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Kanae scrolled through the list on the electric phonebook as she walked to school. “Hayami… Hayami… Ah. Hayami… Hikari? Jyuuyon sai… Hmm… Ja… Ariyasu… Ariyasu… Ariyasu… E…Eriko? Ariyasu Eriko? Jyuuyon sai… So these two are the ones in my class?” She looked up and started to think before spotting Tomoko. “Tomoko…”
“Heh?” Tomoko looked over and saw Kanae. She quickly looked down. “O-ohayo gozaimasu…”
“Ohayo… Ne… daijobu? Considering what happened yesterday…”
Tomoko looked at the girl and noticed she was still concerned of what happened the day prior. “Daijobu desu… Momota-san wa?”
Kanae gave a small nod. “Daijobu dayo. I guess there’s a lot of explaining to do…”
“S-sou desu ne…” The two started to walk. “Momota-san…”
“Call me Kanae… Since we’re most likely going to be walking together for a while…”
“H-hai… Kanae-san… You saw what happened in the school, right? The dragon and monsters?”
“U-un… My friend thought I was crazy but I still saw them… I guess it wasn’t a dream and I wasn’t crazy… Did Hamasaki-sensei ask about it?”
Tomoko nodded. “When I told him, he was wondering if there was some sort of connection between those who witness the incidents and the incidents themselves… He was hoping he could talk to you and see if you know anything…”
“S-sou ka… I guess I don’t blame him… Considering you almost got hurt when you were with me…”
“You shouldn’t blame yourself, Kanae-san… Everyone knows that it’s hard to tell what causes those incidents. It was most likely a coincidence they happened when we were together.”
“S-sou da ne…”
Haruno rested her head on her desk as she sighed, feeling a bit guilty for what happened the day before.

“Mou. Since when were you ever protective of someone before? I can just call my Onii-chan so he can watch me!”
“Stop treating me like a child, Yayoi! I’m not a little girl anymore!”

“I guess I was a little hard on her… Since she was the one taking care of me when Mama’s not home…”

She soon felt a strong gust and stood up to close the window. “Looks like the wind’s picking up again… Even on sunny days…”
Eriko quickly ran through the halls. “Ah, mou! I can’t afford to be behind schedule!” she cried as she ran.

“Matta ka?!”
Eriko stopped in her tracks to find Hikari whose head was wet as she stood in front of the water fountain. “Hikari?”
Hikari quickly wiped off the water with her hands. “Mou… Even a simple drink of water…”
“Hikari.” The tall girl turned to find Eriko.
Eriko held out a small towel, knowing this happens often. “Daijobu? So it happened again?”
“Arigato…” Hikari started to dry her hair and face. “Mou… It’s starting to get worse…”
“At least the fountain didn’t burst… Maybe you should try carrying around water bottles. It might be safer that way.”
“S-sou da na…” Hikari quickly dried her hair. “Gomen ne, Eriko. Having you do this for me every time it happens.”
“Daijobu. We’ve been friends since grade school. And you were the one helping me cut the plants that I get caught in.”
Hikari tried to hold back a laugh. “You always did get caught by them. Maybe if we can find more people have similar problems, we can all be friends.”
“Sou desu ne.” The two looked at each other and giggled. “Sa, ikko. We can’t be late.”
The two headed into the class to find everyone getting to their seats once the bell rang. They headed to their seats as Ryouki entered the room. They exchanged their greetings before the students took their seats.

“Sa. Considering the incident with yesterday, we’re behind schedule but hopefully we will catch up with everything,” he said,” But considering that it has happened within the school, it is advised that all students be careful of their surroundings and report anything that happens in the school no matter how small.” He looked at Hikari. “Hayami-san… Your hair is wet…”
Hikari blushed and stood up. “Sumimasen! The water fountain went crazy and sprayed me.”
“Honto desuka? I guess I should write a report and make sure to have it fixed. Hai. Take your seat and we’ll get started on her lesson.”
“Hai!” Hikari took her seat. She sighed. “Even Hamasaki-sensei can see through it…”
The final bell rang as the students started to leave the class. Kanae slung her bag over her shoulder before starting to head out.
Kanae turned back to find Ryouki who’s doing some last minute work before packing his bag. “Hai?”
“Is it okay if we can talk about what happened? Tomoko promised to meet out front so we can discuss everything.”
“Eh? Tomoko wa?”
Kanae nervously sat in the Café as across the table was Ryouki and Tomoko, the latter feeling nervous as well. Ryouki placed his cup of coffee down.
“Daijobu. This situation isn’t school related. More of what happened between you and Tomoko. Tomoko might’ve told me what happened but I want to see if you had an idea as to what happened and how it happened.”
“Masaka… Does he know about our ancestors…? About the possibility of magic…”
“So you do know something?”
Kanae hesitated but gave a nod. “Hai… I was talking to one of the underclassmen about it and she helped me research something while I was busy. I was wondering if there was something that happened in the past that might’ve caused the incidents today…” She reached into her bag to take out the charms and placed them on the table. “I found a pattern between these two and once I did…” She held up her hand. “My hand suddenly went to flames but caused no harm to me… And then the same thing happened when the vines took hold of Tomoko… Next thing I knew, a dragon made out of flames appeared to protect us… I wasn’t sure what was going on but considering more than just wildfires have appeared, I figured there are others who might’ve been involved with my family about this…”
“May I?”
Ryouki took hold of the charm with the dragon and inspected it. He took hold of the other one and held them together. “So the pattern…”
“The stripes line up.”
Ryouki held the charms so the sides could touch and connected the stripes. “Hmm… So stripes usually refuse to line up but these do… But what do these have to do with what’s happening?”
“My friend has tried to find a previous connection between our families and it went to the early 21st century. De mo…” She took off her pendant. “This was passed down in my family ever since that generation got it… My friend did some research and a group of six all had pendants, our ancestors’ matching these. But what I noticed during the incident was how the dragon looked as if he knew me and my pendant was glowing… If that’s what happens… there has to be other people who have similar abilities and own the pendants… But I figured that I had two pendants and an extra charm… With that in mind… there must be a seventh member…”
“Seventh?” Ryouki looked over at Tomoko who drank her iced tea. “Looks like she is involved…” He looked back at Kanae. “Momota-san. Is it okay if I can see that second pendant?”
“Eh? H-hai…” Kanae took out the sapphire pendant and placed it in Ryouki’s hands.
The man carefully inspected the pendant before looking at Tomoko. “Tomoko. Hold this for a second.”
“Eh?” Ryouki placed the pendant in the small girl’s hands. She looked at it. Her grey eyes started to glow a sugar pink before the three noticed the pendant started to glow as well. The lights started to flicker before a few light bulbs exploded, making a few of the customers stand up and back away, hoping to avoid the glass pieces.
Ryouki took hold of the pendant as it stopped glowing. “So it’s like that…”
“Ne, Papa… What was that?”
“I’m not sure myself but I think Momota-san’s assumptions about the past can be correct. Not to mention my assumptions about the two of you being connected to these incidents. But it’s best to not let the public know about this because it can be dangerous.”
Kanae laid down on her bed as she sighed. She looked at the sapphire pendant in her hands as she thought back to her meeting with the Hamasaki family.

Ryouki handed back the pendant to Kanae. “It’s best if you keep this.”
“Eh? But wouldn’t it belong to Tomoko?”
“You can see what could happen when it’s around her. It’s probably safe if she doesn’t have a lot of contact with it.”
“Then what about the others?”
“It depends. Do you know anyone that can be involved with your family in the past as you thought?”
Kanae gave a small nod. “I’m not sure if it’s confirmed but… I think my friend is involved with this as well as two other girls in our class.”
“Hai… Hayami-san and Ariyasu-san… It’s just a thought and I’m not even sure if what I’m assuming is true…”
“I see. Then I guess we should wait until then.”

“Hamasaki-san of all people… De mo…”
She looked over at her desk where a photo of her and Mina during New Year rested on the desk. “Mina being another cause of these incidents… Nande…?”
She turned over to her side and hugged a throw pillow. “Daijobu ka na…? Having so many people involved in this…”
Her phone started to ring as she picked up, only to find a text message appear on the holographic screen. “Mina…”

Poor Hikari... Poor Haruno... I think something good will happen next chapter... I think... But I do know Chapter 6 has a funny moment involving a youkai. Yea, I think that's it. Chapter 6 has my favorite scene. haha. just wait until you see it! XD
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February 15, 2014