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Hello my friends, it's me again. A couple of days ago I posted a journal informing you that I was leaving DA. I was absolutely sure in my decision. But I wasn't prepared for what followed.. Many of you have reached out to me with such kind and warm words; I'm overwhelmed by all the love and support I received. Thank you for caring and thinking of me! I'm truly touched and honored to have you in my life, even if we never meet :aww: :love: I simply cannot ignore all the amazing friends I have here, it wouldn't be me! ...So, long story short... I decided to stay.

It'll take me a while to catch up with messages, comments and your latest works so please be patient with me :)

Much love to you all :heart: 
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Glad you decided to stay dear :heart:
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The nice thing and what makes it great to DA not only are the works of art, also the amazing people. Without people like you this would not be the same. I'm glad you stay here. A hug dear Pe!! :iconkawaiihugplz:
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :tighthug: :tighthug:
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yay woot woot yay
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We do not want to loose to watch your amazing artwork.    I am happy you stay here!!!!!!! Hugs
I am so happy you will stay  dear Pe :heart:
:woohoo: :blowkiss:
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I'm SO glad! You are one of my most active watchers and I LOVE that you actually take the time to respond, fave, comment, etc instead of just floating around in cyberspace. I am taking initiative to be more active as well. I actually purchased a premium membership because it makes me feel guilty if I DON'T get on here at least once a day since I'm paying for no ads and other premium stuff. Anyway glad you're staying!!
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