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Daily Deviation
June 30, 2011
Pfui Spinnes Flurry Extras 01 by ~pfuispinne. A good collection of well-designed, clean icons for various apps. Check out this deviant's v 2 and 3 of this set for more!
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Pfui Spinnes Flurry Extras 01

I did some flurry icons. They are all made by me, but of course the most are based on the original icons.
I also included some special 32px and 16px images, but of course they are all 512px.


Here you can find my other flurry collections
PfuiSpinne FlurryExtras 02
PfuiSpinne FlurryExtras 03
Adobe CS6 Master Collection

WOW again a Daily Devitation. Thank you!

HERE is the iContainer for Candybar

included are:
AEsuicide / Awaken / AppCleaner / Appstore / Blender (2x) / Camera (550d) / Celtx / ControllerMate / Dolphin (2x) / Downloads / Dragon Stop Motion / DVD2OneX / FFmpegX / Firefox / Freecell / G13 / Gameboy / Gimp / Hexedit / HUDulator / Icon Composer / InkScape / iSerial Reader (x2) / JDownloader / KCNScrew / Klok / Last FM / Little Snitch / Mac The Ripper / Mocha / MPEGStreamclip / NesROCK / OnyX / PCSX2 / QuakeLive / Quicktime Player 7 / Renamer / Ripit / Serial Seeker / Sixtyforce / Skype / Snes9X / Stuffit Expander / Stuffit Archive Manager / SubEthaEdit / Switch (2x) / Trash (empty/full) / Tvpaint Animation / Video Lan Client (2x) / Vuze / X11
© 2011 - 2021 pfuispinne
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Crejzi's avatar
I absolutely adore the two TRASH icons!!! <3 I don´t usually like square icons but your sets are amazing!
suezoo39's avatar
I love your MOCHA icon.  Do you take requests?  I must be weird but I like to organize things by colour.  If you're looking for something to do next in the ico department. ... ... I would request the mocha design in the 6 primary/secondary colours.  Plus just a plain flurry icon in the same 6 colours.  Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange.  

- yellow like the arrows on your jdownloader icon; 

- green like the bottom of you iserialreader2 icon or #3A5F0B;

- blue like in the filmstrip in your MPEGSTREAMCLIP icon,

- purple - #660099

- red like the bottom of your trash full icon or the center of your quake live icon; and, 

- orange like the head colour in your firefox icon.
marlazor's avatar
Could you make an icon for Just Cause 2? The default one is very low res. Great job on the icons.
neurotik88's avatar
why do they have bad resolution if i use them on desktop\taskbar?
pfuispinne's avatar
It would be great if you could test one of the icons in my new Adobe CS6 Collection, if you have the time. Cause this time I made special graphics for the ICOs and I would love to know if they work the way they should.
pfuispinne's avatar
I'm not sure, but I guess it could be a problem with your icon-software or the compatibility with the icons. Can you send me a screenshot?
neurotik88's avatar

this is what happens when put on desktop, same for the taskbar
pfuispinne's avatar
weird. Can you try this one?
Do this only happen with my icons?
neurotik88's avatar
icontest.ico works perfectly :)

(btw yes, it was only with your icons, extras 02 and 03 as well)
pfuispinne's avatar
very weird. I guess I have to make real ICOs instead of converting ICNS files. I'll change it.
leroysunshine's avatar
Brilliant sets, thanks.
pfuispinne's avatar
thank you, for the compliment
pfuispinne's avatar
CrDesing's avatar
I love it..!!!
pfuispinne's avatar
thank you..!!!
ehsanlover2's avatar
Nice really nice
pfuispinne's avatar
archjamal's avatar
pfuispinne's avatar
you're welcome
HuneyBuns's avatar
GIMP! Ledgend man.
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