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Pewdiepie: Among the sleep cover. by skyrore1999
Pewdiepie - version 2 by luzifersdaughter
PewdieCry: that BLOODY history by Micatsa
Grab My BROFIST! MEME by NSYee36
Main Folder 1
PewDiePie Papercraft by sharkey676
When pewdie left~:) by huey4ever
PDC - VACATIONS!!!... i guess? by Lack-chan
Pewdiepie in Silent Hill by RottingRoot
Main Folder 2
GOODBYE NEGATIVITY!!!!!! by Prince-riley
JACKSEPTICEYE IS A THIEF!!!!!! by Prince-riley
Someone's gonna get rekt by Prince-riley
Pewdiepie Portrait by akshay31
Pewdiepie Memes
Pewdiepie meme by Angelicheartbeats
Pewdie Expression Meme by Kaiyoko-chan
PewdiePie Facial Expression Meme :mine: by Zenjaka
Pewdiepie facial expressions meme! by ChibiKirin
Martin Contest by Hexakowka
Martin by seneralatte
PewdiePie in Slender (Gif!) by SiobhanDeSwardt
Pewdie pixel by rubykind
Look, I drew pewdie as a ______ 8D
AoM Chopnese by SesshaXIII
.:Stephano:. by Siyamese
PewDiePie pony!! by cutegal129
PewDiePie MLP by Black-Rose-Emy
PewDiePie :3 GIF by LilxCherrypop
PewDiePie Singing GIF by BnWButterfly
Fireflies | sketch by StephanoTheStatue
Chair mode activated! by chibi-raiden
shy pewdiepie pony version. by arrowmeadow



Here are some links for you to find Pewdiepie, the amazing hillarious schizophrenic chair-loving window-humping statue-throwing armor-beheading beard-rubbing oil-wasting tinderbox-hoarding knife-chopping leg-bruising webcam-falling smashnese-speaking barrel-loathing laudananananananuming sexy-dancing cheeta-riding bro-fisting Swedish horror youtube Let's Player and be epictastisized!




:bulletred::skull::bulletred: Main Channel!
:bulletblue::peace::bulletblue: 2nd Channel!
:bulletpurple::horns::bulletpurple: Brologs!…





:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:FAQ:pewdiepie-fan-club.deviantart.… :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:


PewDiePie Fanblub For Evaarr by LilxCherrypop Support Stephano Stamp. by ChocoGumi

"I started finishing this off to Amnesia play throughs, so some hilarious memories of PewdiePie the Swedish pussy screaming like a girl comes to mind when I glance at this.

(When he's scared shitless and wondering where the monster is he calls out for it.) "Heellloooooo~ monster?"

(Jumping down a corridor.) "Woop. Woop. Woop."

He's so adorable at times XD
When he struggles with English words, he does however speak English better than some people I know who have been born and raised here in England.
(Trying to pronounce 'security'.) "vats a schurty?"
(Trying to pronounce 'chain'.) "Shane."

Cockiest hello I ever heard him say, then reverted to a screaming man child in milliseconds.

(Fiddling with a door button which only exists on one side of the door.)
"OH HACKZ!*GASP* Maybe I can lock him [in here]! Monster?! Come HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO~ (monster comes out of no where against his screen.) AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Runs into his own trap XD.)."


~words of JokerLovesBatman :D , (pic unrelated)
Quoted from this…

Part 7 of Penumbra: Black Plague: one of the funniest episodes of Pewdie's very old but unforgettable Let's Play of the Penumbra series from Frictional Games.

About art submission.....
:bulletred:All submissions are subject to vote in order to control the content of the group. (Long story.)

:bulletred: Submitting your art to this group automatically gives Pewdiepie permission to use it for his videos- He looks through here sometimes and will probably use it anyway.

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::::~Banned Content~::::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple:
:bulletorange:Sexual themes of ANY kind
:bulletorange:WIP's (we will only accept it if or when it is completed.)
Thank you bros.

Stephano Minecraft Item! by TheIronDragonBrigade IT'S SO DARK, PEWDIE by medli20 Mr. Flappyjaw by medli20



:iconbrofistacademy: BrofistAcademy :iconthe-cat-ladyfc: The-Cat-LadyFC My name is Susan Ashworth... :iconbro-army: BRO-ARMY It is EPIC TiMe :iconyoutube-stars: Youtube-Stars :iconthebroaudience: TheBroAudience How's it Goin Audience? :iconpewdiecry-fanclub: PewdieCry-Fanclub Just, don't worry about it :iconpewdiecry: PewDieCry Bro day everyday! -brofist- :iconpewdiexcutie: PewdieXCutie :iconpewdiecrybuscus: PewdieCryBuscus Bro day, every day.. BOOP!! :iconpewdiepie-bros-unite: Pewdiepie-Bros-Unite :iconall-things-pewdiepie: All-Things-Pewdiepie :iconanti-barrel-club: Anti-Barrel-Club Barrels.... Can't trust em, EVER :iconcutiepiemarzia: CutiePieMarzia My Name is Cuuutiepie :3 :icongamers-united: Gamers-United ~*Born To Play*~ :iconb-a-a-s: B-A-A-S Bro Audience Army of Safety! :iconmmd-pewdiepie: MMD-Pewdiepie Become a Bro Today! :iconpewdiepiearmy: PewDiePieArmy *Brofist* :iconpewdiepies-broarmy: PewDiePies-BroArmy BRODAY EVERYDAY! *Brofist*






Recently there have been people wondering what happened to this group/if it's inactive. The answer to that is Meleena and I simply cannot find the time to approve submissions, so there weren't any submissions coming through. "Main Folder 2" in the gallery is now public for your convenience.

Sorry for all the confusion and inactivity.

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Crystal--Skies Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Student General Artist
we need some pure 2018 Felix up in here with his rockin Viking beard
o-Ironical-O Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I adore Pewds, really, he was a huge part of my life opening up to the internet and even learning how to speak English. But... it breaks my heart that I can't enjoy his new content no matter how hard I try, I feel like I have lost my fave YouTuber...

I loved it back in 2013 to the early 2015's, I loved it when he made random jokes and reactions, I loved it how he giggled and laughed, made me laugh with him. IDK but I just miss him so damn much and even though I respect his new change, I couldn't adjust to it...

I have been a bro since 2013 and I am proud, I just, love Felix anyway and enjoy seeing him develop into a new person each year.

Felt the need to say it, so, I thought why not here, since I came across this group. c: //brofist 
annnonymoose Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
some fans of pewdiepie are insane
annnonymoose Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
pew pew pew
Voreman56 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck pewdiepie he is only a rich douche who is no better at backing up his trash talking mouth than Donald trump! Because of his trash talk he made a video game producer quit because he wouldn't use his goddam brain and admire a game better than many other bullshit he's played but did he criticize said bullshit games no maybe he should put his money where his goddam mouth is because I'd love to see him try to create a game better than the one he put down using the same budget they had 100,000 dollars. I can safely bet if he were to see this comment he would shrug it off without any idea upon the repercussions of his reviews.
dbzlover05 Featured By Owner Edited May 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So basically you wasted 15 minutes of your life saying how much you hate pewds on a pewdiepie group. How dumb are you? You know that you didn't had to comment here if you didn't liked him so it really wasn't necessary. You don't know anything about pewdiepie or what he does. He does his videos to entertain his fans and that the money really don't matter to him. Have you watched any of his videos before making up lies about him? If you hate pewdiepie fine, I can respect that but I suggest you take that negative comment on a group that hates pewdiepie because at least there they'll agree with you there instead of here.

And do not compare a Youtuber who enjoys entertaining his fans and is a nice person to a man who's delusional, has no idea how politics work, and is a complete ass to the whole world. Have a nice day.
EvrenTheStatue Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016   Digital Artist
May I join?
CreditColors Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cani join plez? *Brofists*
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