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looks like the DA community is stuck in the early 2000's, the system is not updated and does not work any better.  lost to FB and Snapchat and Twitter.  I would like to post here some again but not sure if it is worth the effort.  I will poke around and see if there are any good stack artist around. looking for figurative ones, if you have any recommendations for non erotic one that are still active or have a nice back log of stuff, please let me know.

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I am still around and kicking unfortunately I have not been doing a lot of art.  That is about to change, several projects have been inspiring me and I am going through some life changes that will make more time available/scheduled for the art making process.  

I did want to promote my other projects though, check'm out if you wish

Food blog:

Art/lit/found art zine blog:
This one is still a little thin but it will be coming around soon.

There is one more but it is still in development stage…

keep on doing what you do!
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I am going a week with depriving my self from reading, you can see the blog post here
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I wanted to let you all know that I am still around and have stared to make art again. I had a dry spell with all the crap that had gone on last year of my life. I will be posting some new works shortly.  I have been a bit busy with my once neglected blog.  Been writing all about art, creativity and food along with life and the what evers.  please feel free to check it out here if you would like!  be great if you said hi!
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for all the support over the years, and all the great works that we all shared with one and other here on DA!  you all are special!

just want to share some of my favs with you here:

inner light by Everte :thumb55365556: :thumb47235076: :thumb41185504: Self-Portrait 8.28.06 by zaya :thumb31344565: :thumb35935752: :thumb38894719:
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the last month(s) have been a colmination of work and work and work.  however it has been the 9-5 type that isn't the 9-5 type at all.  more like the 7-7 where you add up hours to the 60+ range and then you get nothing else done couse you are so f'ng tired.  the ot is nice (new computer) but the missed time is an issue.  thank god it is done for the time being...

to check out more what i have been doing, look at my blog, you know you want to!
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I have a drawing that was published in the American Artist Magazine, you can read about it here
in minneapolis, i just want to say i am ok

thanks for your concern
I am taking questions from every(any)one for the month of April and will answer all them in order i get them.  please see my blog here for more detail  I will  be posting then at my blog also,  the first one is up
While I am thinking of it...

feel free to go see my Art . Garage . Sale here I am trying to catch up on some bills so i am offering some of my small paintings at very afforable prices.  Nothing over 40$, i may add some more soon.
this last month or so has been a real peice of shit drama filled and crappy.  if you know someone that you really don't like, respect, trust, and is generaly toxic, follow your gut and stay away even if that person dates a close friend.

i am planning on getting back on track with my art and new job search and work hard at improving my self and the people a care for.  

on a side note, the photo a day project is coming close to its two year marker.  i am not sure if i should do something special or not.  any thoughts?
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so today I got an e-mail from the Saatchi gallery in London, yes that is right folk, from the Saatchi gallery.  so as would be expected I got really nerves and really excited really quickly.  it began with an opening from Lindsay, saying that "I came across your work and was impressed by its quality", shit I think.  I read on and find out it is a spam e-mail from Saatchi gallery promoting their "your gallery" thing that was advertised here on DA.

I have been planning on signing up for this since I saw it a while back, that is not rally a problem.  I would like to know how my email got into their hands.

I am wondering if anyone else from DA got such an email also, I would be really pissed if DA sold my (or anyone else's) email address for any reason.
well, it has be slow art summer for me, i am just getting back into the swing of it, drawing and painting nearly every day, which means i will be posting some new stuff soon.  

the locomotion of my mind is also taking off from the station, building up steam, and presure and gearing up for top speeds.  just hope your care does not stall on the tracks or


you are going to be a sqished speck~

there are a few other thoughts, possible in the works and new ones coming to light in unexpected places...

choo choo mother fuckers, here i come~
i am working on a new project based off of the concept of psycho-geography, you can view this project at my website right here if you are interested.

it is mapping the unseen/overlooked spots in every day life (in a nut shell)
take an object
do something with it
then do something else with it

i just want to say i got way behind here at da, and i just caught up with hundereds and hundreds of posts, i wanted to comment on them but there were way to many and i would not ever catch up if i commented on all the ones i wanted to so i am saying this to the group:

way to go!  your painting, drawing, photo, manipulation or what not is awesome!  

with that said, have a wonderful day!
i started this series spring of 2000 after finding that some establishments had free postcards sitting in thier entryways.  i grabbed some, went home and discovered that they are were ads for this product or that.  i said to my self that i would never send an ad via the mail to someone i know, so i thought about it for a while and decided to alter them!  

these little works where created in a stream of creative fleery and without much forthought.  but most importantly created vary quickly.  it was a way of experimenting without the cost of canvas and the like.  these are some of my more experimental works, some failing, some that really strikes a note with me!  

i still do one or two now and again, but not all that much anymore.  maybe it would help me work out some of this funk i am in...
i am posting a lot of old work that i feel should be on da, i may eventualy write beter discriptions for each one.  for now though, getting it up and seen is more important for me.

if anyone has questions about any work please ask, i will be happy to answer any question you may have!

(oh forgot to say, damn da for being so slow in having the gallery update, it is really anoying)
thursday i was out in the morning taking photos of graveyard statuary.  i have a thing for it, how the licken grows on the stone creating texture and stuff, i now give you the whole lot of them from the digital.  The ones from the film camera will have to wait until i get the film developed.
i have deatctivated all my images from the deviant movile services.  if you really want one of my images for your mobile device's wallpaper, send me a note and i will consider turning on the image you have requested.