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Please pay for your character here, thank you!! ^^ rabbit heart emoji 
Rose Girl Adopt
Please pay for adoptable character here! ^^ <3<3<3
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About Me:

|Cina/Pffy|16|♀|Digital Artist|



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So! I have a lot of old character designs I've been redesigning in hopes to find some attachment to them, but though I was successful with a few of them, most of my old characters are just sitting around collecting dust and needing a better home Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 
So I'm making this journal to help find people who might want them and love them more than I can ;o; 

You can check out all the characters I have up to offer at the moment here!:…

(Please don't stray into my other folders, currently this is the only folder I have with characters up for offers) 
I plan to update this folder frequently as well so if you don't see a design you like now, I might have one that interests you later! 

I'm most interested in offers in this order from most wanted to least! (Though honestly the least wanted is still pretty wanted lol)

For art, just tell me what character(s) you're interested in, examples of your art, and how many drawings you'd be willing to offer. (Note if a character has several pieces of art, I would probably want the same amount in return)

For trading Characters, let me know what character(s) you're interested in and share your uft/ufs folders as well, and I'll make an offer on a character(s) if yours I'd be willing to trade mine for! ^^

And for cash or points, most of my prices are pretty negotiable but just know I probably won't want to sell any of my character's below 5$/500Pink Points's.

Alright that's all about my oc's up for offers! If you're interested, I have some open adopts that are up for sale still and that for most, I'll take any offers on as well@ (Not just cash or points, like art and adopts of yours as well ^^) 
For some of the older one's I'd be willing to throw some extra art in for a tiny higher of a price or some good negotiations >:3 Just offer!
(Has extra art!! For no extra cost! 12$/1200 points ONLY.)
[OPEN] Twin Tail Kemonomimi Girl Adopt (Set Price) by Pffycat
(All offers accepted. Marshmallow SOLD.)
[OPEN] Sweet Girls Adopts [1/4] by Pffycat
(All offers accepted.)
[OPEN] Magical Girl Adopt by Pffycat

(All offers accepted.)
[OPEN] Cutie Girl Adopt by Pffycat
(All offers accepted. Fox SOLD. Cat SOLD.)
[OPEN] Kemonomimi Boy Adopts [ Points Only ] by Pffycat
(All offers accepted.)
[OPEN] Pastel Uni-girl Adopt [Points/Cash] by Pffycat
(All offers accepted.)
[OPEN] Rose Girl Adopt [Points/Cash] by Pffycat
(All offers accepted. 3 is the only one unsold.)
[OPEN] Demon Girl Adopts [Points/Cash] [3/4] by Pffycat
(All offers accepted.)
[OPEN] Pastel Girls Adopt Batch [POINTS/CASH) by Pffycat
(If interested in getting extra art drawn by me of any of these characters, Please refer to this for examples of what I'll draw for extra art)
Comment below if you're interested in anything I have to offer! <3

Created by KathleenMitch

Art Trades ALWAYS Open

Thu May 17, 2018, 4:23 AM

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]Flowers and stars - F2U  dividerMisc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] 
Hey! I just wanted to put this out here since I’m basically always open to doing art trades when I’m not too busy with commission work or personal work. I like to do some things in between, like art trades for instance since it’s fun to me to draw other people’s characters for a fair trade ^^

I can’t promise I’ll be able to do every art trade, I won’t be doing all of them so please don’t get mad if I don’t trade with you or don’t reply ;; I feel really bad turning people down so unfortunately if I don’t reply it’s probably because I’m not up to trade ;;;; (It’s nothing against you I’m just really cowardly and don’t want to hurt people’s feelings I’m really sorry!! I’m still trying to work on that part of myself,,,) I also might not reply right away if I already accepted a few!! So please don't be discouraged after a day or two of me not answering, I might just be busy at the time and planning on trading with you once I've finished the previous ones I owe.
Flowers and stars - F2U  divider 

Anywhoo here’s some examples of the type of art I’ll do for the trade:

(I’ll update with more style types later when I have complied more examples ^^)

Full Colored Chibi’s:

For the most part I’ll only be drawing 1-2 characters for trades. But know if you’d like 2 people drawn in the traded art, that I too would like the equivalent of that ^^ (as in you want one character, then I’ll only ask for one in return! You want two, then I would also like two of my characters, ya get me? Hope that’s okay!!)

Flowers and stars - F2U  divider 

Things I won’t draw:

x NSFW/Porn

x Extreme amounts of Blood and Gore

x Furries and Ferals

x Mecha/Extremely detailed armor

x Fetish art

x Old people (idk how??)

x Fanart (Unless it’s an OCxCannon ship, I still rather draw people’s OC’s though even if just 1)

Things I will draw:

Green tick 3 Kemonomimi’s (Ears/Horns/Tails)

Green tick 3 Huamans/Humanoids (Demons, simple monster human designs, mermaids, etc, please ask me if you’re not sure!)

Green tick 3 OCxCanon

Green tick 3 Cute fluffy ship art

Green tick 3 Light Blood and Gore

Green tick 3 Slight nudity (Though preferably it’s not in a sexual way… As in it’s just their design)

Flowers and stars - F2U  divider 

Also note that even if I accept your art trade, I’ll be taking my time on it if I still have commission deadlines to meet. As commissions always take priority for me. That doesn’t mean I’ll drop out on the trade, I’ve had many people do that to me before and it’s very upsetting, I wouldn’t want to make someone else feel the same way I did. I’ll simply be taking my time! So please just be patient with me but of course don’t be afraid to note me and ask how your art trade is going if I’m taking too long to get back to you! I’m happy to keep the people I’m working with updated, and would be happy to let you know what stage I’m at during the drawing process. (I’d be glad if you would like to keep me updated as well, but it’s not necessary!)

Anyways, on with this now, here is a list of my characters you can pick from while trading with me!

Most want drawn:… (any of these babs!)

Still would be happy if drawn:… (Anyone from this folder too!)

For couple art:

(Really want!!) &

(not a cannon ship but I still,,,, want lol) &

(want) &

Please don’t stray from these OC folders on my TH! The rest of the characters are one’s I’m reselling. (Which I'll make a journal for soon too lol)

Flowers and stars - F2U  divider 

StarsI’d appreciate if you would use this form when requesting to trade with me! ^^Stars 

-Your username:

-Character(s) you’d like drawn:

-Character(s) of mine you would be willing to draw:

-Examples of your art:

Flowers and stars - F2U  divider 

(btw I’m asking for your user name so I can easier copy and paste your form to keep track of in a word doc lol sorry I want to be very lazy with that part -w-;; )

StarsSo, that’s all then! Comment below if you want to trade with me and please!! Don’t note me about it!! My notes is mostly for business inquiries so please just comment on this journal!!! Thank you! <3Stars 

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]Flowers and stars - F2U  dividerMisc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] 


WDHSAJSDKGKgDK I juST REACHED 100 WATCHERS GOLLY GOSH!!! ;O; Once I'm finished with all my owed art I'll try and do something special for y'all mayhaps ;;;3
wbwbwbw sorry for not being on here much, life has been really draining lately and coming on here to answer a lot of messages and comments has been a bit stressful, I'm still trying to though and so I'm really sorry if I take a few days to get back to you. It's nothing against you, I've just been too tired to think of what to say back in reply lately, so I'm really sorry about that. I've just been trying to work on owed art when I can while trying to keep from overworking myself and doing all nighters all the time. As I may have explained before, I have a big family that takes up a lot of my time and energy. (Which is okay because I love them, but that doesn't make it easy still ;; ) But so by the end of the day when I'm finally able to draw, I often spend a few hours working on several art pieces so I don't procrastinate on one thing or another. But because of this my time has been consumed with family, a small amount of time with talking with friends, and doing art. Getting on here and talking or posting can be difficult from time to time, and I'm sorry about that. It's something I've always struggled with when I get overly stressed, and I'm working on it. Sorry if I'm kind of using this as a vent as well (I'm not meaning to) I just want to say sorry and I guess explain myself? I dunno lots of people say it's good to keep people updated when I keep disappearing or whatever so I'm just trying to let anyone who cares know why I'm being so inactive. It's just life and being tired again, I'll get better at this one day though. Bye for now. 
Ugh I hate family visits... they sleep in the room I draw in and it really frustrates me when I need to get work done but can't stay up to do it. I don't even have time during the day either so they're basically giving me no time to work on art digitally. Another reason why I need my own computer.... even though I'm saving every penny I make from selling adopts or doing commission work, I still think I'll need to get a part time job soon so I can get the computer by the end of this year. I wish art could just be my only job as it's what I enjoy doing and love, realistically I won't make hardly enough to get the equipment I need for my computer unless I give myself some extra cushion from working sompeplace too. So yeah... just a life update. Sorry for the ramble.
Uhhh sorry for being extremely inactive the past few days. I had a slight family surprise emergency sort of thing that lasted three days so I'm really sorry for answering messages and comments late and being generally inactive. It was something I knew was gonna happen but it happened sooner than expected. I won't go into detail since I'm sure no one really cares but I'll be back to business as usual soon here but it still might take me a few days for me to post again. Sorry if I've kept you waiting, just know I'll get back to you soon!! Love you all, and thanks <3
Waaaaa my computer crashed three times within the past 2 hours while was drawing today,,,, luckily I'm a paranoid freak and save after every line I make and so I haven't lost any progress yet but ugh... It really pisses me off. I don't want to be afraid of losing my work constantly. This computer is so old, and I desperately need my own laptop... (I have one but like, its a chromebook so it only works for the internet and it's also rlly old and dying out me. Also crashes all the time. Help.) I'm so tired of having to share our only computer with my entire family (I have 5 other siblings who use that computer CONSTANTLY) I don't mean to go off on a mini rant but urghh.. I'm just so frustrated!! I only get time to draw at night and of course that's when my computer decides to be the most unstable! I know I'll be able to afford my own computer/laptop someday but, it sucks waiting until then ;-; I'm not a very patient person hhh... I can't even get a part time job or anything to help get it quicker (personal family reasons..) making art for myself and others could go so much faster if I was just able to draw in my own time, and not on the account if others or my shitty computer.

Anyways.. mini rant over. I just have to get this off my chest. I hope whoever reads this is doing well <3



PINKLOVE - TO DO LIST Header Line by 3oa

Nothing at the moment! ^^



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Check out this super cute species that needs some guest artists!! 

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No deviants said (Honestly these are so adorable and such a fun concept!!! I really like them!!!)


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LeqBatman Featured By Owner May 26, 2018
Hi! Your request is done. It's right here Request: Demon Girl Cobalt
Hope you like it :) 
You are free to do whatever you like with it, upload it anywhere, etc. Do credit me. :D (Big Grin)  
Pffycat Featured By Owner May 26, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I will certainly be crediting you as I was hoping to add this art to her gallery 
thank you for doing this for me!!! It's perfect!! ;7; 
(I never usually request people of anything, so this was a first time thing for me, thank you so so much!! <3<3<3)
LeqBatman Featured By Owner May 26, 2018
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