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Kanae waved her hand around in panic, hoping to extinguish the flames. “Nani?! Kore wa nani?!”
Her bedroom door slid open as Kanao rushed in. “Kanae! Doushita?!” He stopped when he noticed her flailing her arm. “…Omae… nani yatten no?”
“Heh…?” Kanae stopped and looked at her hand to find it perfectly fine. “Ima no…” She looked at her brother as she blushed. “Onii-chan! My hand was on fire before!”
“Yea, right. Let me see.” Kanao took hold of her wrist and looked at her hand. “Kora. No burns. Your hand wouldn’t have been on fire if your hand is fine.”
Kanae’s face turned red and pulled away. “Mou! At least believe me this time!”
“Well if that’s what you think, might as well. But Otou-san and Okaa-san will think you’re crazy for thinking that.”
Tomoko gently hugged her legs as she was watching some tokusatsu on the television. She looked into the kitchen where Ryouki was seen making the hamburger meat, insisting he could do it on his own.
“Ne, Papa. A lot of the girls in my class kept telling me to be careful because of weird things happening in this district. Nande?”
“The staff members have told me that strange accidents have been occurring for a while,” Ryouki replied as he tossed a handful of hamburger meat between his hands to make a patty. “Strange wildfires, vines growing out, multiple earthquakes in certain areas, floods, blizzards, pipes bursting, and lightning storms. But I’m sure the two of us will be fine.”
“Honto desuka?”
“That’s what I heard. But usually no one gets hurt and there’s not too much damage. No one has figured out how they happen.”
“Hmm… Sou ka… But hopefully they’ll stop. I’m sure whatever’s causing it will make them stop.”
“Sou da na. Why don’t you try to find out who or what is causing them and ask them to stop?”
Tomoko giggled at the joke. “Hai! I’ll do my best!”

“Momoiro Clover…Z!”

Tomoko looked back at the TV to find an anime of five girls dressed in costumes similar to Super Sentai as music was playing in the background. “Eh?”
“Momoiro Clover… Z? A few of them look like a few girls I met today…”
“Well it is an anime so sometimes they might look like other people. But make sure not to watch too much. You still have to study.”

Eriko opened her bedroom door before finding vines wrapped around the walls. “More of them?!” she cried. She took hold of the trimmers as she cut the vines to prevent them from flooding her room. “Mou~” She trimmed the vines before one took hold of her by the waist and lifted her into the air, hanging her upside down as she took hold of her skirt so it wouldn’t fall. “Nani yo?! Onii-chan! Tasukette!”
Footsteps were heard as a boy with dark hair and forest green eyes appeared at the doorway. “Matta?!” he exclaimed.
“Miruna, Onii-chan!”
Momotaro quickly covered his eyes. “H-hai!” He tilted his head towards the ground to take hold of the trimmers after taking a peek. He held it out as Eriko took hold of them. He quickly got under her before taking hold of her shoulders and flipped her right-side up, allowing her to cut the vines before she landed on the ground.
Eriko sighed. “Mou… I just don’t know how I get caught in them when my back is turned…”
“Mah… You were the type to like plants… Maybe that’s how they return your feelings. Sa. Let’s finish cleaning before helping Okaa-san with dinner.”
Eriko quickly trimmed the vines as Momotaro picked them up before bringing them outside for composting. He walked passed their mother who noticed the vines. “Eh? It happened again?” she asked.
“Mah na… I guess they like Eriko too much. Enough to catch her when she’s not looking.”
“Sou da ne…”
A crash was heard from upstairs. “Mou! Matta?!”
Momotaro sighed. “It never ends…”
Kanae yawned as she walked to school. “Mou… Even after researching, there’s still nothing about the flames and charms…” she groaned.
She walked passed an intersection before bumping into someone. “Uwa!” She regained her footing.
“Gomen nasai!”
“Daijobu…” Kanae looked up to find Tomoko. “Ah. Tomoko-san.”
“Momota-san. Ohayo gozaimasu,” Tomoko greeted with a smile.
“Ohayo…” Kanae soon noticed something. “Eh? Hamasaki-sensei isn’t with you in the morning?”
Tomoko shook her head. “Papa likes to get to work as early as possible so I tend to walk to school by myself. Momota-san wa?”
“U-un… I usually walk with my Onii-chan but since he doesn’t have morning practice today, I decided to let him sleep a little longer.”
“Ah. Sou ka.” The two continued to walk. “Ne, Momota-san. Do you know anything about those weird accidents everyone talks about? Papa told me that no one knows the true reason why they start.”
“Hm… I don’t think I can help you that much… They’ve been happening for longer than I could remember. Gomen ne.”
“Honto desuka? Hmm… I was hoping I would know more about it. Usually things like those don’t happen in towns and cities.”
“Sou da ne…” Kanae soon remembered something. “Ah. Tomoko-san. Do you know anything about spontaneous combustion?”
“Spontaneous combustion? As in a fire igniting without a reason or cause?”
“Hm… Usually it mostly depends on the environment but it takes more than just fire coming out of thin air. Nande?”
“Mah… I might sound crazy and even though we don’t know each other that well… I guess my hand started to catch fire yesterday for no reason. The flames disappeared as soon as they came and nothing happened. Is that weird?”
“It’s possible but Papa told me that strange things happen from time to time. Maybe this is related to those weird accidents I’ve heard about.”
“S-sou da ne…”
The sapphire pendant in Kanae’s bag started to glow again before they heard an explosion. They looked back to find a fire hydrant blow out as it formed a geyser.
“Uso… Just like yesterday…” Kanae murmured, surprised how a similar explosion happened. She soon heard police sirens. “Yabe!”
“Nande mo nai! Hayaku!” Kanae took hold of Tomoko’s wrist before leading her to the school in a rush, only to have the pendant glow brighter as the ground started to shake, causing the top half of a telephone to collapse. “O-Oi! What’s with all these accidents?!”
The two ran through the school gates until a vine shot out from a tree and took hold of Tomoko’s wrist. “Ah!”
Kanae felt herself being pulled back and found the vine as another took hold of Tomoko’s neck. “Tomoko-san!” She took hold of the vine and tried to pry it off the girl. Her eyes soon glowed as her pendant glowed as well. Flames soon surrounded her hands once more, burning the vines that quickly released the girls before retreating. “Uso desho?! Plants attacking people?!” Kanae faltered when she found more vines. “Hayaku! Before they grab us again!” She quickly dragged the girl into the school and closed the door as the vines crashed into the wood, making them fall to the ground.
“Uso… So these were the types of accidents everyone’s talking about…?” Tomoko murmured as she looked back at the entranceway. She reached for her neck and noticed she didn’t feel any pain. “De mo… I thought I felt something burning…” Her grey eyes turned violet before finding a black fog seep from the cracks in the door. “N-nani…?”

Crown… Give us the Crown…

The two backed away as they found the fog turning into strange creatures with red eyes.

Give us the Crown, Fire Mage…

”Fire Mage?”
The monsters jumped at the two as the girls shielded themselves.


A ring of fire surrounded the two before a dragon of flames appeared behind Kanae. The monsters stopped and let out a shriek before starting to retreat. The dragon gave chase before surrounding them with its flames and swallowed them whole. It looked back at the two girls as Kanae looked at it in shock.
The dragon smiled before disappearing.
Tomoko collapsed to her knees as Kanae held onto her. “Uso darou…?”

“It came from this way!”
Messy footsteps were heard as students started to gather. “Whoa…” They soon noticed the scorch marks at the entrance.
“Tomoko!” “Kanae-chan!” Ryouki and Mina pushed through the crowd and rushed towards the two.
“Daijobu ka?!” Ryouki asked as he held onto his daughter. Tomoko gave a small nod, her eyes orange from the shock.
Mina tightly held onto her friend. “Mou~ You got me worried! What happened?! How did you not get burned?!”
“Daijobu dayo, Mina…” Kanae pulled away. “I think I know what was causing these accidents…”
“Heh? Uso desho? Mahou?” Mina asked as the two walked through the shopping district. Due to the fire incident, the school decided to shut down for the day to get to the bottom of it and repair everything, knowing it’s unsafe for students to be at risk.
“That’s what I think… Ne, your parents gave you a glass charm, right? You showed it to me a few years ago.”
“That thing?” Mina reached into her pocket to take out a glass charm that had a design with a bowl of curry with seven colored stripes in the background. “Here. I don’t understand why you need it.”
Kanae took out her two charms and held them together. “Kora. These two have the same stripes and look as if they continue on.”
“Honto?” Mina took hold of hers before placing it next to the black charm. “Hm… It doesn’t match here…”
“Try the other side.”
Mina placed it next to the one with flames. “…Honto da… Doushite…?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out… When I found out, my hand went on fire but I wasn’t hurt and Onii-chan said nothing happened. It was almost like Magic or something… But if you have a charm that is similar in design… Is it possible our families are connected?”
“Hmm… Well my parents did say that a member of our family has attended school here but the school was destroyed and wasn’t rebuilt until 50 years ago… Kanae wa?”
“Watashi-tachi mo… De mo… Is it possible that if these charms are connected to these accidents, there are other people who have them?”
“Nani yo? Talking crazy things. Did your hair get burnt or something?”
“Mou! Mina! Listen to me! Strange things are happening and you’re trying to ignore it!”
“Betsu ni… Not much happens at my house… My block only receives earthquakes but no damage.”
“Earthquakes? …I think that happened when I was walking to school… then a fire hydrant blew up…”
“Fire hydrant? Is that even possible? They’re supposed to be able to handle that kind of tremor.” Mina tried not to laugh.
“Mina! You’re not helping!”
“Gomen gomen. So did anything else happen when you were walking?”
“Hm… Well one of the telephone poles suddenly snapped and fell… and then there were vines that were attacking us at the entrance… Once we got inside-“
“We? I didn’t see Kanao-kun with you.”
“Ah… I was walking with Hamasaki-sensei’s daughter since I-” She stopped.
Mina looked at her. “Doushita?”
“They started to happen when I was walking with her… De mo… Those monsters…”
“Monsters? Okay, are you sure you weren’t daydreaming when you were walking?”
“I’m telling the truth! We were inside the school and weird monsters appeared and attacked us! And then out of nowhere, some dragon appeared and ate them and created those burn marks!”
Mina started to laugh. “Monsters and dragons?! You’re officially insane!”
“I am not! Look, Mina! There’s something going on and if we follow this, we might get to the bottom of it!”
“Hai, hai. But how are we going to do that?”
“Mou! We just find out who’s been experiencing these weird things up close!”
Ryouki gently brushed Tomoko’s hair back to inspect her neck. “Are you sure they grabbed you here?”
“Well I don’t see anything… Not even bruises. So you saw those accidents up close?”
Tomoko gave a small nod and looked at her father. “Papa… Are you sure everything will be okay? With monsters appearing and strange disasters happening even though not many people are hurt…”
“Well I’m sure everything will be fine as long as we be careful. I’m surprised it took about a week until we started to see them.”
“Sou desu ne…”
Ryouki rested a hand on her head. “Daijobu, Tomoko. I’m sure you’ll be safe next time…”

So we got to see Eriko's little accidents as well as something that could happen on a walk to school... Wait, that's abnormal? What do you mean it's abnormal? Normal's boring! Tch. Suit yourself. Next chapter... I forgot what next chapter is... It's not on my dropbox so i couldn't get to reread it. I should but I'm too lazy. Oh well, look forward to it ;)
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