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Tomoko rushed down the stairs from the second floor as she held onto some towels. She held them out to the two girls who accepted them as Ryouki lit the last candle.
“Looks like this storm will last for a while…” Mina sighed. “And we don’t know how to stop it…”
“Stop the storm?” Hikari asked as she dried her hair.
“Ah… I said it…” Kanae nudged Mina’s arm as her expression hardened. “Gomen…”
Hikari and Eriko looked at each other, unsure what’s going on between the two. “Ano…” They looked over at Tomoko. “Ano… Do the two of you by any chance own a glass charm? About this big?” She used her fingers to create a gap about five to six centimeters wide.
“Charm?” Eriko reached into her purse and shuffled through before taking out a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it before taking out a glass charm with a frog that’s in the center of a pink flower as the background ad colored stripes. “You mean this?”
Tomoko gave a nod. Hikari went through her bag to take out her charm which had a snowflake. “We’ve had these since we were kids. Our parents gave them to us.”
“So did ours,” Kanae said as she held out her two charms along with Mina holding out hers.
“Five charms?”
“Seven, actually,” Ryouki said,” Which means two are absent for the time being.”
“But what do our charms have to do with the storm?” Eriko asked.
“Tomoko, get a flashlight.”
“Hai.” Tomoko headed into the kitchen as Kanae placed her charms onto the table, making the others do the same. Tomoko came back with a flashlight and aimed it at the table so the girls could get a closer look.
Kanae placed her charms together along with Mina’s so the stripes would line up. “Hm? They line up?” Hikari asked as she looked at the three.
“Can I see the others?” Kanae asked before the two friends handed her the charms. Kanae placed them together and noticed they didn’t line up together. She looked at the three before placing Hikari’s next to her red one, allowing the stripes to line up. She then placed Eriko’s next to Mina’s for the same results. “Yosh… Now we just need the last two…”
“But why do they all line up?” Eriko asked.
Mina placed the photo of the seven girls on the table. “Because our ancestors were the ones who got them together… And the possible causes of these disasters.” She placed down the other photos. “Kanae confirmed it when she received a flashback of the disasters controlled by them in order to fight monsters…”
“Uso… It can’t be possible… Everyone said these disasters started before we were even born…”
“We don’t know the reason, ourselves,” Ryouki replied,” But considering that these strange things happen close to those with the charms, there’s no denying it.”
“Then how come she’s involved in it when she doesn’t have a charm?” Hikari asked, pointing at Tomoko.
“Considering she resembles the girl in the picture much like you resembling your ancestor, Tomoko would be involved as well. Not to mention Kanae said that the girl resembling my daughter in the picture died in her arms. Now tell me. Did strange things happen that only involved one type of incident rather than all?”
The two looked at each other, knowing what he meant. “The plants…” “The water and snow…”
“But what about the last two?” Eriko asked,” There’s seven of them.”
“Kanae-san said that the only ones that she knows of are Tamai-san and the two of you,” Tomoko replied,” The last two would most likely be Takagi-san from next door and Sasaki-san who’s in the first year class with me and she lives two doors down.”
“And since a lot of these events are happening right now, it’s probably reacting to almost all of you while you’re not aware of it,” Ryouki said,” Which means the only possible way to stop it is to gather all seven of you and figure out what’s going to happen once you do. The only thing separating us is this storm…”
“Papa, do you think they’re going to be okay?”
“I’m sure they’re fine.”
Yayoi wrapped a blanket around Haruno’s shoulders as the two sat in the living room surrounded by candles. “Daijobu, Haruno?”
“Daijobu… Renio-kun wa?”
“He’s still trying to figure out how to fix the generator since the auto-repair function is down. But I’m sure we’ll be fine as long as we can keep ourselves warm.”
“S-sou da ne…”

A knock came from the front door as they looked over. “Are? Who would visit in the middle of a storm?”
“Wouldn’t it be your parents?”
Yayoi shook her head. “The power’s out so they’re probably stuck at work or at the train station. But I might as well check.” She stood up and took hold of a flashlight as Haruno followed the older girl to the door. The young girl took hold of an umbrella and held it up as Yayoi took hold of the doorknob. She carefully turned it before opening the door, only to find a black-cloaked figure under an umbrella as lightning struck behind him. The two screamed as Haruno hit the figure with the umbrella before Yayoi slammed the door closed.
Footsteps were heard as Renio rushed in. “What happened?! Are you girls hurt?!” He found the two on the floor hugging each other as they were staring at the door. “D-daijobu ka?”
The two didn’t respond as they stared at the door, scared if the stranger will knock again. They jumped and screamed when they heard another knock. “YOUKAI DA!”
“Youkai?” Renio walked around the two before opening the door, only to find Ryouki whose hood was down as he rubbed his head from the hit. “Ah. Hamasaki-san.”
“Sorry for the intrusion…” he said,” Didn’t mean to scare all of you.”
“Daijobu desu. Is there anything you need? It’s quite dangerous to be out in this storm.”
“That’s actually why I’m here. I actually need to speak with Takagi Yayoi-san and Sasaki Haruno-san. My daughter and a few acquaintances of hers need to speak with them and asked if I could pick them up since it’s too dangerous for her to walk through a storm.”
“Ah. I see.” Renio looked over at the two girls. “Doki. It’s just Hamasaki-san from next door. There’s no need to be scared.”
The two shook in their spots, still scared because of his intimidating look. “D-domo…” Yayoi stuttered. Lightning struck again as the two jumped. “Uke!”
Renio sighed, knowing it takes a while for his sister to calm down from shocks like this. He looked over at Ryouki. “So what do you need my sister for? It wouldn’t be safe to hand her over to a teacher. Especially when he’s new to the neighborhood.”
“I promise I won’t hurt your sister and her friend. My daughter can vouch for me since the two have talked once before.”
Renio looked at the man. Seeing how he’s sincere despite his intimidating aura, he gave a nod. “Okay. But I expect her back safe and sound. Same goes for Haru-chan since her brother is still stuck at work and we’re in charge of her safety.”
“I understand.”
“Papa, you overdid it,” Tomoko chided quietly when she saw the two neighbors looking at her father nervously. She placed the tray down with the guests’ drinks.
Kanae took a sip out of her glass of water before looking at the two. “Takagi-san. Sasaki-san. Do you have a glass charm that you received when you were little?” she asked.
The two looked at her after snapping out of their scared trance. “Eh?” They reached into their pockets to take out the charms. Yayoi’s had the seven stripes as well as an eggplant surrounded by lightning bolts while Haruno’s had the same stripes but had a pink bunny surrounded by hearts.
“These?” Yayoi asked, receiving a nod.
“Can I see?” They handed the girl the charms as she examined them. “The moment of truth…” she sighed. She placed them down before sliding Yayoi’s over next to Hikari’s and Haruno’s over next to Eriko’s.
“Sugoi… They all line up…” Haruno murmured.

Bright light soon came from the stripes as it stretched out from the center charm and made their way through the other charms. Once they reached the ends, seven beams came from them as they hit the pendants, causing bright light to fill the room and the group shielded their eyes from the light.

I told you my favorite scene is in this chapter. X3 It's so fun to mess with the characters like that, especially the possible expressions from them. *sighs* ...Well enough of that. the next chapter is LONG! And I do mean long. Longer than chapter 13 of the first arc, even so I suggest a break before starting.
PS: I own nothing
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