I just spent four days of my life working on a picture, only to scrap it in the end.No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it to look how I pictured it in my mind. Please, tell me I'm not the only one :crying:
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You're not, it happens to me too sometimes
It never happened to me :iconsothereplz:
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My dear,you are not the only one!!!
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It happens to me oftenStupid Me! 
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Hi, Sweety! This happens to me, too! You are not allone! :love:
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Happens to me too - I keep them now and go back after a few months and generally wait for more than a year before I delete. Sometimes mine have worked later or at least any images that you spent time cutting out can be used elsewhere. :D
The other really odd thing I have noticed is the pictures I think are not so good and have thought of not uploading are the ones that others seem to like the best??? Maybe you were not happy with what you did but others might have been. :heart:
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I too keep unfinished works but rarely (read: never) come back to them.. :lol:
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:tighthug: happens to me more then I wish for dearest
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You're definitely not the only one. It happens to me often. :heart:
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We can't all be like the 2% of perfect people now can we? :spotlight-left:
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Lol perfection is boring anyway :laughing:
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It is the worst feeling in the world. Usually, I just put it to the side and forget it for a while, when I go back to it with fresh eyes I eventually figure out what was wrong and am able to fix it quickly.
I am talking about writing but I believe the rule applies here too.
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I believe the rule applies to visual arts too and I even have a folder just for unfinished works.. only that I never come back to them :XD:
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Oh, but you should!
It is so satisfying to finish something you had a hard time with. :aww:
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Plenty...just today in fact...:steaming:
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I have a few such unfinished pictures too. I think it's normal. :-)
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You are not the only one my dear friend :hug:
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most of the times i work on smth in photoshop for example, i forget to save regulary, and lately my pc is acting weird and shuts down suddenly..and all my work vanishes the moment the pc dies...
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