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Eriko gently swung back and forth as she sat on the park swing. “Ne, Hikari… You saw what happened, right?” she asked, looking at her friend who stood on the swing next to her.
“I think so… You’re talking about that geyser, right?”
Eriko gave a small nod. “The geyser… telephone pole… vines… It’s like everything’s happening more frequently and we don’t know why…”
“Sou da ne… And then there were those scorch marks found around Momota-san and an underclassman… Has anything happened to you?”
“Other than the fact that the plants in my room keep lifting me off the ground, nothing really happens… Hikari wa?”
“Same here… But instead of vines, it’s more of what happens with the sinks and water fountains… We had a plumber check and he said everything’s fine even though I end up getting wet from some kind of malfunction…”
“Mizu? Honto desuka?”
“Honto dayo! It’s like they have no control over themselves which I’m pretty sure is scientifically impossible for water to move on their own!”
“That’s true… I think the same goes for the plants… Usually they just move depending on how they grow… But having them suddenly grab people…”
“You don’t think it has to do with what happened this morning, right?”
“It’s possible… But that’s weird… Do you think Momota-san might know what’s going on?”
“Mou! You don’t have to follow me everywhere!” Haruno pouted as she looked back at Yayoi who followed close behind.
“Well I can’t let you walk around alone since I’m still responsible for you,” Yayoi said,” I was told to take care of you during school hours even during emergency shut-downs. You know better than try to run off on your own.”
“Mou. Since when were you ever protective of someone before? I can just call my Onii-chan so he can watch me!”
“Your Mama said that he’s still working at the other side of town until tonight. You know you can’t risk that.”
“Stop treating me like a child, Yayoi! I’m not a little girl anymore!”
Yayoi stepped back, offended by the comment. “I-I’m not treating you like a child, Haruno. I’m just doing what I’m told…”
“Well then go home and feed Ren! I’ll just be with my friends, then!” Haruno stomped off as Yayoi sighed.
She gently fixed her schoolbag as her pendant glowed, only to have a strike of lightning hit a mailbox, making it explode. She looked back and quickly ran away when she saw the destroyed mailbox. “Haruno!”
“Stop following me!” The pink diamond pendant hanging from her neck started to glow as a strong gust appeared, making her shield her eyes and hold her skirt down. She swung her arm down before running away from the older girl.
Mina looked around her house as she shuffled through the bookshelves. “Kanae said that our families might know each other before we met… I wonder where the records are…”
“Nani yatten no, Minnya?” a voice asked.
Mina turned to find a boy with ruffled dirty blonde hair with a tired look in his orange eyes in the doorway. “Onii-chan. Do you know where the family records are?”
“Kanae was wondering if something connected her family to ours. I want to see if there’s anyone from our family who was close to the Momota family.”
“Hmm… Try checking the chip labeled ‘Family Tree’. It should be stored in the filing cabinet.”
“Ah. Arigato!” Min quickly ran past her brother and headed to her father’s study. She opened up the filing cabinet before finding a plastic case. “Yosh.” She took it out and looked through the labels. “A-ha!” She took hold of a microchip under the “Family Tree” label.
She took out her diamond-shaped phone before finding the small slot. She placed the chip inside as a holographic screen came up, revealing many family photos.

Please enter keywords.

“Tamai and Momota.”

Keywords accepted. Now searching for “Tamai” and “Momota”. Search results. “Tamai Mina and Momota Kanae” and “Tamai Shiori and Momota Kanako”. Which files would you like to see?

“Tamai Shiori and Momota Kanako.”

Processing… Tamai Shiori. Born 1997 to 2089. Worked as a baker in Momo Café after marriage. Formerly known as Momoiro Clover Z’s member in yellow. Close friends to Momota Kanako and fellow bandmates. Would you like to know more?

“Daijobu desu.”

Arigato gozaimasu.

The screen disappeared as Mina removed the chip. “Momoiro Clover Z ka… Must be that old… being almost a thousand years ago…” She held up her phone as a screen appeared to show a webpage. “Hmmm… Search for ‘Momoiro Clover Z’.” The phone started to process as it showed a photo of five girls dressed in red, yellow, pink, green and purple. “Hm?” She took a closer look and noticed she looked a lot like her ancestor and Kanae looked a lot like Kanako. “Uso desho…?” She found something around the five’s necks and zoomed in, only to find the pendants. She looked for older photos and noticed they didn’t have the pendants until 2015.
“Maji…? How…?”
Her pendant started to glow as she felt a small tremor. “Eh? Matta?” She tremor soon stopped as her brother rushed up.
“Daijobu ka?!” he exclaimed.
“D-daijobu… Ne, Onii-chan… You know that anime on TV? Momoiro Clover Z?”
“Yea, what about it?”
“I think it was based off our ancestor and her friends…”
“What makes you think that?”
Mina held out her phone as Shio took hold of it to read the article. “Huh… 21st century idols. How come we didn’t know about Shiori-obaachan then?”
“I don’t know… I don’t think the descendants of the other four know about them as well… I have to call Kanae.” She took hold of the phone.
“Why? You said she probably doesn’t know.”
“That’s the point. She wants to figure out something that no one knows about and might be able to solve everything…”
“So telling her about our ancestors being idols will help?”
“Eh? Idols?” Kanae asked as she looked at the holographic screen showing Mina. “That’s how our families are connected?”
“Apparently. Here’s the list of the members.”
Kanako received a text that held six names. “Six?”
“The webpage said five but it also said that they spent a lot of time with their former sixth member ever since late 2014. Recognize any names?”
“Hmm…” Kanae went through the list before spotting two. “Hm? Hayami and Ariyasu…? I have two girls in my class with the same name.”
“Sou desuka?”
“Anything else?”
“Check this out. I looked through the family files and searched up the group and look how weird this is.” Mina sent her friend the picture of the six at on outing. “Look familiar?”
“Look at their necks!”
“The family pendants?”
“Sou desu yo! They didn’t get the pendants until about late 2014. And the leader looks a lot like you! Almost like you’re a clone of her!”
Kanae took a close look. “Now that I look at it… We do look a lot like Kanako and Shiori… But why…?”
“Maybe if we can get the six of us together, we might get to the bottom of this!”
“But there’s six of us. And I have 2 pendants and 2 charms. There must be a 7th member or something.”
“All sources don’t really say anything about a known 7th member after their major debut.”
“Hmm… I think I’ll try to look into that, Mina. Arigato.”
“Daijobu. It’s the least I could do after you helped me all these years.”
“Sou da ne. I’ll go do some research of my own, then. I think the internet has a few of their concerts somewhere that might mention someone important.”
“Ryoukai! Then should we also check out the other four girls?”
Kanae shook her head. “I don’t think it’s best until we know more. Maybe once I find out more about those monsters I saw this morning.”
“Suit yourself. I’ll go check out some more family files that might mention them. Oyasumi.”
“Hai. Oyasumi.” Kanae hanged up before putting away her ruby-shaped phone. “So I guess they met that long ago… But why did the families separate before reuniting after so long?”

“Kanae! Time to eat!” Kanao called from downstairs.
“Hai~” Kanae got up before heading downstairs to join her brother.
Ryouki took a bite out of his dinner as he looked at Tomoko. “So that’s what happened…”
“So do you think it’s possible? Having all those events happening…” Tomoko said.
“It’s reasonable since there weren’t any potential causes of a fire within the school. But Tomoko. Is it okay if I can ask you a question?”
“Eh? H-hai…”
“You said that you never saw what kind of accidents occur until you started to walk with Momota-san. Is it possible that the cause of such events could be either one of you or by both of you?”
“Eh? What do you mean?”
“I have raised you for many years and we’re both fully aware of the defect in your eyes. But before we moved to this district, we were perfectly fine. Have you ever had a strange feeling when you were with Momota-san?”
Tomoko hesitated as she tried to think. “Strange feeling…? I-I think so… When I was with Momota-san when I saw the monsters and a dragon… It was like we were surrounded in fire and the dragon appeared as if he was protecting us… Do you think Momota-san is the cause of everything?”
“It’s only an assumption but considering the situation, Momota-san might only be responsible for anything involving fire.”
“So the other events?”
“Well from what I heard, there might be five other people… But it’s possible you’re connected to them as well. Usually these events happen at different times, not in order in less than an hour according to those living here for years. Did those monsters say anything?”
“Etto… they said something about a Fire Mage and a crown… What are those about?”
“Fire Mage? …So those monsters associate themselves with mythical ideas…” He soon nodded. “Yosh. Looks like we need to have a talk with Momota-san.”
“Eh? Doushite?”
“Surely she knows something about this but isn’t so sure herself. Hopefully this will resolve the events this district has been dealing with.”

Okay... I like where this is going... I think... I'm sorry, writing these stories have scarred me because most of it was written late at night where my brain has no control of itself and makes me do things to the characters that make me feel so guilty.
I own nothing.
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