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First of all: Your food photography isn't horrible at all, don't sell yourself short!

I really love how you draw the eye of the viewer with these few simple lines. I personally "read" pictures from right to left so for me it works wonderful. The gap in the table leads me to the egg whisk, over the wooden spoon to the bowl with strawberries and finally to the absolutely delicious-looking cake.

The composition of the picture also works quite well for me - the tools are lying pretty good (right now I wonder if it would look a little better, if they were not that clean. And the longer I think about it, the more they look just "placed" there - don't know if you get my point. But at first glance they worked well.)

I also love how you placed the small bowl with strawberries in the back - for me repeating elements are always nice to look at.
You have a few more repeating elements - the shades of brown (cake-table and wooden spoon-rolling pin-baking paper). This calms the scene down - and the bright red of the strawberries and the fresh green of the mint conjure a very nice contrast.

Another thing I really like are the textures. The table looks wonderful and so do the strawberries. Often edibles look artificial and not tasty at all but here you controlled the ligth wonderful so they look very tasty and natural.

For me there are only two "negative" points:
First, there is this big dark shadow behind the rolling pin. I can't quite figure out where it comes from so it's a bit distracting for me.

Second one is the tone. For me it's a little bit too much purple (but right now I'm not working at a calibrated screen so it just could look worse than it is). I would love to see it with a little more natural colours...

But overall I really like this picture! It makes me want to taste the cake ;)
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Tiefenschaerfe Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Aw, thank you! I'll keep your points in mind and try to take them to heart next time :) The black in the background comes from another strawberry-pot I placed there. Maybe it would have been better to remove it.
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