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Recent Journal Entries

This is a rough draft of the classes I came up with. People can use this list to get a head start on creating their characters or seeing where their already existing characters fall in these categories. Please read The Introduction and The PGNC Timeline if you haven't already.

---Classes without Age Requirements---

Class: Battler
Summary: A battler is a pokemon gijinka participating in a league challenge to earn all 8 badges. A battler can participate in official battles from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos. Battlers who take the league challenge for the first time are required to have a party of 6 in order to be eligible for the league challenge. It is possible to complete a league challenge without battling the Elite 4. Any battlers who have completed more than one league challenge are not required to have a full party.

Class: Civilian
Summary: This class is as simple as it sounds. A civilian can live peacefully in society specializing in their tools of trade ranging from a doctor, a musician, a fashion designer, anything that doesn't have to do with battling. A civilian can be a battler who already completed their League Challenge to either retire, go to school or work. Civilians are allowed to battle, but the battles will not be official if their Battler license have not been renewed.

Class: Bounty Hunter
Summary: This is a dangerous line of work because anyone can put up a bounty as long as they pay enough. A criminal can put a bounty up and know one would ever know it. This is why bounty hunters are not well liked, especially by the government and law enforcement. A bad bounty hunter will go for the highest bidder. A good bounty hunter will do research on the bounty to make sure it wasn’t put up by a shady bidder before taking the job. Consulting a bounty hunter should be a last resort, but it is also a good way to get the job done without dealing with the authorities. Only Battlers who have completed one League Challenge can become Bounty Hunters. Depending on the bounty, sometimes Battlers are allowed to participate.

Class: Criminal
Summary: Criminals are made up of all the bad motherfuckers you can think of. Neo dragon master race, gang bangers, mobsters, thieves, terrorist organizations and anything in between. Law Enforcement, PICE and HPS are after their asses. Bounty Hunters only go for them if the bounty pays well.


Regional War I:
Class: RWI Veteran
Minimum Age Requirement: 18-39
When did it start: 66-74 years ago
Minimum Age of Veterans alive today: 84-92+ (Elderly)

Regional War II:
Class: RWII Veteran
Minimum Age Requirement: 16-39
When did it take place: 36-48 years ago
Minimum Age of Veterans alive today: 52-64+ (Middle-Aged)
Notes: During RWII, the age to join the military was lowered to 16 due to the demand for more soldiers. The voting age remained 18.

The Civil War of Kanto:
Class: KCW Veteran
Minimum Age Requirement: 16-39
When did it take place: 3-9 years ago
Minimum Age of Veterans alive today: 19-25 (Young Adult)


PICE (Pokemon Immigration Customs Enforcement): Established in 2935
Age Requirement: 18-55 (Young Adult/Middle-Aged)
Class: Officer
Summary: PICE was established during the pre-RWI administration when the term Pokemon Gijinka didn't exist and thus were considered "Pokemon" under law. The name of the organization didn’t change because it is easier to remember. PICE is in charge of dealing with Pokemon Gijinka passing through borders. They do not have the authority to stop a human because that authority is reserved by the HPS.

HPS (Human Protection Services): Established in 2989
Minimum Age Requirement: 15 (Young Adult/Elderly)
Class: Agent
Summary: HPS was established after RWII. HPS manages the Human Settlements and enforces the laws that protect humans. They are better known for escorting humans and civilians across borders to safety zones. Their organization includes agents, both human and Pokemon Gijinka.
Notes: Sometimes, a Pokemon Gijinka can be punished with community service by escorting humans across borders if the crime committed is not severe enough for jail.

IP (International Police): Establishment Unknown
Minimum Age Requirement: Unknown
Class: Officer/Agent
Summary: This organization specializes in investigating and fighting big time criminals and terrorist organizations; namely Team Rocket and other large threats to societies across regions. There are undercover agents in this organization.

These classes are subject to change and more information will be revealed as the plot in PGNC unfolds.
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