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Since apparently deviantart leaves my uploads up and still allows people to follow me during the three week deactivation period the stalker situation resumes. I've decided to move all my uploads to storage for the time being. It's people like this that make me question why I continue to work on PRS. Part of me wants to cancel the comic as I'm assuming this creep is stalking mostly for the comic. I'm not making that decision now but this is getting really old really fast. I'm tired of alt-account whack-a-mole and I'm not really sure what to do next if this creep keeps at it. Right now the only place I can post art without the risk of them stalking or reposting it (which they have indeed done in the last few days- even after I had blocked them multiple times) is twitter since I can lock it to prevent new followers. For the time being I've unlocked my DA account so I can at least chat with you awesome non-stalker-y people. Y'all are the best and the reason I haven't just deleted the
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Just a heads up, I may be be deactivating my account tonight or tomorrow. The short version of the story is that there's a creepy as hell stalker who keeps block evading and I'm getting very tired of playing alt account whack-a-mole. This will be temporary, don't worry. I've also locked my twitter for the time being. There's a chance that PRS main site will also be down for a bit as well. Just letting y'all know so when my accounts all go down/private that it's because of this and not to worry. I just want to not worry about this asshole for a few weeks while I focus on other things. Thanks for being understanding!
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PRS will get an update tomorrow then resume the hiatus for a few more weeks!
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Happy New Year, Petunia!

Hey I was wondering if I could use your Poipole art for my YouTube Channel Poipole Entertainment thanks for taking the time to read this if you say no than I’ll understand thank you

Unfortunately, I do not allow people to use my work for their own purposes unless the art was made specifically for public use. The Poipole was made as a request for a friend so it is definitely not for public use. So I'll have to tell you no- sorry!