You're standing with a group of people and all of a sudden you blurt out something really stupid. What do you do? :XD:
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Quickly change the subject, hoping they'll forget about it
Get embarrassed and turn bright red
Laugh it off/make a joke out of it
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Laugh it off ...most people that know me know I'm able to come up with off the wall stuff at a moments notice...they've learned to overlook or ignore me at those moments.. ;-)
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Generally, I will try to laugh it off and say something like, "I think someone spiked my Starbucks."
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I usually pull the, "Did I say that out loud?" and give a :confused: look. Or, grab your temples and say, "Stop telling me to turn off the iron. I turned off the iron. Stop talking in my head." The first works best with friends. The second is best with strangers, because who cares if they think you hear your iron talking to you. :shrug: :giggle:
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Haha.. I liked that! :rofl:
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no one takes a :penguin: seriously so i have not had that issue :saddummy:
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I did once, I wish I have a follow-up
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Just be myself as you'd actually be surprised that in reality i actually do that in a crowd quite often!! XD
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Well fortunately you have pro friend to help in this matter.

1)These are the situations where it is important to be ear·nest. Adjective
Resulting from or showing intense conviction: "an earnest student". Take it from me if you do this they must rethink what you said and think they must somehow be the ones who are wrong or lacking information.

2) Now the second is just plain :iconbullshitplz: a truly skilled person in this can find a way out of just about anything. Buy my book "The Art of :iconbullshitplz:

3) Now an experienced person can use this not recommended for a beginner but look at somebody intensely :iconeyeplz::iconeyeplz: with roughly the same sound voice and ask "What id you say?"

4) add a "that's what they said" somewhere to make all think you were just quoting somebody else

5) Watch a marathon of :iconthreestoogesplz: to learn my more sophistication in social settings and various techniques but patting your head and doing a Curly Wuuuuwuuuuuuwuuuuu can work in a pinch
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LOL I'm going to print this and put it on my wall :rofl:
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Its all in my book "The Art of :iconbullshitplz: " buy at Amazon for ONLY 19.95!!! Impress you friends and have this prestigious on your coffee table :iconyesss--plz:
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Take all your clothes off, put your underwear over your head and then run away screaming in Latin :D
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My underwear over my head?!... awesome! :lmao: I'll just drop down and play dead I guess :rofl:
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