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Hello friends, watchers and everyone. This is most likely my last feature...
I used to LOVE this site but now I've really given up. I'm sick of people blaming me for things I haven't done and I'm sick of people expecting everything for nothing. So, I'm leaving. Seriously, enough's enough! I need a break. At least for a little while... I realize I sound like a drama queen but you know what? I do not care.
For those of you who want to stay in touch you can find me on Facebook.

Some really beautiful pieces of art...

SUN in my hand by k-i-mm-i-e  Favorite by Spiegellicht  Luise by Megan-Arts waterfall... by mirandaarts  Numb by LidiaVives  .... To It by naradjou14 

Early Morning by Lior-Art Cosmic Symphony by Ellysiumn The Way by Dieffi  Autumn's Reprise by creativemikey 

<da:thumb id="493928172"/>  Owl Parliament by deskridge  Silk-Princess by EnchantedWhispersArt  W i n t e r by LadyNight93  Le pays imaginaire inonde by Marjie79  La Hembra de Zorro by CarlosAE  The thief by TaniaART 

Everytime I think of you by EstherPuche-Art  Heaven by stellartcorsica  Rainy... by Nataly1st  Forrest Gump by crilleb50  Wind Element by BrennsArtAttic All Is Violent, All Is Bright by AsliYeniay  True Love by x-bossie-boots-x 

  Folded page by MarkOoMarben  The End is Near by feanen-lazuli  Poppies by Notvitruvian  

Gazelle by Forjani  Moana by FurorArt <da:thumb id="493270271"/>  Halloween Night by CaryAndFrankArts  Night light - Book Cover by UnderlandDigital  El Hada de la Luna by maiarcita  Louder Than Words by MoodyBlue 

Autumn Woods by PrincessMagical  The sunset and the surfer by Dogbytes    <da:thumb id="493535978"/> 

Grapes For Free by Canankk Lost by KarahRobinson-Art Polar Vortex by charmedy Winter Joy by debzdezigns-lamb68 

<da:thumb id="493283985"/> Moonlight solitude by katmary  The Dark Priestess by muirart  L I L I T H by Lvcifera Marcher vers la lumiere by Kallaria  The Fool Dances by x-bossie-boots-x 

  Retribution2 by revande  

Mature Content

En la profundidad del alma by Marazul45
 Exorcist by BrietOlga 

Floating by CaptainSwanForever  The Hour of Revenge by Doucesse Escape Plan by s2headeagle  

Always with you by Garden-Of-BlackRoses The Birth Of Cthulhu by ralfw666 Gifts-of-autumn by ArtbyValerie Seeking a new little mermaid by Le-Meridian  SeCReT LeGaCY by mimikascraftroom 

 A Long Way To Fall by Pixx-73  The Lair by robhas1left I Gave my All by BrennsArtAttic  Cerberus by tamaraR 

Special Night to Kill by Wesley-Souza The silent God by gotman68   

Bad apple by Garden-Of-BlackRoses  The All-seeing by Iskander1989  Lady by SerafimaUN  Keeping Watch II by Cinnamoncandy  Moon drop by Nataly1st  The Tomb by muirart  Portrait of a Witch by Noitusan 

Bella Muerta by LT-Arts  San Francisco by KarinClaessonArt  A Long Journey by x-bossie-boots-x 

Mature Content

The Samhein Vessel by TriZiana

<da:thumb id="492356337"/>  Archangel Sariel by ThelemaDreamsArt  Succubus by RoseCS  Close to my heart by CindysArt Halloween 2014 by Nikulina-Helena 

Juliet (Winter on the Balcony) by ChristabelleLAmort Another Dream_08 by caddman  Selene the witch by GinebraCamelot 

Happy Halloween, Bitches by FictionChick Halloween Night Collab by Sandra-Cristhina Halloween Night - collaboration by neverdying Just a play (with my little dragon) by Altair-E 

Steampunk war by Sweetlylou  ERA II / COVER by Carlos-Quevedo  Take me away by CrisestepArt  M-A-G-I-C by ChiantyVex  Commissioned portrait 2 by ArielRGH  Weather The Storm by Jans-art 

Magical-Halloween by EnchantedWhispersArt <da:thumb id="492509526"/> <da:thumb id="491784130"/>  Untitled by KarahRobinson-Art <da:thumb id="487352831"/> <da:thumb id="490805072"/> 

Alive by Walking-Tall  Cat People by crilleb50 <da:thumb id="491230162"/>  Autumn in Gettysburg by Cinnamoncandy  Heureuse  by HayatSama  Deadly Roses by LevanaTempest 

Samhain by magicsart Ciara by Flobelebelebobele Mr. CYBORG by LewiARTs  Working Class Hero by Hermetic-Wings  R O S E by Lub-Ad 

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