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SFIII Alex for SFV

By PFunkk
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This mod gives Alex his look from the SFIII series. The mod includes an alternate costume replacing the Story outfit, giving Alex his winter jacket from the SFIII cutscenes art.

[Download link is in the top-right corner of this page !]

Model and textures : Pior Oberson
Riging and cloth : Chay Johansson <<< SFV and USFIV mods

Screenshots gallery :

Mod provided as is, use at your own risk. It could break the game after an update or be considered a cheat as files are edited. That said, have fun ! And let me know if you spot any issue with it. Mod Manager and .pak versions are included.

This mod is best used in combination with the character portraits fix :…
(Depending on the way you want Alex to show in the hud you might need to rename the .pak files so that they load in the desired order. For classic Alex to show up in the UI while running the character portrait fix mod, SFIII_Alex.pak needs to be renamed so that it loads first.) 

[2016.04.13] 1.0 - Initial release. Pak distribution is a bit of a new thing, so don't hesitate to let me know if there are any issues with it. If it causes any problem use the Mod Manager version instead. Both are included in the download.
[2016.04.13] 1.1 - Ooops ! Missing hair physics added for costume2.
[2016.04.13] 1.1b - Minor edit in the Mod Manager description file (not worthy of a re-download if you already have 1.1).

© 2016 - 2020 PFunkk
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This looks incredible! I would love to download this but I'm dumb and still pretty new to deviantart. I know it says there's a link in the top right corner of the page but I can't seem to find it

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To make this mod work you must change the character codes through a hexadecimal editor. Here is a link to a video on how to do it . The person in the video uses a purchased editor but you can also use HxD Hexidecimal Editor for free. Hope this helps good luck this mod is sick!!!

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Cant seem to get it to work with PMM. Does it not work with the new Season?

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idk what im doing wrong but i cant get this mod to work. im not using a manager just the ~mods folder with pak files and ive never had any problems, but this mods pak just doesnt seem to work

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Which skin does it replace? 
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JieCao911 General Artist
please update this mod for season 2!
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Hello - I'd have to look into this, just need to find the time.
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tom12422Hobbyist Digital Artist

I can do it if you dont mind

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BrunoChrosSStudent General Artist
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How do I access the colors shown in the far bottom right model? The one with darker skin, grey/brown hair, and dark-red bandana?
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DaInfernoVEVOHobbyist Digital Artist
Yo, is there anyway to install this mod with SFV Pak Mod Manager? I tried multiple times, but the mod doesn't seem to be loading.
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UpsetNIGHTAMREHobbyist General Artist
Hey there! Just so you know, they recently changed the size of the select screen slots and now your Alex's select slot portrait is little to big to fit in. It's a bummer really, because i think this mod is one, if not the best in the community.
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Yup, that should be an easy fix - I'll get to it eventually :) Thanks !
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LibertyGamer-47Hobbyist Artist
Awesome! Btw dumb question, but is this compatible with Xnalara?
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is this 100% confirmed not working with S2? if so sadface 
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Hello - many of the S1 mods have been converted to S2 by the community. See here :…
I will add the converted Alex files to the download link of this page as soon as I can confirm that the conversion works 100% as intended, sometime early in January. But for now my advice would be to simply grab the file from the reddit link. Thanks !
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thanks a bunch man! 
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please update this mod for season 2!! plzz
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Will do ! Just have to juggle things with the holidays, but it will happen.
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Greetings to all.

Has anyone managed to solve the fighting stance alex?
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Animation editing fails for an unknown technical reason. Hence : so far, no.
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EternalSaiyan96Hobbyist General Artist
The recent update messed with how the colors for each character's costume colors work (I think just the Default costumes, because your Alex's Story Mode costume still looks like it should as far as I can tell, but I'm not 100% sure on that.) But it'd be much appreciated if a fix could be found for that. The mod still looks great even using the SFV Alex colors, but of course it'd be nice for your's colors to work like they used to.

Many thanks, and keep up the awesome work on your mods.
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I will look into all this very soon.
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