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“Ano… The only way to bring her back is to fight her… right?” Kanae asked as she looked at the spirits. They all looked at her, unsure of what she’s planning. She gave a bow as she lowered her head. “Onegaishimasu! Please let us train to bring Tomoko back!”
Kanako looked at the younger girl, shocked at how quickly she changed her mind. “Kanae…”
Kanae straightened herself before looking at her past self. “We don’t know much about our past but… given the circumstances… it’s best to at least try… Tomoko’s important to all of you and I guess that if it wasn’t for her… we all wouldn’t have met each other…”
“I won’t allow it,” Ryouki said,” Fighting my daughter… Fighting the only family I have left… I won’t allow any fights against her!”
“I might agree with you, Ryouki, but many lives are at stake,” Ryo said as he folded his arms. “It pains me to say this but fighting Hime is the only way. The Dark Syndicate was able to destroy Eutopolis without a significant power source. But with the Crown in their hold, there’s no telling what they’ll do with her. So unless you let Kanae-tachi fight her, she’ll be consumed by the darkness and taken away forever. So the choice is to either fight and save many innocents, or have history repeat itself with no more chances left.”
“Honto ii no, Kanae? Willing to fight someone who never did any wrong to you?” Kanako asked.
Kanae gave a small nod. “Ii jan? It’s possible she can come back, right?” She soon felt someone take hold of her arm to be Mina.
“Honto ni baka, Kanae! Letting yourself fight without asking me to join…” She quickly wiped away her tears.
The redhead smiled. “Knowing you, you would’ve joined me either way.”
“That’s the spirit!” Shiorin said.
The four looked over at the others who were still a little hesitant. Reni walked over to Yayoi and Haruno before kneeling down. “Dou? Yayoi? Haruno?” Aarin took a seat next to the three.
“It might be scary at first but the work pays off if you do it wholeheartedly,” she said,” It’s best to do it for those you care about. It’s best to keep them safe rather than wait for all the bad things to go away while it can target those you love.”
Haruno tightly held onto Yayoi, knowing who Aarin was talking about.

“Haru-chan,” a teenaged boy with light brown hair called as he knelt down to face his younger sister.
“Onii-chan…” Haruno held onto her brother as she cried.
Ayao softly smiled. “Daijobu, Haru-chan. I’ll always be there when you need me.”
“Do you have to go?” Haruno tightly held onto her teddy bear as Ayao slipped on his shoes.
“Daijobu. I’ll be back before dinner. You can play with Doki next door. She and her brother can take care of you while I’m gone.”
Haruno softly pouted before holding out her pinky. “Make sure to come back soon.”
Ayao smiled and crossed his pinky with her. “Hai. We can play together after dinner.”

“Onii-chan…” Haruno looked up at Yayoi. “Yayoi… I don’t want to lose all of you…”
Yayoi gently petted her head. “Neither do I, Haruno…” She looked up at the two Guards and gave a small smile. “Okay. Count us in…”

Akarin and Momoka looked at Hikari and Eriko who was still quiet. “Hikari? Eriko?”
“Mah… Since it’s already difficult to avoid… I guess it’ll be okay…” Hikari said,” Protecting people, controlling things we weren’t aware of at first… I’m hoping that it’ll be fine once we’re done. Ne, Eriko?”
Eriko shook her head. “Mou, honto ni mukatsuku… De mo… I won’t let you fight without having us protecting each other…”
“Sou da ne.”

“Looks like everyone agrees,” Kanako grinned,” Arigato.” She soon disappeared along with the rest of the Guards. The girls’ noticed their pendants were glowing as they heard the rain slowly seizing to a halt and the skies started to clear up.
Ryo sighed before looking at Ryouki. “It’s best to support their idea. Hime’s safety is one thing but her humanity is another.” He disappeared.
A few Unknowns appeared as they knelt down to face their leader. “Hime-sama. The skies have cleared up just as you requested,” one said. He didn’t receive a reply. “Hime-sama?” He looked up to find Tomoko who was sleeping as her head rested against the armrest.
She fell asleep?
Well she is still a child but… shouldn’t she be out to attack her Guards?” the third asked.
Quiet! She’ll kill you if you speak out against her!” a fourth hissed.
“Mou… urusai na…” Tomoko groaned as she started to come to. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “Mou… It took longer than I expected… Having me fall asleep, too…” She stood up and let out a yawn as she stretched out her arms. “Mah… Time to see how far they’ve gotten…” She held out her hand as her scythe appeared. She rested it against her shoulder before black energy swirled around her as she disappeared.
The Unknowns waited, unsure what to do. “Should we follow her?” one asked.
Sa na… We still don’t know anything about her. It’s best not to risk getting her angry.
Tomoko walked around the city as she looked at her surroundings, trying to determine her first target for bait. Something that can gather enough attention but not cause too much damage. Damages should be saved for the fights, of course. “Mou… choosing targets is harder than I thought…

“Suge na… Are you walking around to promote a new anime or something?”
Tomoko turned to find a many between his late teens and early twenties. Judging by his appearance and manner, he seems to be a foreigner. She smirked. “You can say that. Watashi Mage Hunter da. But Charlotte here has a tendency to hunt for more than just Mages,” she said, indicating her scythe.
“So you’re playing the villain?”
“Sou yo. But it’s best to not believe everything you hear.”
The man looked at her, confused of the sudden comment. Her eyes started to glow. “Anta… You seem to have traces of Mage ancestry… Sore de… You’d be a perfect choice as my first target.” A dark aura surrounded the girl as the man started to back away. She raised her scythe as she swung down, only to have him dodge and run away.
“Tasukette kure! This girl’s insane!” he shouted as he ran. Tomoko jumped up from behind him and swung her scythe, allowing her to hear the sound of flesh tearing as the man’s head was cut clean from his neck. Tomoko landed on her feet as a pool of blood started to form, causing many onlookers to scream and run away, scared of becoming victim to the girl.
Haruno’s ears perked as she turned to the front door, her eyes glowing. “Screams…?”
“Doushita, Haruno?” Yayoi asked. Her eyes glowed as she saw what happened earlier. “Uso…” The others looked at her.
“So she attacked…?” Hikari muttered.
Kanae folded her arms as she sighed. “No choice then… It might be dangerous and we don’t know of these powers but we still need to stop her…”
“That’s the spirit, Kanae!” Kanako cheered.
“Ja… ikko?” Mina asked, receiving a nod.
“Duairu!” Bright light surrounded the six as they transformed. The only difference between their uniforms and their ancestors’ was that Mina’s long hair was pulled up into twintails with her hairpiece connected to the hairtie on her left twintail.
The Guards arrived at the scene as they found the dead body on the sidewalk. “Sonna… Tomoko-san did that to someone…?” Eriko murmured in shock.
“This isn’t Tomoko who we’re fighting… She wouldn’t hurt anyone…” Yayoi said, remembering her first time talking to the girl.

“Iia iia iia. That’s where you’re wrong, Ran-oneechan,” a voice teased. They all looked up to find Tomoko perched on a light post.
“Hidoi na… Usually you would all call me Hime.” She stood up and jumped off the light post before facing the six. “Usashiburi da ne? Mi-nna-sa-n.”
“Out of all people… you would be the last one to kill someone innocent…” Kanae muttered,” Yurusanai zo…”
“Heh… So you know that much, Kimiko-san? So are you going to fight or not? Or are you that cowardly leader that does nothing but try to protect me like sending me to the 21st century or locking me in a closet?”
Tomoko smirked. “Unknowns see a lot of things. Having the exposure to their energy and seeing what our past selves showed us allowed me to regain all of my memories. A shame that my original weak self knows nothing of it.”
“Original…? What did you do to Hamasaki-san?!” Haruno questioned as she held out her Heart Wand.
Tomoko became unfazed as her smirk widened. “Not much. She’s just knocked out from the exposure of dark energy. But don’t count on trying to bring me back to your side. She’s on the verge of no longer existing.”
“Saying such things… Doing such things to others…” Haruno’s eyes started to glow. “Yurusanai!” She charged at the girl.
“Haruno! Da me!” Yayoi cried as she reached out to the girl.
The younger girl ignored her as her wand turned into a sword and swung at the girl. Tomoko smirked and side stepped so Haruno’s blade can hit the ground. “Baka. Falling for such a thing.” Her eyes glowed as she did a sweep kick at Haruno’s stomach, knocking her into a building.
“Haruno!” Yayoi glared at Tomoko. “Konno…” Her sword appeared in her hands as she charged, only to have her attacks blocked by Tomoko’s scythe before being thrown onto the ground.
Tomoko sighed. “Looks like you’re all still too weak to go against me despite being the strongest Mages of Eutopolis. I’m pretty sure you’d be dead if you face only one of our weakest Unknowns.” She retracted her scythe before stepping away. “Come back when you get stronger.” Dark energy swirled around her as she disappeared.
“Yayoi!” “Haruno!” The others quickly ran towards the two as they picked them up.
“Yayoi! Yayoi!” Kanae cried as she held onto the girl.
Yayoi coughed a little as blood trailed down from the corner of her mouth. “Gomen… I was a little reckless…”
“Come on, we have to get out of here before people see us… Mina, help the others get Haruno.”
“Hai!” Mina headed over to the others as she helped Eriko lift Haruno onto Hikari’s back so the taller girl can carry her.
Kanae took Yayoi by the arm before lifting her to her feet. She used her free hand to wrap it around Yayoi’s waist. “Ikko.”
Tomoko arrived back at the Dark Syndicate’s base. She soon lost her balance and fell to one knee, her right hand covering her mouth.
Daijobu ka, Hime-sama?!” one of the Unknowns asked.
Tomoko coughed a little and removed her hand to find a mix of red and black. She stood up before walking to the throne as her glove suddenly became clean. “I’m fine. I’m just not used to it yet.”
Wh-what about the Mages?
“They’re just a bunch of weaklings. Fights aren’t that interesting if your opponent is weak. Now leave me alone.”
H-Hai.” The Unknowns fled the room, leaving the girl to herself.
Tomoko’s scythe disappeared as she looked at her hand. “They never got a hit on me… De mo… doushite…?”

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