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By PGDsx
Much of my artwork can be bought in print form too, at, of course very reasonable prices. Just let me know if your interested...

Commissions of the Caricatured Vehicles are welcome too. If your a car fan and love your cars like me then you gotta have one!
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i noticed you might be looking for ideas of a car do caracature...?
i reckon a 69 chevrolet camaro in blue with white stripes would rule. :D
just an idea
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Sure would yeah, my fav of the Camaro's too. Specially Pro-street with fat tyres, bonnet bulge etc.... Good idea! Think if i get round to doing another it'll be a supercar of some sort, Porsche GT2 maybee..
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have you seen those matchbox cars they make as caracatures? they remind me of your work :D i have a '70 baracuda with HUGE wheels and a crazy chopped roof. they are lots of fun :)
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yeah there is a few models like this out now. Seen some nice hotrod models with huge super-charges popping out the hood, fat tyres and flames etc... they looked mint! almost bought one but cant remember the site now.