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By PGDsx
Hey folks,

Thanks for visiting my gallery and please feel free to leave a comment on any of my work. Don't go shy on me, write what you think, it's a good way to learn. The more constructive the better! That way I can either ignore you , go back to the work and try to fix it, improving the work or bear it in mind for any future piece I do.

There a lots of great artists on here, I have too many favorites to mention but if I've fav'd your work or I'm watching you your doing very well 

I'm quite a fan of photography too, and the female form captured beautifully (lets face it, who isn't!), which is why a number of my favorites go out to sexy lady images with great lighting.

Thanks again
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Hi Phil,
I would feel a little embarrassed to critique your work since you are well above my skills, however, I can tell you what I find enjoyable to look at (for me of course).
So in the future I will put in my kudos.

BTW love the realism of your illustrations and the 'toons are outstanding. The 'toons would work well on T-shirts Designs.

Thanks for your time.

Buff Combe (kenpoist)
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No feel free to crit it, thats why I put images on here really. Or otherwise tell me which bits of the image you really like, stuff like that is always great to hear!

I've been doing alot of realism architectural stuff recently so some may go up soon. I just need to get permission to use the images for my own good first.

Thanks for your comment!