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or customs,, please i need some more characters,, i realy like natural coloured anthros with some kind of neon details,, im also looking for some kind of yandere girl or some boys idk,, i can pay up to 200 :points:,, : (
i just realized that twenty one pilots vessel was published on.. my fucking birthday
i sorta want to start a new da account but im not sure.. i like this username a lot BLE    T

i wanna be more organized and stuff
if i do move tho, some username suggestions would be very helpful! i could repay in something
id love to draw other people's oc's right now
from here…
n here…

this is mostly for curiosity but i may accept some!! (offers on the 04 folder are more likely to be accepted then on 03!)

for offers i accept : characters, points, euro mons and art (includes customs, animations)

keywords for characters im looking for : fluffy, rose, sno-berry, magical girl, gold, pale

[GOAL REACHED!] Help, I need to see my mom by wanpon
[i]: potted sprout pixelstuff to know[i]: potted sprout pixel 

[i]: potted sprout pixel  i can basicly draw anything exept heavy nsfw ?? like heavy gore is fine but heavy nsfw? na-ah man
[i]: potted sprout pixel  paying with money? euros olny pls
[i]: potted sprout pixel  if you ordered a simple fullbody might finish your commision the same day your ordered !!! p cool right


type ; (lineless fullbody, headshot, etc)
extras ; (shading, speedpaint, one more character or none)
character ref(s) ; (just link a ref or a
personality ; (self explanatory)
pose (optional) ; (describe it or draw it)
paypal or points ? ; (in what will ya be paying?)
feral or anthro ? ; (self explanatory)

10 :points: / 0.10
globle doble by pff-f
extra shading is +5 :points: / 0.05
extra speedpaint is +10 :points: / 0.10
extra character is half price
size is 1000 x 1000


80 :points: / 0.80
shiny! by pff-f
extra shading is +10 :points: / 0.10
extra speedpaint is +10 :points: / 0.10
size is normaly 1024 x 768, but is modified depending on the pose

50 :points: / 0.50
DANGANRONPA V3 GIRL ICONS! [desc] by pff-f
extra speedpaint or shading is +10 :points: / 0.10
size is 1000 x 1000

150 :points: / 1.50
Coral Adoptable OTA [closed] by pff-fTea Reed (custom) by pff-fYellow Adoptable OTA [CLOSED] by pff-f
instead of filling up the form given up above in the start, you need to fill up this one:
gender ;
personality ;
clothes (optional) ; 
moodboard (optional) ;
colours (optional) ;
paypal or points ? ; (in what will ya be paying?)
size is diffirent mostly everytime, but if with a moodboard it's 1019x900…
the winner of the dta is KrystalCat59 !! congratilations !!!

tysm ya'll for joining the dta it was !! p cool
also if you didn't win, don't worry, you still get a lil prize

PeaceSignCat - 20% discount on an ab of an auction or adopt (of mine) (can still be aplied to the adoptable you want to get right now)
ChoccoMao - 50% discount on an ab of an auction or adopt (of mine)

if you're curious about the entries check out my ''i'll keep in mind'' folder !
i'm looking for adopts that would be not above 100 points ? or customs

please link em below aa
lookin for freckly girls (anthro or feral)
A - Age? olny cool b's know
B - Biggest Fear: bugs
C - Current Time: 17:46 / 5:45 pm
D - Drink you last had: nestea
E - Easiest Person To Talk to: basicly all internet friends but i'm most confident to talk with MILKYFUL or Yutaiii at the moment
F - Favorite Song: i honestly have no idea
G - Grossest Memory: when i saw my old cat cough up b l ood
H - Hometown: Kaunas
I - In love with: ; )
J - Jealous Of: basicly everyone
K - Killed Someone? gnats
L - Longest Relationship: i don't think i had a relationship y et
M - Middle Name: i don't have a middle name ??
N - Number of Siblings: 0
O - One Wish: get overwatch
P - Person who you last called: Mum
Q - Question you're always asked: can you teach me how to draw (thanks classmates)
R - Reason to smile: when i smile atleast one person dies
: )))))))
S - Song last sang: The Judge
T - Time you woke up: 7 am
U - Underwear Color: you pervert lol what if a person isn't wearing underwear mines this ugly shade of purple
V - Vacation Destination: Netherlands or Ispania (?)
W - Worst Habit: nails. chewing nails.
X - Xrays you've had: none
Y - Your favorite food: spaghetti
Z - Zodiac Sign: rawr xD…
1. - toysoriana
2. - Drawaiana
3. - PasteIPizza
4. - KrissyVilka
if you guys want new charcters feel free to go to my favorites folder ''my children''

if you want any comment with their link and i'll tell you their price
prices will range from 0-200 points or 0.00-2.00
you could also pay with art
Contest! Ends 31st August!
since i can't do digital art on sundays i do traditional art !!

feel free to leave a ref of some oc of yours in the comments and i'll draw a doodle of it !! maybe a bust, or a halfbody

o r  a  f u l l b o d y  i f  u r  l u c k y

they'll be kinda sketchy and coloured with watercolours!
and uploaded in batches probably
i picked my friends to be in this, but if you don't consider me a friend sorry abt that !!

Pick 15 people and put them in the randomizing box in the link below! 
Then put them in this list in the order they are randomized.

My wedding...

Your groom/bride: enders-vibes (top 10 anime betrayals)

Your best man: S4NSE (o ye)

The ring bearer: LuckyShimmer (aMEN)

The flower girl: Chloeshy (rly fits you!!)

The priest: bluuwave (noice)

The wedding planner: Katja-Pegasus (lucky me)

The bride's maid: draw-kat-bases (rip)

The chef: rnilkbottle (i bet the food would get the best food in the world reward lmao)

The father-in-law: sproxey (mm)

The overly-joyed crying mother-in-law: Yutaiii (:0)

The jealous one: Roca The Raccoon (no boo!!)

The wedding crasher: xKatsuudon (A N G E R Y)

The photographer: SoikryEternelle (wooopiddo)

The person whose wedding I'm jealous of: GALAXYwolf122 (gowdvohdohvfogvu)

The person who's only here for the cake: MILKYFUL (she ate the cake outta depression
because she was betrayed
>:3 )