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Brundlefly Quote by Petzrick Brundlefly Quote by Petzrick
I wasn't sure which category to add this in as it is an unusual creation. This is one of my favorite quotes from David Cronenberg's The Fly and truly represents the complex and multi-layered film. While this is a quote from The Fly, it is also a reference to Franz Kafka.

Here's my lengthy description of the process:

This is a composite of nearly 25 different photographs of a three-dimensional poster I created. While I originally began pursuing this design in a digital medium, I switched to physical to obtain a grittier, more realistic look. The first line "I'm an insect who dreamt he was a man and love it." and the word "brundle" were cut out of presentation board (foam sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard). The rest of the text was cut out of separate pieces of foam and then glued onto the presentation board. The word AWAKE was attached with sewing pins to create an additional layer of separation. Glowing green slime was then made (in the exact same fashion the predator's blood was created for Predator 2). After the top line was filled with slime, black light was shined at different areas of the poster and photographing began. The amount of slime was increased over the span of nearly 300 photos. By the end of the shoot, the original poster was mostly destroyed. The best photos were then selected and composited together, using the different black light angles for letter coloring. Minor correction was made in Photoshop on some letters.
systemcat Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
Love the wild look of the lettering in this one :thumbsup:.
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