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new facebook page

Hello my friends! As you may have noticed, I've recently changed my dA username from Ideasplayer to my name -- Petya Plamenova. This was not a decision I made overnight. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I believe it  was a right decision.  Back in 2011 I've started my website Ideasplayer with the idea to make it a place for Photoshop tutorials & resources. But things have changed over those years. Most importantly I changed!  I feel that this name just doesn't fit me anymore.  And what name would suit me better than my own? So, I've changed it here, it was the easy part. It was a little trickier with my Facebook page though as the new name looked way too different from the current one and they wouldn't allow the change. I had no other choice but create a new page. So I did!

If you like my art and want to see wip's, before-afters and more than I post here, follow me! 


Thank you for your support :love:

And now to the feature :D

Wonderful works of art, enjoy!

Sadness.. by AledJonesDigitalArt  ForSaKen by mimikascraftroom We have been fooled by tricks by Black-B-o-x The Dryad by ArielRGH 
 Signs by Ellysiumn Spring sonata by RankaStevic Under the sea by alexamorath 
Lady Rose by maiarcita Natural History museum. by AliaChek Smile by Canankk 
Levitation in the Light by Nikulina-Helena Lady in Blue by FairieGoodMother  
 Walking on a Dream by Sisterslaughter165 
Sovereign of Golden deers by IgnisFatuusII Rose's Soul by Lora-Vysotskaya Rebuke by LewiARTs 
Returning The Shooting Stars by JayGraphixx Wild Flowers by 1chick1 Fury by Dani-Owergoor 
I Still Remember by Lior-Art Beyond the sunset by jiajenn Torn by danieloooo 
The Encounter by Secretadmires Flora by LanaTustich RED by naradjou14 Japanese garden by SYLVIAsArt 
A Bad Friend by FantasyArt0102  Another World by Azot2021 
Sunshine Kiss by WhimsicalBlue Desert Thief by Eithnne Amazon 11 by muirart 
I Summon thee by JayGraphixx Gothic Inflatables Get Yours TODAY by Arthur-Ramsey  
Sunset on the rocks by Julianez Mystic Dance by adrianamusettidavila  The Broken Mirror by Kallaria  
Rune Service - Book Covers by FrostAlexis  The devil of Fifth Avenue by MagicalFlowerBomb Do I Wanna Know by Amaranta-G In a dream by PaquiFg 
The Lake of my Dreams by CarmensArts Finally, spring is here by HILIF The Beach Hut by deepgrounduk Between the silver linings by dresew 
Mother's Love  by EstherPuche-Art The Little Prince by BBstar7 Cupid and Psyche by annewipf  
Like fenix i rise again by ShinyphotoArt Jurassic World Photobomb by RenatoSs it's time for another one day ... by little-one-girl 
A Caged Mind by SummerDreams-Art  I don't want grandmother, I want my wolf! by CharllieeArts The Ambassador by vampirekingdom 
Angelic Gate  by GEPENDRAGON Queen of the Night by LaercioMessias Elizabeth by Irrisor-Immortalis 

© 2017 - 2021 PetyaPlamenova
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Thank you so much my dear friend!:heart::hug:
Beautiful journal :love: 
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beautiful journal.......
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Thank you very much for the feature Petya, much appreciated :hug:
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thank u so much for the feature ! :hug:
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Thank you so much for including my work in your featureHeart Hug 
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Thank you so much for the feature :hug:
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Thanks a lot for including my art :hug: Stunning feature !
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Always a pleasure dear :hug:
Please forgive my long delay in responding. My health has had the best of me. Fortunately I am on my way to recovery but it will take a while. I am humbled and so very thankful for being included in this amazing feature. Many blessings to you. :heart:
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Always a pleasure dear :hug:
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Beautiful feature! Thank you for including my work :hug:
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Wow! Thank you very much! :huggle:
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Thank you Pe, lovely choice!Heart  I am facing the same problem since I can't open "madink" website (that would cost few thousands pounds more), that why now I am"madink2000", I have to decide to change it anyway quite soon ;) (Wink) 
PetyaPlamenova's avatar
Just curious, why you can't open "madink" website? Is the domain taken? Or madink (without the "2000" ) is taken here? And you're welcome :hug:
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