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once again gonna say it

once again gonna say it

do not reupload my art here it should go without saying, yet here i am having to say it again. do not reupload my art to deviantart.

doot doot updoot

doot doot updoot

over the next couple days, ill be cleaning up my gallery and moving stuff to the archive i'll also be removing the 2013 folder from it because i dont see much of a reason to keep around dinky flash drawings from when i was a teenager (and theyre all terrible too so that helps). outside of that, i dont think anything else in the archive will be deleted, but stuff from my gallery will be moved there (like ive done every year), mostly the stuff of under 18 characters i added a twitter backup to it today so there might be some duplicate pieces because of it, i havent actually combed through it enough. i think there shouldnt be any furry in there but dont yell at me if there is a lot people keep asking me to use da again and to do that, id like to refresh and try to sort of start it over. every time i come back to use this site i feel like im looking at a couple years ago instead of the present and it always feels trying to catch up is overwhelming so i think its easier to try and

update for patrons

update for patrons

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curious but what do you think of this warframe artwork?

Warframe FatFrame Big and Full Protea

why you left us ?.........

I'm glad you don't delete your old art, but I'm still kinda sad to see it hidden away, since some of my favorite pieces just got "cleaned up". Still, at least I can still enjoy them at all :3

I don't understand, he cleaned up so many good pieces. ):

What anime girl is on your userpic?
I hope you draw kefla weight gain sequence...please...
I support this!