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A modern kitchen scene this time. As usual it was done from scratch with 3ds max and Vray.

Let me know what you think and dont be shy to point ay the bits you dont feel look right! That way I can try to make it right!

Ta :)
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Very nice work. 
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Alomst 12.000 views, blimey, I'm amazed! I never expected a reaction anything like this. Many thanks for all the comments, favs and features everyone :)
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Very good, congratulations, good job.
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The details in this are just amazing!
The light spots are well placed – just what makes a room look great!

I really love this kitchen. :)
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you've got it again pal...

though there are some visible noise on the wall and ceiling.. maybe you could do a little bit adjustment on you subd setting..

hope you don't mind ...maybe you could do some adjustment or lessen your ceiling lights... a pendant light i think would do on the nook area...
add some stuffs like fruits on the table... chopping board, set of kitchen knives on the counter... 1 set of flower base will do.. anyway just my opinion...

impressive work indeed.. by the way i like your table..
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I agree, it is noisy.. But remember this was done way back in 2006 on a very, very low spec machine. I have thought about re-opening the scene to re-render it, do you think I should?
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ohhh sorry... you've done it it on a low spec machine?.. that's why you've limited stuff to put in.... yet you've come with this output... much more impressive...

bout re-rendering it.. maybe you could do it in your spare time & i would love to see the revise output... perhaps i don't want to be that demanding...hahaha (just kidding)

anyway, thanx bro... my pleasure of exchanging ideas with you..

have a nice day..
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a lil too many lights, but thats really dependant on the design.
then. the table n bench. a tad too close to the counter. should prollt give the spacing a lil more thought. but thats intended then i guess its alright.
its a decent looking render, but i think u shud ease off on the intensity of the lights - this is a day-time render right?
PGDsx's avatar
Yeah both the lights and the table spacing was as per the reference photo I worked from. I agree though, it would be a squeeze! This was done back in 2006..
invictuzz688's avatar
like i said, its a matter of the design, the render was good!
Affet-kak's avatar
looks very good :)

nice work on this

i would say its a bit too white, but thats personal preferance, my vision is better tuned to darker shades

looks good though
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Man, model's wonderful, materials OK except the edge of glass table. I think you'd better making it more roundish :D
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perfect materials and lights
but the render is noisy
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i like it. very much so. But maybe you could add a little bit more color to the floor or ceiling or something to make it look not so white?? but idk much about design, just that this is beautiful :)
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a lil bit grainy, but very nice.

i would love to see the entire room, 3d or plan maybe?
do you have that. because this kitchen is unique, i think.
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I dont have that, sorry. Everything here was modelled using a photo as it was mainly a lighting/texturing exercise.

Nice kitchen though, full length windows open out to the garden on the right... :)
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i like the way the scene is rendered! perfect! lighting, modeling, and rendering! great work!
akinlolugboji's avatar
The only thing wrong I can see is that everything is almost right. Lights under the high cupboards over the sink and cooker would fair better than the ceiling spot lights because these will be blocked by whoever stands in front of them to use it.
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This design have been featured in the 12/12 Designs of week 18 [link]
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your work has been featured here [link] :heart:
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looks great :)
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How did you go about creating the materials used here?
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