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Mina placed a piece of paper on the floor as the two sat in the girl’s bedroom of the Tamai household. Kanae took hold of it and noticed it was copies of a few old news articles. “Nani sore?”
“A little history left out of the textbooks,” Mina said before placing a photo on the floor. “And just as we thought; a seventh member unrelated to the idol business.”
Kanae looked at the photo to find the six idols and a seventh girl as they held out the glass charms. “Heh… So what happened with them?”
Mina took hold of the article. “It took me a while to read it but I did find bits and pieces of information that could be deciphered. The seven of them all attended Clover Academy but Hayami-san didn’t attend on a daily basis since she had more work to do than they did since she went to acting and modeling after leaving the group. Apparently they met that girl a month before the middle school collapsed.”
Mina gave a small nod. “According to the teachers and students who were present at the time, strange monsters attacked the school and were destroying the building. Everyone escaped but the only ones who couldn’t get out were saved by seven girls who no one recognized. Due to the attack and destruction of property, the academy was closed down and all students had to transfer. The only problem was that once the monsters stopped appearing, there was a report from the school system of a girl missing. They didn’t find a body and no one was seen in her home. All the neighbors were telling the police that she was last seen running out of the house in a hurry and no one said anything about a kidnapping report. The description said that she was close friends to our ancestors.”
Kanae picked up the photo. “Someone close to them but reported missing…” She looked at the small girl dressed in white and light blue as she was being hugged by the one dressed in purple. “Was there a name?”
“Nope. It’s smudged and the computer couldn’t make anything out of it. But looked at these.” Mina held out a few photos as Kanae took hold of them. “All but one were taken during the collapse of the school. But that last one was held during a concert.”
Kanae looked at the last photo and compared them to the others. “The outfits were the same… But different people…”
“Everyone thought that they were just cosplaying for the concert but they were missing when the school was collapsing. They were found when the teachers checked to see if everyone was safe but the ones who fought the monsters disappeared when they were found. …You don’t think our ancestors were the ones fighting… do you?”
“It depends… Will you promise not to laugh this time?”
“I can try.”
Kanae sighed, knowing Mina mean she will laugh no matter what. “Okay… After school, Hamasaki-sensei wanted to talk to me about what happened yesterday with Tomoko, his daughter. I told him about what I thought might be the cause of the incidents and…” She stopped as she looked at one of the photos.
“And? And what? Kanae?”
Kanae stared at the photo as she found something in the background, a strange stream of fire that resembled a dragon. “Uso…” Her eyes started to glow as her hands were shaking.

A strange monster quickly dodged the dragon before looking down below him to find a girl, her hair flaring as fire surrounded her sword. “Shouldn’t you be waiting for your friends to help you, Fire Mage?” he sneered as he summoned a twisted black sword.
“This ends now, Dorgon! I won’t let you touch her!”
“IIADA! You can’t leave us like this, Hime! We promised we would take care of you as long as we live! You can’t die!”
“Daijobu… We’ll see each other again someday… Maybe at one of your concerts… Sayonara…”

Kanae gasped as her eyes stopped glowing and started to pant. “Ima no… Nani…?”
“Kanae! You were staring off into space and your eyes went weird!” Mina cried,” What happened?!”
Kanae looked at her friend, fear evident in her eyes. “We have to call Hamasaki-sensei…”
Haruno tightly held onto the pastry box as she stood at the front door. After not seeing Yayoi at the front gate after school, she wanted to check on the older girl.
She raised her hand to ring the doorbell but stopped. “Daijobu ka na…? She might be mad at me for yelling at her…” She took in a deep breath. “Mou ii!” She rang the doorbell before a tall boy with messy dark hair opened the door.
“Ah. Sasaki. Genki?”
“Mou! Sasaki tte iiu na, Renio-kun!” Haruno pouted. “Haruno desu!”
“I’m just kidding. So what brings you hear, Haru-chan? You don’t visit that often.”
“Ano… Is Yayoi home? I was wondering if she’s mad at me since I yelled at her yesterday and she didn’t come pick me up…”
“Ah… I guess that explains it… Chotto matte. I’ll get Doki.” He ruffled Haruno’s hair before heading upstairs. “Doki! Haruno came over! She wants to talk to you.”
Yayoi opened her bedroom door a crack. “Nani? Is she still mad at me?” she asked.
Renio shook his head. “She looks pretty worried. It’s best if the two of you made up.”
Yayoi looked at her brother, knowing he wouldn’t lie to her when she’s upset. “Okay…” She swung open the door before heading downstairs as Haruno was waiting at the front door after fixing her hair. “Haruno…”
The young girl looked up. “Yayoi…”
Yayoi slipped on her sneakers and stepped out before closing the door, not wanting her brother to listen in. “…What brings you here?”
Haruno hesitated before holding out the box. “Ano. Kore… I didn’t see you outside the gate and was scared that you were mad at me… Gomen ne. I went too far…”
Yayoi shook her head. “Daijobu… You wanted some space without being protected… I understand…”
“So will you still pick me up after school?”
Yayoi gently smiled. “Only if you’re okay with it.”
“Daijobu dayo, Yayoi! It felt so weird since I had to resort to talking to my Minnie Mouse pen when I was walking!”
The older girl stated to laugh. “Mah. That’s the Haruno I know. …Arigato. Coming here when it could be dangerous to apologize. Why don’t you come in so we can eat the sweets?”
Haruno couldn’t help but to smile. “Un! I made sure to buy your favorite purin from that café we went to when we were little!” The two smiled at each other, happy to be able to make up for what happened.

Haruno’s ears perked as a small breeze came by. “Eh?”
“Doushita, Haruno?”
Messy footsteps were heard as two figures darted passed the Takagi household towards the house next door. “Eh? Those two…” The two stepped further away from the door to get a better look.
“Did something happen?” Yayoi wondered. She soon remembered something. “She was the one involved in the incident…”
“Eh? Nani?”
“Hamasaki-sensei and his daughter lives there… And one of them was with Tomoko-san during that incident yesterday…”
“Hamasaki tte… You mean the transfer student in my class?”
“Most likely… I wonder what happened between those two…” She soon felt something and looked down at her pendant to find it glowing. “Eh?”
Haruno found her pendant glowing as well before a large gust came and thunder clouds started to roll in. “Nani?!”
“Haruno!” Yayoi took hold of the girl before bringing her inside, knowing they will be much safer indoors.
“Arigato, Hikari. I should learn how to maintain the vines more so they wouldn’t move on their own,” Eriko said as she walked Hikari home from her house.
“Daijobu. It’s a good thing you called me since no one else was home. De mo gomen ne. Having you walk home with me.”
“Daijobu dayo. It’s still dangerous to walk home alone and I have to run a few errands that are just passed your house.”
“Sou ka. Yogatta.” Hikari’s eyes glowed for a second as she stopped in her tracks. “Hm?”
“Doushita no, Hikari?” Eriko looked at her friend worriedly. She soon felt something hit her head before the ground started to become wet. “Eh? Rain?” She jumped when she heard thunder and quickly clung on to Hikari. “Nani yo?! The forecast didn’t say anything about rain.”
Hikari looked up to find thunder clouds before her pendant started to glow. “What the heck is going on…?” She quickly went through her bag to take out an umbrella before opening it to shield the two. “Ikko, Eriko.”
Eriko gave a scared nod before the two started to walk to the Hayami house. The rain started to fall in vast quantities as Hikari tried to maintain a firm grip on her umbrella as the wind was blowing. “Kowai? Eriko?”
Ryouki looked out the window before back at the three girls sitting on the couch. “So you managed to confirm our suspicions?” he asked. “But you have the pendant with you?”
“Hamasaki-sensei. All of this couldn’t have been caused by Tomoko like before,” Kanako said as she held up the pendant. “It’s not reacting.”
“So who would create this?”
Kanae hesitated before looking at Mina. Mina took out the photo and held it out. Ryouki took hold of it. He looked back at the two. “So you’re saying these girls are the ones who caused all this?”
“According to what Kanae told me… each one of us have been causing disasters without knowing,” Mina said,” Kanae is in charge of the fires, I’m in charge of the earthquakes, Takagi-san being in charge of the lightning attacks, Sasaki-san being in charge of the strong winds, Hayami-san being in charge of the rainstorms, floods and blizzards, and Ariyasu-san being in charge of the rampant plants. We’re just not sure why they keep happening.”
Ryouki started to think before lightning struck and thunder roared outside. The lights flickered as the power went out. “Kyaa!” Ryouki felt a pair of arms wrapping around him as he looked down to find Tomoko.

IIADA!” a voice screamed.
The four went to the window to look outside to find two girls outside in the rain as a small girl was holding onto her tall friend. “That’s Hayami-san and Ariyasu-san,” Ryouki said. “Watch Tomoko. It’s not safe out there.” He made Tomoko let go of him before taking hold of an umbrella. He slipped on his shoes before running out to the two girls. “Hayami-san! Ariyasu-san!”
Hikari looked up. “Hamasaki-sensei?” She tightly held onto Eriko, knowing the girl is scared of thunderstorms.
“It’s not safe out here!” he shouted over the rain hitting his umbrella. “It’s best to head inside!”
The two hesitated, unsure if they should trust him. Lightning struck again as Eriko screamed.

Climax of the story? ...Nah! Too early! We still don't know enough! Yea, like we're about to reach the ending. No! That just ruins the fun! Haha!
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February 15, 2014