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To date, I've been using DeviantArt to display the bulk of my work: illustration, design, photography, prop work, etc.  After some careful thought, I decided that DA isn't my preferred outlet for everything.  I will still be posting illustration work, especially pieces I do for fun, along with prop work, which is also pretty much for fun.  I will still be posting, but this does mean less frequent submissions.  

For anyone who would like to see more of my design work, I'm on BeHance:
I also regularly update my personal site:
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One of the things I've been up to is overhauling my book The Adorable Horribles.  I replaced two of the original creatures with ones I feel work better, did a lot of polishing throughout the book, and completely re-lettered everything.  I'm very happy with the changes and after it's re-proofed, it's back to work hunting publishers.

One thing I wanted to mention (to anyone who might read this journal) is that the book has a facebook page.  It doesn't have a lot going on with it but I do create new weird creatures and post them there sometimes.  I would greatly appreciate anyone who clicked the "like" button for the book.  If I can get the facebook page to show more interest for example, it would improve my pitch on getting the book sold, that kind of thing.

So if anyone has a moment to check it out, you can get to the facebook page through the book's website:

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I just want to quickly plug my website:

I obsessively revise (and completely replace) my personal web site quite a bit.  At one point, I had an overly complex Flash web site, but eventually grew to dislike it.  For the last two years, I maintained a basic html page, essentially a placeholder.  It had content but lacked any sort of style, essentially a big old gray web site.

NOW:  I've made a much better, polished web site active.

Check it out!
The World Eater Shark - Concept 1 by systemcat

This epic illustration was done by an incredible woman known as "systemcat" here on DeviantArt.  It is the first commission I've ever had done for me and I'm very excited about it.  Please check out Systemcat.  Watch her, favorite her work!

I have a deep love of sharks, especially the Great White.  What systemcat portrayed here: a Worldeater.... it captures everything I could possibly want in a commission.

The execution is brilliant.  She shows no hesitation in combining many different techniques, and does so very well.  The color choices are very nice.  The textures make the piece uncomfortably realistic.  The look of the scrambling doomed is hopeless and futile.  The stuff of nightmares.  

Right now I'm focusing on making some heavy progress on my second book: The Trilobite Time Traveler.

The script I'm working off of has four parts and is around 50 pages long.  I've been working on Part One for about a year but haven't had a chance to completely focus on it (admittedly because I get sidetracked on other random projects a lot).  What I'd really like to do is complete Part One and get that online (here and three other places).  Instead of completing a page at a time, I'm working on the remaining five pages in an "assembly line" process.  Pencil all five pages, then ink, etc.

I've recently finished penciling a new page and now I'm moving on to the next.

My other goals for the near future are to finish my script revisions on parts 2-4 and to revamp the title graphic with Adobe Illustrator so that it's vector-based allowing it to work for multiple purposes.

Once I have those five pages online, I'm also going to post "research photographs."


PS - I'm also contemplating raising Triops as inspiration.  Same kingdom, same phylum.  I've already got the eggs.
So far in my life, the majority of my art starts out as pencil, then ink, gets scanned, and then digitally colored and enhanced.  For a few years, I've been considering using a pen/tablet, even if only for the coloring phase.  I finally decided to get serious and narrowed it down to a specific model (The Wacom Intuos 4) by asking a graphic designer/illustrator named Scott Blair ( of whom I'm a big fan.  I went with the "medium" size because a lot of what I do doesn't require drawing from the elbow.  There are two bigger sizes from Wacom.

After getting the tablet, I immediately went through the tutorials and went to work.  I did a new art piece for my "sci-fi pin-up" series, specifically Jill Whitlow in "Night of the Creeps."  I discovered quite quickly that I LOVED the tablet.  There were many things I had not realized would be such huge improvements.  

Obviously the big one is that unlike the past where the digital phase was always a "post-production," there are huge advantages to doing the creation digitally.  The ease of zooming, changing point size, switching layers WHILE working speeds up everything significantly.  Previously, if I wanted to zoom I'd move my cursor to the left, select the magnifying glass, then zoom, then reselect my tool, etc. with a lot of extra cursor moves on my part.  Now you just slide the wheel while you work!

I also found myself experimenting a lot more.  Before, all my lines would start out black, and once scanned I could change the color.  This was tedious and I would use such an effect sparingly.  With the tablet, I discovered myself creating with a lot more freedom and trying a lot of new things.

The only disadvantage with the tablet is that I like it so much I could see where the "Large" size would have been better.  The Medium does suit my needs and should be adequate.  It's mainly a matter of realizing how amazing the tablet is and thinking the increased tablet/screen ratio would be nice and provide even more efficiency.

The coolest, most awesome aspect of the tablet, for me on a personal level, is in "augmenting" my technique.  Without getting into the long story, I have a tremor in my hand.  It slows me down with penciling and especially inking (where there is no eraser!).  I noticed with the tablet that I am able to work with or at least around the tremor, which is a miracle to me.  I've literally been unwilling to get surgery to correct the tremor because I didn't want to lose mobility for the art.  The tablet has me kicking myself I didn't transition sooner!  


Hey, Paul here.

This is an update and "general information" post about my first book, "The Adorable Horribles."  Adorable Horribles is an alphabet book I completed in 2009 (began in 2007).  It's 26 different hybrid creatures I illustrated and put to different distinct backgrounds that represent each letter of the alphabet.  Each one also has a story.

The book hasn't been published YET.  I'm now deep into a much more aggressive push for publication.  Up until recently, I was very limited by the high cost and lengthy time of making demo books by myself.  Now, I've gotten set up with a company that provides demo hard copy versions of the book at very little cost.  This will make it possible to send out a lot more!

Leading up to getting these demos, I made a lot of modifications to the actual material, mostly layout tweaks and general polishing.  I'm very pleased with the overall appearance of the book now.

And to assist the process, the original website at has been completely overhauled.  Instead of a separate html and flash website, the concepts have been combined into one website.  A lot of work has gone into the website itself and even more work has gone into one flash game called "Safari!"  The game is very interactive and chronicles my trip to the planet where these creatures live and allows the user to find (and HEAR) several of the creatures.

I've also included work showing my progress on the follow-up book "The Trilobite Time Traveler."

Paul L. Petzrick
I thought I would quickly describe what projects I'm working on and what I have planned for the future.  It's so awesome for me to have individuals from all across the world checking out my art.  

0.  Not really an art project, but before I do anything else, I really need to get my overhaul finished for The Adorable Horribles (website).  There's a website online already at but I've spent A LOT of time polishing it and incorporating more efficient web design techniques such as hover images and a lot of CSS.  What I'm left with now is this one interactive Flash game.  (My actionscript is rusty!)  I'm going to stop rambling about that, as I'll post a new journal when the new site launches and talk about my progress with publication of the actual book.

1.  A !!!SECRET!!! project.  The main reason for my lack of posting new pieces is that I've gotten totally obsessed with this one stand-alone poster I've been illustrating.  It's essentially my vision of the ultimate battle between "good" and "evil," but I think a lot of people will be surprised by what it is.  Anyhow, it's becoming epic but still needs quite a bit more work.  I think this may actually be the most I've obsessed over one single illustration... started two months ago and have put somewhere in between 100 - 200 hours into it already.

As a result of all the time I've been spending on the secret project I've found myself needing smaller projects so that I can get that feeling of accomplishment when I finish a work.  

2.  AND 3.  I've got two more "sci-fi pin-ups" planned.  One is another Battlestar Galactica piece but this time I'm doing the original series.  The other is Critters 2: The Main Course.  Yes, Critters 2: The Main Course.

4.  Back to full steam ahead on The Trilobite Time Traveler.  I'll probably come up with side projects here and there, but I'm going to try and avoid things like the secret poster I'm doing because I want to focus on TTTT.  Essentially, my immediate goal with that is to get the first ten pages (part one of a three-part book) online because I feel that will be a good way to start getting people interested in the concept.  Part one will end on a cliffhanger, with the starring trilobite literally vanishing into time.  Essentially Part One will serve as a demo for the whole book, and maybe improve chances of publication.
I've never been one for "journals" and I've never endorsed anything but this is actually important.  As most of you can relate, our artwork can not be priced.  About two months ago, an external hard drive with years of artwork went really, really bad.  I was destroyed. Honestly and perhaps unfortunately, my art projects have given me more meaning than any romantic relationship I've ever had.  I took the drive to two local companies at first, then sent the drive to a company in Florida that does "data recovery" who advertised that they have the best equipment possible and they routinely deal with worst case scenarios.  A lot of companies advertise the same thing.  Not only did they fail - - they told me it was impossible with today's technology.  I gave up.  After a week, I decided I'd give it one more shot simply for peace of mind.  I found a company that does FORENSIC data recovery.  This is the kind of place the FBI or CIA goes to and after some checking, I discovered they have a "clean room" that is better than any other clean room in the entire world.  They retrieved ALL the artwork.  This sort of thing is insanely expensive but I have no regrets, considering what my art is to me.  If you have a problem, and no one else can help, than maybe you should check out