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haven't paid much attention here lately, but i will try to get some things up, any requests welcome...

contest coming soon~

Wed Jun 28, 2006, 11:33 AM
begining transmition~

i think i my do a contest soon...

details to follow, however the winner will get a small original painting from me (of my choosing)

~end transmition

i just wanted to say thanks for the faves and watches that i got while i have been neglecting my stock account, i think i will try to add some new stuff soon...
when you commented at my website, you did not leave me your e-mail address, please do or send me a note through da
i have not been around my stock account for quite some time, i am going to try to be around more, i have so many photos to upload.  

welcome all you new people, and thanks for choosing pexa-stock for all your stocking needs.

you can see my main da page here
my daily photo project can be found here
and my personal site is here
i have deactivated the deviant mobile service, if you really want on as your mobile device's wallpaper, drop me a note and i will consider it.
I was interviewed by a art website called Artist Perspective.  

The direct link to the interview can be found here

see first journal entry for usage of my stock
this is my stock accout

Rules go as follows, failure to follow them will result in you being declared a terrorist by our commander in chief, at which point there will be a war declaration on you and all your terrorist friends.  Bombs will follow and you will be taken to an undisclosed location to be tortured by dick c. until you relinquish all your assets...

1. You will not use any image off of this site for any commercial gain, on or off of without express written consent from me with the exception of non digital art (drawing, painting sculpture).

2. You will not use any image off of this pexa-stock for any reason off of with out my approval first (i.e. your own personal website, your online journal, etc…) with the exception of non digital art (drawing, painting sculpture).

3. You will put a link to pexa-stock with your description of the work of art where ever you display it.

4. You will send me a link to the image so I can see it and fav it.

Have fun!

my other acount is ~pexa

daily selfportrait project photo-a-day