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Fraggles versus Minions



The thought process that led to this poster is logical. First, there was a desire to tribute Jim Henson, who is a fantastic source of inspiration. Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock" (1983-1987) has always been truly important to me, since I first watched it as a child in the 80s. Fraggles do the right thing and never make choices based upon morally corrupt motives. In all ways, they represent GOOD.

In reversing that concept, my mind immediately went to the 1987 children's horror film, "The Gate." When I was little, this film connected with me in a way completely opposite of the goodness of Fraggle Rock. The minions, and the amazing stop-motion and forced perspective work that brought them to life, truly terrify me and always will. I dare not think about minions too much while outside at night. They represent EVIL.

Both are small underground-dwelling creatures. And I believe if these two universes crossed, they would immediately become sworn enemies. And despite Fraggles having no concept of "war," it would become necessary to wage an all out battle with the creatures unleashed from The Gate.
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The demon lord looks like Chojin from Urotsukidoji Legend of the Overfiend, ever seen that one? a similar movie but more shocking and graphic and animated.