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Tzol`kin Workers

Light painting

False Creek

Little Mountain


FFG: Caretaker Village

Cannon Technician Meryl

Starship Samurai


KeyForge - BigTwig

2nd Expansion Characters for Boardgame (OldWork)

Anachrony - Fractures of Time leaders

Ashes : Viros

My DA Work


What's Hot (Beta): Trending Artwork on deviantART

What's Hot (Beta): Trending Artwork on deviantART

Art on the Rise DeviantART is a bustling and active community, and with the high volume of artwork submitted on any given day, it can be easy to miss something. In fact, it's common for artwork to go viral across the Web or get a spike of traffic days, months, or even years after it was originally submitted. Our new “What’s Hot” browse mode surfaces artwork that’s receiving a recent increase in exposure, regardless of when it was submitted. A New Way To Surface Artwork We often see artwork gain a lot of attention across the Web (after being shared on blogs, social sites, etc.), but by the time this recognition occu

More Like This: A New Way To Explore deviantART

More Like This: A New Way To Explore deviantART

More Like This DeviantART is proud to announce More Like This - a new way to explore deviantART. When you find a piece of artwork that you love, More Like This surfaces related artwork, artists, and Collections. With More Like This and our other new browse upgrades, deep-diving through the deviantART community's diverse collection of over 200 million deviations just got better. DRAGON CASTLE by ~randis We developed More Like This to make it easier to find the content you love. With over 100,000 new deviations being submitted daily, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of browsable artwork. More Like This allows you to discover co

The New Front Page Made Just For You

The New Front Page Made Just For You

DeviantArt’s new browse mode uncovers art and artists more relevant to your interests, and gives more deviants a chance to shine. We’re excited to announce a new way to browse deviations in Eclipse: Recommended for You. Based on your interests and how you interact with the site, Recommended for You personalizes your DeviantArt experience – allowing you to discover deviations and artists that are tailored to you. Browse Art Based on Your Interests DeviantArt is home to the most diverse art community on the Internet. As such, it represents art that ranges from papercrafting to poetry. With Recommended for You, your front page will showcase deviations that are tied to your personal tastes. This personalized browsing experience is based on content that you’ve recently engaged with. Whether you love nature photography or can’t get enough Pokemon fan art, Recommended for You brings to light deviations based on your preferences, so your browsing experience will truly be unique to

Welcoming New Deviants

Welcoming New Deviants

Update: March 16, 2016 This test has completed! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in welcoming new deviants to the site! Core Memberships have been distributed to everyone who participated. First impressions are everything. Everyone who participated showed new deviants how welcoming and open our community is. The impact was impressive. From the preliminary stats, we're seeing that new deviants were: More than 5 times more likely to receive a profile commentMore than twice as likely to make a comment More than twice as likely to receive a llama About 80% more likely to receive a deviation comment About 75% more likely to receive a

Sushi Go Jen - Uramaki


Steampunk Mastermind

Inox caravan

Dune - board game map

Doom Boardgame Cyberdemon



Boardgame Photos


Wiz War boardgame 2

Flieg mit, kleine Eule -boardgame

Bouncing Bunnies- a kid's game

Spy vs Spy vs Spy vs...

Power Grid



Agricola: Views from the Farm


Little Mountain

Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (240)
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I used to make robots learn language, make computers understand what gamers say and make video games. I worry about what people mean when they say "I", why machines think inflexibly compared to humans and whether we talk by thinking about what we could do. Now I help run DeviantArt's Artificial Intelligence group and play boardgames.

Favourite Visual Artist
Max Ernst
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Chaos in the Old World

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DaSnackDatSmilesBackHobbyist General Artist
Hi! The website posted a journal asking what makes us deviants smile, and I heard about your daughter in the journal.
Her weekend logic is so funny, and reading about her made ME smile.

I wish the best for your family in these trying times, good sir!

Thanks, we're hanging in there, hope you are, too.

DaSnackDatSmilesBackHobbyist General Artist
I am, thanks!
Thanks so much for the :+fav:
Daemon-IllusionumHobbyist Digital Artist


do you happen to work on the "recommended for you" algorithm? May I ask how it works? Like, what's taken into account and at what rate.

I couldn't find any details, so if they aren't supposed to go public, sorry for bothering you.

Have a great day eitherway, and I think yall are doing a good job with Eclipse.

I answered this on the journal somewhere a while ago, right?