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SmackJeeves Secret Santa 2014

Sorry for the late upload here- vacation does that!

Anyway, I made this as a Secret Santa gift for the Smackjeeves 2014 SmackSanta. I was given the honor of making something for :icondruidteeth: this year. I hadn't seen her work before- but I'm certainly glad I did! Her comic was fun to read- I certainly recommend it to people. =D

The character I chose to draw was Twee- I fell in love with her design. It was simple, yet beautiful. I had a blast working on this. I experimented with a new style on this (in hopes of disguising who I was for at least a short while)- and I think it came out really well!

Art (c) NekoYugito 2014
Twee (c) DruidTeeth
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This is so freaking amazing. So big as well! It DID come out very well! Beautiful. So detailed and so wonderfully done. I love the clouds. C: Are they a brush?
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I got carried away with the size... I'm still getting used to working on my laptop... but it seems drawings are slowly getting bigger on this thing. xD The details were pretty fun too- I always try to put a little extra effort into anything that's a gift- even gifts for people I don't really know! =D

The clouds were indeed made with a brush that I've got lying around in my tool-set!
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BUT HUGE SIZES ARE AWESOME. C: Ahh fair enough. Awesome. xD I love that. C: That's so kind!

Ah nice. C: I need to gather more brushes.
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Huge sizes are awesome- desktop background worthy!

I think it's always best to put more effort into gifts than you usually would. I see some secret santas where artists will completely half-ass their entry and it makes me sad because I know they can do much better. I mean, no one is expecting masterpieces, but when it LOOKS very sloppy compared to their usual work, it sure is disappointing. That's just me though.

I only have two or three sets outside of the Photoshop default that I touch. One more than the others.
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DEFINITELY! 8D I should do more! Do you find controlling the brushstrokes to be harder when the image is larger?

Definitely. :] And yeah, that's true. I think gifts require a good amount of effort! Yeah, it is. I'm always more motivated when I'm drawing something for someone else. xD

Ooh really? O: Fair enough!
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Sometimes- but I also find it gives me more space to slow down and make my lineart nice like I did in this image and the other two big ones for Christmas. Yes, there are some blips, but the line-art is definitely cleaner than what I'd usually throw out there. xD

Gifts should always have effort put into them! If you're going to make something to make someone happy- then go all of the way! One of my biggest pet peeves is people joining Secret Santas just to get stuff and not to give. You can sometimes tell who those people are.
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Yeah, fair enough. x) I like the idea of having nicer quality for gifts. xD

Definitely! I know, right? Ah yeah, fair enough. I think that's pretty lame. I took ages on my Secret Santa gift. xD I enjoyed it though. :D I've never drawn any of those three pokemon in the picture either, so it's a whole new experience for me as well as a nice picture for someone else.
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I don't know how long I took with my gifts- but each probably took 4-6 hours. Well worth the time spent though. <3 It was fun for me AND the recipients liked them!
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Oh my god you've improved.
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Have I?

Maybe I just got more patient.... NAH.
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Omg! I'd really like to say thank you for being my secret santa, I really really love this!
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No problem! ^_^ I'm really glad you like it. I had a lot of fun drawing it~!
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