What is your favorite summer perfume/cologne?
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Tell me :D
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citrus and vanilla .a wonderful friend sent me
Attar Mubakhar the scent is so warm and lovely.
by swill Arabian.....
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I wear channel allure homme
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daisy is my fave, 
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moshino cheap and chic
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Harajuku Lovers "Love"

I smile every time I put it on...smells so summery
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LoveStruck by Vera Wang :heart:
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Sephora: coco and mango water perfume. Those little sticks.
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I wear Davidoff cool water - I don't really have a fave, after a while they all make me feel sick :laughing: but this one has lasted the test of time :D 
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Ha! I used to wear this some years ago, it was my first 'real' perfume.. yes, the men's version, I prefer it over the women's :lol: I still love it :D
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I used to wear Versace Man too, I really liked that one, but now it gives me a headache.. :D 
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I've never smelled that one, but I will :D I have a love/hate thing with Versace perfumes.. I love Bright Crystal but it only lasts 5 minutes on me, and Crystal Noir which is in my top 5 list and lasts forever but it gives me headaches... I can only wear it in the coldest winter nights :lmao: :D
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Jennifer Lopez's Glowing I wear all year round. Pink Chiffon from Bath and Body Works.  Oh, and, if scented body lotions count then coconut vanilla from Bath and Body works. :D
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Of course scented lotions count Candi! Actually,  the best summer scent for me is the smell of suntan lotion mixed with sand and salt water :D
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Oh, yes, that's a good one. :D
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Aww Canan, I was sure you would wear Chanel! :aww: I've never owned a full bottle of Chance, only a sample, it's a lovely scent though.. But out of all Chanel's perfumes I love Allure Sensuelle the most. It was love at first sniff!  It's so elegant and sophisticated yet dark and mysterious, not exactly sexy but.. 'inviting' :lol: .. just divine! Could be my signature scent.. when I grow up :lmao: ..  Lol, I love to talk about perfumes, eh? :rofl: :hug:
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Have two favorites during the whole year, Angel and Opium :D
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Oh I love Angel! But I can't wear it in summer, it gives me headaches :/
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I can only wear the heavy musky scents...:D
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Fresh cut pinewood from my axe and chainsaw. :-)
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Mine is Oilily Lucky Girl. <3
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