surrounded by strong winds when she's angry or at random times.

Takagi Yayoi - Descendent of Takagi Reni and a Dark Mage. She was given Reni's pendant and charm and is called "Doki-chan" by her older brother. She's in the first year of high school and is Haruno's neighbor. Seeing how the two attend Clover Academy, she was given the responsibility to watch over Haruno to and from school by Haruno's overprotective mother, leaving Haruno to go against Yayoi's protective side even if it's just a small deed. Being Haruno's neighbor, she, too, would experience the strong winds but mostly find herself witnessing random lightning strikes or decaying plants, especially when upset.

Hamasaki Tomoko - A new transfer student to Clover Academy and Yayoi's new neighbor. Often protected by her father who have raisedher since she was a toddler, she's would find herself encountering new people and try to talk with them, only to meet 3 of the 6 Mages, one of them being Kanae. Not much is known about her until later on.

Hamasaki Ryouki - Tomoko's father and Kanae's homeroom teacher. Having accepted a job at Clover Academy, he was positioned in Kanae's class but seems a bit too intimidating for the class despite doing a good job. Despite showing little to no expression most of the time, he's very kind but is protective of his daughter since he took care of her in her mother's place.


Momota Kanao - Kanae's brother in the second year of high school in Yayoi's class. Being an older brother, he was left to take care of Kanae when their parents are at work. He is a member of many sports teams so he would often leave food out for his sister whenever he has to leave for school early. The two would get along but he would often chastise her for various things and tease her sometimes.

Tamai Shio - Mina's older brother in the second year of high school. Like his ancestor, Shiorin, he is often seen sleeping alot and would have bedhair when awake. He knows a lot about technology and would help his sister look for anything in family files or anything that she needed for school or personal reasons. He's Kanao's close friend.

Sasaki Ayao - Haruno's brother who only appears in Haruno's flashbacks when he's mentioned. He appears to be a working college student since he's never home to take care of his sister when their parents are at work. Because of his busy schedules, he asked if the Takagi siblings could take care of his sister, leading to Haruno's rebellious nature towards them since she's close to Ayao.

Ariyasu Momotaro - Eriko's older brother in the first year of high school. He's often known to help his sister get out of her room whenever she gets caught by the plants and help her trim them so they won't take up too much space. He's seen to have a kind and gentle heart like his sister and confessed to being used to his sister's kidnappings by plants.

Takagi Renio - Yayoi's older brother in the third year of high school. Being a working student, he would sometime's leave his sister alone with their pet cat when he has to attend his part-time job. He is very caring for his sister since the two are very close and they would know if the other is lying or not since they swore to never lie to each other, even addressing her as "Doki", a nickname he came up with when they were younger. But sometimes he would tease his sister and Haruno due to his kind yet silly nature.
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