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Mini Pack Super Mario Galaxy

A Mini Pack for the launch of Super Mario Galaxy.
Icons in png and 512*512.

Hope you like (and so i could make the others icons of the game) :)
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Can't go wrong with super mario clean design

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Is this for Windows or Mac?
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Genial! xD Gracias! ^^
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cool, un peu de champi sur mon bureau...çà fait très automne. Pack très sympa en tt cas ;)
Those r awesome ! Can you make them in .ico format ? I tried to convert , but they came out in smaller size :(
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Merci beaucoup il sont cool :)
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I LOVE it!!!!!

Great job! :)
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Heh, the star looks chibi.^^Looks cute.
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OMG, that is so awesome!! Nice job!
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How do I use them?
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Wow! these are amazing - I can't believe the quality!

merci x
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HAHA sorry i just love it >u<
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your set looks so kute ! :heart:
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Ooooh, so cool! >< Make more please! I need one more for my desktop. ^.~ Haha.
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very cute icons!:thumbsup:
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WOw It's so so so so cute! Thanks for this
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Ce qui serait super ce serait les icones avec les armes de mario Kart =D
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Merci :)
Oui, pourquoi pas, même si ça serait plus actuel de faire les armes de Super Smash Brawl Melee. :p

Je vais voir si je peux réaliser.
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Tu me parles Japonais là ^^ Mario kart c'est légendaire. x)
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The Star item looks cuter...and the Mushrooms look so real..

Mario rules!
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Thanks so much :)
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