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Bright light soon came from the stripes as it stretched out from the center charm and made their way through the other charms. Once they reached the ends, seven beams came from them as they hit the pendants, causing bright light to fill the room and the group shielded their eyes from the light.
The light started to fade away as the group looked around, only to find themselves in an empty white void. “Nani… sore?” Yayoi murmured as they looked around.
“Masaka… Did we die when we saw that light?!” Eriko cried as her hands went to her cheeks as she started to panic. “We’re too young to die!”
“Eriko, I’m pretty sure we’re not dead,” Hikari said, trying to calm her friend from losing her sanity.

Because you’re not, baka~” a voice teased.
“Dare da?!” Ryouki questioned as they looked around, hoping to find the source of the voice.
Fufufu. So that’s what we look like after being reborn,” another voice mused,” Too bad my future self never showed her odeko.
Kanae quickly covered her forehead. “Oi! What do you know about my forehead?!”
Mah, mah, mah. Looks like you haven’t figured it out yet,” a third voice teased.
Ne, minna… Maybe we shouldn’t tease them too much…” a fourth voice said. “They’re still young.
I agree with Hime. They should know the truth since they found out that they’re connected to each other and what their powers have caused,” a fifth voice said, only to be masculine compared to the last four.
“Powers?” Hikari asked.
Hai, hai! Ja! Minna-san! Look behind you in three! Two! One!
The eight turned to find what seem to be clones of them but they were a bit older. The one thing that differentiated the two groups the most was the difference in hair color and the look-alikes looked as if they were cosplaying for random anime.
Tomoko quickly hid behind her father as her look-alike softly giggled. “I guess I haven’t changed at all,” she giggled.
“Ah~ We were so cute when we were younger!” Haruno’s look-alike squealed in joy. “Too bad I reached my rebellious age too early.”
“That’s how you usually are, Aira,” Yayoi’s look-alike teased, making her younger comrade pout a little.

“Chotto matte, chotto matte,” Mina said. “Who the heck are you people?”
“It’s not obvious?” her look-alike asked as she pretended to be offended. “We thought you’d know just by looking at us.” The seven girls shook their heads as the look-alikes smiled.
“We’re you,” the girls said,” From the past life.”
“Past…” “…life?” First Tomoko started as Ryouki finished.
“Sou. Which means you’re all us but reborn into this time period,” Kanae’s look-alike said,” Watashi Momorin Kimiko. But everyone knows me as Momota Kanako, the leader of the idol group, Momoiro Clover Z with the wide forehead and inescapable dimples.”
“Watashi Kawazoe Sheru,” Mina’s look-alike said as she held up her hand so they know who’s talking. “But everyone knows me as Tamai Shiorin aka Shiorin, MomoClo’s little sister figure and biggest eater.”
“Watashi Ono Aira,” Haruno’s look-alike said,” Everyone knows me as Sasaki Ayaka aka Aarin, MomoClo’s idol figure and youngest member. But don’t call me Sasaki.” She said the last part in a serious tone, allowing them to be aware of what might happen if they address her as so.
“Watashi Hara Minami,” Eriko’s look-alike said,” Everyone knows me as Ariyasu Momoka, MomoClo’s smallest member but most powerful performer.”
“Watashi Igarashi Ran,” Yayoi’s look-alike said,” Everyone knows me as Takagi Reni, MomoClo’s most electrifying member who often gets bullied by everyone.” Her comrades soon nodded, knowing it’s true.
“Watashi Hayami Ayane,” Hikari’s look-alike said,” Everyone knows me as Hayami Akari aka Akarin, a former member of MomoClo as the Cool Beauty and Mega.”
“Watashi Hamasaki Tomoko desu,” Tomoko’s look-alike said,” I’m the Princess of an ancient kingdom and friend of MomoClo.”
“Ore wa Hamasaki Ryo,” Ryouki’s look-alike said,” I’m Hime’s caretaker.”
“So that’s everyone,” Kanako said,” Any questions?”

The eight looked at them in shock, unsure what to say. “Looks like we put them in shock with the news,” Reni sighed. “Should we just start from the top and tell them everything?”
“That would be best,” Ryo said. His eyes glowed as he took his dragon form, his scales glistening despite the lack of a specific light source. The group jaw-dropped when they saw the beast.
“And that made it worse,” Akarin said,” Daijobu dayo. You’ll know more when we get there. Just hop onto his back as we’ll follow from behind.”
The group just stared before Ryo went over to them and faced Tomoko. The girl shook in her spot as she hid behind Ryouki. “Hime. Hurting you would be the last thing I do,” the dragon said.
Tomoko looked at him before recognizing the look in his eyes, one that resembled Ryouki’s. She carefully reached out towards the dragon and rested it on his snout. Ryo smiled as the touch. Tomoko looked at Ryouki who was eyeing the dragon suspiciously.
“Papa… Maybe it’s okay…” she said.
Ryouki looked at her. “Honto ni daijobu ka?” Tomoko gave a small nod. Ryouki sighed. “Fine.” He looked at the other girls. “I guess we should follow them. We still need to know what’s going on.” The two walked around the dragon who eased himself onto the ground. Ryouki helped Tomoko climb onto Ryo’s back before taking a seat behind her. Tomoko-hime climbed up to take a seat in front of her future self. “Gomen ne. It’ll take a while for Ryo-san to steer himself when he’s carrying more than one person.” Her eyes glowed as reigns appeared and wrapped around Ryo’s ears and she took hold of them.
“Hai, hai. Ryo’s not the type to bite unless you anger him,” Momoka said as MomoClo led the schoolgirls to the dragon. “Just make sure not to step on his wings.” She gently took hold of Eriko before lifting her onto the dragon’s back so she could sit behind Ryouki. Next was Hikari, Kanae, Mina, Haruno and then Yayoi at the end.
“Hai. Make sure to have a firm hold on the person in front of you during the drop,” Reni said.
“Drop?” the eight asked.
“Sou! Look down!”
The eight look down before finding the floor turning into clouds. Ryo spread his wings before the group started to fall, causing the girls to scream as their past selves were unfazed. Ryo soon went to a sudden halt as he started to flap his wings, allowing them to overlook what seems to be an ancient city resembling that of the medieval times. The group looked at their past selves to find MomoClo standing in mid-air as if they were levitating.
“Daijobu dayo. We’re just spirits going through illusions,” Shiorin said,” This way, we can show and tell you everything you need to know if you want to stop that pesky storm and all of those other natural disasters.”
“Ikemasu,” Tomoko-hime said before they all flew towards a large castle. “Welcome to Eutopolis, an ancient kingdom unknown to mankind.”
“Eutopolis?” Ryouki asked.
“Sou. Before anything happened within history known in your time period, there was a time where many things considered impossible have happened and exist. This would include the existence of magic and creatures considered myths to humans.”
“Eutopolis was known as the most beautiful land existing for both Mages and humans have lived in peace as well as other mythical creatures,” Kanako said,” The only ones who had trouble agreeing were dragons and the Dark Syndicate. Ryo’s the only exception since he was rescued and raised by the King and Queen of our home. He greatly respects everyone and protects us.”
“Then what’s the Dark Syndicate?” Eriko asked.
“The Dark Syndicate is an organization that counters the good energy within our homes,” Akarin replied,” Kanae and Tomoko must’ve seen it before when they were walking to school together.”
“So those monsters are part of it?” Kanae asked, receiving nods.
“The Dark Syndicate was created due to the darkness hidden within people’s hearts,” Tomoko-hime said,” As all people know, there has to be something that opposes their opposite… The one thing that the Dark Syndicate opposes and wants to claim as their own is the Crown, the one being that controls all forms of magic…”
“Eutopolis’s monarchy is based off of such beliefs,” Ryo said,” Whoever possesses the Crown will be destined the rule over Eutopolis. Hime here is the current wielder. But I should say Tomoko is since she’s the current embodiment of Hime.”
“The Crown is driven by a kind heart and one will know who holds it when the one who currently possesses the Crown receives a vision of his or her soon-to-be-born child,” Reni said,” But the one who is then born with the Crown will be heavily guarded within the palace to ensure her safety so no one can bring harm to her and use her for evil. The six of us are Hime’s Guards and have been training since we were little due to our unstable magic.”
“Despite the risks, the government made sure they would find the most powerful mages fit to protect the Crown, only to find out the Mages possess strong but unstable magic that forces them to learn new spells without realizing it,” Aarin added,” The six of us had the most issues with our magic when we were little so we were the ones chosen to protect Hime and have trained just to protect her.”
“So what happened to Eutopolis?” Haruno asked.
Bright light surrounded the castle before they found the entire city engulfed in flames. “With the Dark Syndicate being created by dark thoughts and evil deeds, they started to grow and took aim at the Crown when they had the chance,” Momoka explained as they watched many soldiers being killed by the shadow-cloaked figures. “Due to the war they started, the Dark Syndicate started to multiply and close in on the castle. Akarin got separated from us when they were destroying everything…”
“Sonna…” Hikari watched in horror as she watched the walls collapse, separating her past self from the others as they screamed her name. “Having such a thing happening…”
Ryo flew towards one of the towers where they found Tomoko-hime, Ryo and the remaining guards fight off the Dark Syndicate as they made their way up the tower. “Sonna… You’ll be trapped if you go up…” Mina murmured.
“That tower was the only way to save what’s left of Eutopolis since we were overpowered,” Shiorin said. “Within the room at the top is a portal that would take someone to whatever time they please. But due to the circumstances, it only brought whoever jumped in into the future. And that future was the 21st century where everyone who died was reborn with no memory of who they were when they lived in Eutopolis.
“Hime was the only one to escape and Ryo followed her so she wouldn’t be alone and uncared for. We made sure that when she arrived in the future, she would try to find us as soon as possible and reawaken our powers just to fight.”
Bright light surrounded them as they found themselves taken to Tokyo back in the 21st century. They soon found Clover Academy where they found five of the six guards entering the school. Kanako smiled.
“Even though we didn’t realize it, fate brought us together when we first joined together as MomoClo,” she said before her smile faded. “De mo… Fate also made Akarin separated from us even though we became close…”
“The Dark Syndicate still existed even before Hime arrived,” Akarin said,” They took advantage of my separation from everyone and took me in as one of their own after manipulating me through the dark magic hidden in me due to ancestry. I had no control of myself and have hurt and killed so many people without knowing it… Even though I have faced my friends many times during the process…”
“It’s best not to blame yourself, Akari-san… You didn’t know what was going on…” Tomoko-hime said.
“Sou da ne…”
Ryo flew into the shopping district as they found a building collapse as a shadow-cloaked monster emerged from it. They soon found Tomoko-hime below as she summoned a scythe to battle it.
“That was the first time the Dark Syndicate attacked in such a manner…” Tomoko-hime said,” But it was also the first time humans saw me use magic, especially the Guards who have raised me with Ryo-san…”
“After witnessing the battle, we had no choice but to reveal the truth of Eutopolis,” Ryo said. He started to land as they found themselves in a living room, only to be the Princess, Ryo and five of the six Guards. “None of you believed what was happening and thought we have mistaken all of you for someone else. That is… until you remembered Hime when she was in danger. Many things have happened within this house when you all knew of Magic and the Dark Syndicate. Even going through the pain of a comrade turning against you.” The scene changed as they found Tomoko-hime trying to calm the Guards who were crying as Ryo was telling them of their plan.

"Our only choice is to figure out how to trap her and get rid of the Dark Magic controlling her. But it's possible we'll have to use the Removal Spell as well..."
"Ryo-san, da me desu," Tomoko said as she held onto Reni. "Reni-San and I are still inexperienced. If you make Reni-San use it on Ayane-san... it's possible she'll accidentally take more than just the Dark Magic! It's too risky!"
"I understand that, Hime. But you know as well as I do that if one is to find themselves controlled by their Magic, the only way is to remove it, leading to death if the procedure isn't executed properly. Reni might've not used the Removal Spell as much as the executioner but surely she'll be able to do it as long as Ayane tries to separate herself from the Dark Magic. That's where everyone else comes in. You will all try to have her remember all the good times with you so she could regain control and try to force the magic out of her. The only thing standing in our way is the Dark Syndicate and trying to hold her down."
"Fighting Akarin... We can't do that!" Kanako cried," You said she's a comrade but we can't fight her!"
"Comrades avoid fighting each other but when a situation involves one being manipulated, she will not hesitate to kill you. Fighting her is the only choice."
"Hime! How can you approve of this?!" Shiorin questioned as she looked at the small girl.
"Iie... I didn't want all of you fighting each other but Ryo-San said we don't have a choice... De mo... I want to help trying to get Ayane-San back..."

“However, things started to grow even worse.” The scene changed again as the group gasped when they found the house in ruins as if a battle occurred with blood staining the walls and furniture. Ryo looked over to the stairwell as the others followed. Their eyes widened in shock when they found the dragon sprawled out against the stairs as blood dripped from the wounds covering his body as the Guards stood there in shock at the scene.
Tomoko and Eriko quickly covered their mouths as Reni and Momoka held out buckets, allowing them to throw up from the sight.
“We never knew who could’ve done that to Ryo…” Kanako said,” De mo… We still managed to get Akarin back before everything became worse…” The group found themselves taken to the roof of the high school where Tomoko-hime, Aarin and Akarin were absent.

Shiorin placed a stack of papers on the floor of the school roof. “This was what Aarin sent to me between classes when Hime was distracted by our classmates. She said it’s a puzzle but she couldn’t figure it out and asked if I could do it…” She started to lay them out. “It took me a while considering I tried to get that nightmare out of my head but…” She laid down the last piece. “…this is what I got…”
The four stood up and backed away as they looked at the finished puzzle. “Uso… A prophecy…?” Reni murmured as different events were taking place in the picture, all of them involving war and pain.
“Sonna… There were never any prophecies in the books…” Momoka said as she got worried. “It can’t be possible…”
“If this nightmare created this prophecy… something’s going to happen to Hime…” Kanako muttered,” De mo… We can’t let anyone know of this…” Fire started to surround her hand.
“But we can’t keep this away from Hime! If we don’t tell her… Hime’s going to die!”
“It doesn’t matter, Momoka! You know that no one knows about this magic business or anything that happened between us and Hime! But if Hime found out about this… this war between us surviving Mages and the Dark Syndicate worse…”
“But what will Hime say if we keep her out of this?! Remember what she told me when I tried to go get that killer?! She’s going to find out sooner or later!”
Reni took hold of her small friend. “Momoka… Momoka, listen to me. We don’t have a choice. No matter what happens… someone’s going to die… If we let Hime stay home or fight with us, it’s still going to be the same… I know we’ll tell her sooner or later but we just have to get rid of this… for the sake of those we protect…”
Momoka collapsed to her knees as tears streamed down her cheeks. Reni comforted her comrade.
Shiorin looked at Kanako. “Are you sure this is okay?”
Kanako gave a small nod. “It’s the only thing left before someone finds it… Go tell Aarin… But make sure Hime doesn’t know about it yet…”

The scene changed again as they found the school in ruins, leaving only the Shadow-cloaked monsters, a dragon humanoid and the six Guards who stopped mid-battle when the monster’s sword dug through something. “Sonna… Just like the vision…” Kanae muttered.

The five guards stood there in shock. “Sonna…” Momoka muttered as her wings started to give out and she landed on the ground. “It can’t be…”
Kanako slowly opened her eyes to find herself on the ground. She didn’t feel any pain and looked up, only to find a black blade dripping with blood as standing in front of her was a familiar Mage in a blue cloak, blood staining the garment as a diamond crown fell to the ground in pieces. “Hi…me…?”
Dorgon pulled back his sword as he stepped back. “Sonna… bakana…”
Tomoko fell back as Kanako quickly got up to catch her. “Hime! Hime! Why…? HIME!” Tears started to fall as Kanako held on to the Princess.

“Hime… Iiada… Sonna iiada!” Aarin screamed as she fell to her knees when she landed on the ground. “HIME!”
“Hime…” Shiorin lost her grip as her weapons clattered onto the ground. A black-cloaked figure darted passed her.
“HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HIME?!” Reni screamed as she slashed at Dorgon who stood there and let the blade strike him. Purple flames surrounded him as he turned into ashes.
“Sonna… bakana…”
Reni fell to her knees as she let the tears fall and started to sob. “Hime…”

“Doushite…? Even when I tried to protect you from all this…” Kanako whimpered as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Why did you save me…?”
Tomoko weakly looked up at the girl, tears freely falling as she gently smiled. “Kanako-san… Gomen ne… Even though you all wanted nothing but my safety… I knew I had to do something… I overheard you talking to Reni-san about your plan and… Having you sacrifice yourself would bring more pain to others than having me die… Once you locked me in the closet… I wanted nothing but to get out and save you from that death… You have a life in this time while I don’t… You deserve to live in the present more than I do…” Bright light surrounded her as she changed back to her seifuku. “Onegai… Please live for my sake…” The girl started to glow and Kanako noticed she was disappearing.
“Hime! You can still live! You can’t die now! HIME!”

“As long as the Crown isn’t used… the Unknowns won’t exist… Onegai… Please take care of everyone…”
Kanako tightly held onto the girl. “IIADA! You can’t leave us like this, Hime! We promised we would take care of you as long as we live! You can’t die!”
Tomoko gently hugged the Fire Mage. “Daijobu… We’ll see each other again someday… Maybe at one of your concerts… Sayonara…”
Kanako soon felt nothing but air between her arms as she pulled back to find bubbles. She looked at her hands to find Tomoko’s pendant and glass charm. “Hime…” She held the two items close as she cried.
Akarin looked away as she failed to hold back her tears. Aarin covered her ears as she shook her head, unable to believe the turn of events.
“Hime…” Momoka curled up into a ball as she covered her eyes to hide the tears.
Shiorin collapsed to her hands and knees as tears started to fall. Reni wiped her eyes and looked at Kanako before back at the ground, tears staining the concrete below her.

The Guards looked away as tears threatened to fall from the memory. The image started to disappear as the group of sixteen was taken back to the white void. Ryo assumed his human form as those riding him landed on the floor. “So now you know…”
Tomoko collapsed to her knees. “Sonna… Having such a thing happen…” she whimpered as tears started to fall. Ryouki stood behind the girl as he remembered the look on her face when she found him dead. His own daughter being a Princess he had taken care of and both die from a battle.
“Sonna bakana… Tomoko’s not even supposed to be my own daughter…?”
“In this life, she is your daughter,” Ryo said,” Our bond with each other made sure we wouldn’t be separated from each other and led to the two of you being a family. However…” He looked at the others who were still shocked from what they saw. “They were lucky enough to meet even one other person…”
“We know it’s a lot to take in but everything we said is true,” Tomoko-hime said,” You have to understand…”
“Uso darou…? Having all of these incidents happening because of us…” Yayoi muttered,” Saite ya…”

“Your magic should’ve been controlled by now due to the pendants existing with you,” Shiorin said,” But considering the fact that everyone’s magic is creating storms like these and Kanae seeing monsters… It only means one thing… The Dark Syndicate has returned and will attack all of us…”
“Iiada… I don’t want to fight… I don’t want to see people around me getting killed…” Haruno whimpered as she collapsed to her knees. “Sonna iiada…”
“Haru-chan. If you don’t fight, more and more people will die,” Aarin said. “We’re the only ones who are aware of our abilities and the only ones who know how to fight against them. The eight of you are the only ones who can take our place.”
“Muri dayo… We can’t even stop a storm…” Hikari murmured as she held onto Eriko,” Why were we even dragged into this?”
“Because you’re the only ones who have magic strong enough to control themselves without you knowing of their existence,” Akarin replied,” It will take some time but you all have to keep each other safe. We only came here because this storm and Kanae’s discoveries brought you all together and revealed the truth behind the pendants and charms. But if the Dark Syndicate is after all of you, you have to stay safe until you remember everything.”

Reni’s eyes glowed as she turned around, a sword appearing in her hands as the blade resembled a lightning bolt. “Dare da?!” she scowled as she looked around.
“Doushita, Reni?” Kanako asked as she brought forth her own sword that resembled a flame.
“Something found us. I can’t locate it but dark energy is close.” The eight got into position.
“I couldn’t be possible… We have a protective barrier and-” Eriko stopped. “The subconscious barrier… Someone’s in the house!”
“Sonna!” The eight looked around as they tried to find the dark energy trying to get in.
A black vine shot out from afar as it took hold of Tomoko’s arm, making her scream as Tomoko-hime suddenly disappeared. “Tomoko!” “Hime!”
Kanako’s eyes glowed as her sword erupted in flames. She charged at the vine and swung down to cut through it, only to be knocked back by a protective barrier.  “Kanako!” Shiorin and Akarin quickly rushed to her side.
More vines shot out as it grabbed Tomoko by the arms and legs. “Tomoko!” Ryouki rushed over to his daughter along with Ryo. They took hold of the vines but were shocked when they touched it, knocking them away from the girl.
“Papa!” Tomoko felt the vines pulling on her as she was pulled away.
“Matte!” Reni took hold of the sapphire pendant in Kanae’s hands before throwing it at the girl, allowing the chain to wrap around Tomoko’s wrist before she disappeared. “HIME!”
The six schoolgirls stood there in shock, unable to believe what happened. “Sonna…” Momoka collapsed to her knees. “Hime…”

I told you this was a long chapter... probably because I added in a lot of flashbacks... but boy, that cliffhanger... As if you don't hate me already...
Oh, and I forgot to mention. Sorry for picking on Tomoko in this arc. Apparently a few readers ended up liking her more than I expected. But yea, this arc concentrates more on how important she is than just a Princess. Why? I'll tell you why. ...After you read a few more chapters...

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