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Iso Dungeon Walls - Blender



Blender file for my Iso Dungeon Walls: [link]

I render each object individually the composite them together with ImageMagick Montage (can be done manually, just slower).

My process: I make sure my 3d cursor is at the origin. Switch to Top View. I move the next item to the middle, Render, save as a .png. If necessary I rotate around the 3d cursor and render more angles.

The lit wall sconce required special attention. I move the shadow catching floor out of the way for that piece, because otherwise it catches unwanted shadows from the light source.

Of note here: the setup makes 128x128 tiles, where the base is 64x32. The camera and render settings are tweaked to get it just right. I'm using video game "Isometric" (2:1 perspective) and not true Isometric.

Click the Download link for the .blend file.
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Where should I go if I want to learn how to use ImageMagick Montage? It seems like a nice time-saver.