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Callie hated that her parents always left her with a babysitter. She was in her own mind grown up enough to be able to stay home alone for a little while.

Her parents on the other hand believed that 9 was still much too young to be left home alone.
Callie didn't dislike the girl her parents always had watch her it just kind of made her less than happy that they didn't think she was big enough to be home by herself.

As a matter of fact Jamie was one of her favorite people most of the time. Callie certainly looked up to her. She wanted to grow up and be just like her.

To Callie, Jamie was perfect. She was blonde haired, and blue eyed. Jamie was tall and slender and as far as Callie was concerned she had a great body. Callie had on several occasions told Jamie just how pretty she was. Above all Callie was jealous of Jamie. She was jealous of her age and her freedom, she was jealous of the fact that she had breasts that Callie had not even started developing yet.

Really Callie felt what most young people feel. She was in a rush to be older, to grow up. It couldn't happen quick enough to please her.
Having Jamie around only made Callie want it even more than normal. So just before time for her parents to go out on their monthly date night Callie once again tried in vain to convince her parents that she could handle staying there without a babysitter sitter.

She was on the verge of tears when the doorbell rang and her mother went to open the door.
When she did so, Callie saw that Jamie was standing there looking just as beautiful as ever.

"Hi there Mr and Mrs Clinton, hey there Callie how ya doin kiddo." She said with such sincerity and with the biggest smile on her face. Callie knew the battle was lost as soon as she smiled back at Jamie. She was angry with herself for doing it but despite her not wanting a babysitter she did really like Jamie.

She always had something fun to do when she came over. Jamie walked up to Callie "wow kid you're getting bigger ever time I see you." Callie wished that were true but she doubted it. Still when Jamie put her arm around her and gave her a hug Callie hugged her back.

Callie's mom and dad gave Jamie the numbers she would need although it wasn't really needed Jamie had their numbers on her phone so it was just a little indulgence on her part.

Her parents also explained how Callie thought she was big enough to be home alone.

Of course they all laughed everyone but Callie she just silently fumed at all the "grown-ups " laughing at her.

Once the slight chit chat was finished the Clintons made their way out the front door for the evening.

"Sorry Callie, I know you really don't want me around but I'm sure we can still have some fun while I'm here. It probably won't help but I had to have a babysitter silly I was 12. Then I started looking after kids myself. I know 2 years seems like forever but really it's not that far away."

Jamie put her arm on the still dejected little girl she was in charge of for the night and moved her toward the living room.

"Thanks for understanding, I guess." Jamie looked at the little girl "you guess?" She smiled and made to tickle Callie as she tried to get away. Jamie caught up with her before she got more than a couple steps away and wrestled around with the smaller girl for a moment until they were both on their backs laughing themselves.


"Yeah kiddo."

"What's it like being big, what's it like being older?"

Jamie rolled to her side so she could face her youthful charge. She propped her head on her hand. Seeing this Callie followed suit copying her friend and babysitter. At least she claimed her as a friend.

Jaime's face took on a very serious look before she started to answer the question. "Honestly Callie it's not all it's cracked up to be. School is harder, people are kind of expecting you to make big decisions all on your own. If I could I'd swap places with you. Being older is hard."
Callie didn't really understand. "But you're so pretty and popular. I don't understand what could be so hard about it?"

"It's hard to explain Callie. Being grown up a little only makes life harder. Popularity isn't everything. Sometimes my looks attract nothing but trouble from the wrong sorts of people."

Still not believing the word of her babysitter she dropped the subject but Jamie still had one last thing to add that only went to kind of rub salt into an already bad sore.

"You'll understand in a few years when you're older."

"Ok, whatever." Callie got up off the floor and climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She didn't feel much like doing anything else that night. She certainly didn't feel like talking to someone who wouldn't tell her the truth.

Jamie rolled over and got up from the floor as well calling after the girl. She was unsure of what she had said that had made Callie so upset that she would go to bed several hours early on a Friday night.

She took off up the stairs only to have a door slammed in her face.

"Well that could have went a lot better." Jamie put her head against the door. She knocked on the door a couple of times with her head not very hard but just hard enough to rattle the door.

She tried to open the door but it was locked. "Of course." She turned her back to the door and slid down coming to a stop on the floor. Propping her head up with her hands she just sat there in silence for a while. She couldn't hear Callie moving around inside the room at all.
She felt sorry for the kid. She thought about call her parents and letting them know what was going on and that maybe they should come home.

She went to pull out her phone and got an idea. She would text Callie until she either opened the door or answered her through the door.
"First rule of being kind of grown up is not locking your friends out of your room just because you didn't get the answer you wanted ; p."
She heard the phone alert go off in the room. She heard a groan from Callie. She waited a minute and got no response. So she text her again.

"I can hear you in there. You're acting like a big baby." She figured Callie being mad was better than her not talking at all.
Again the phone made it's noise and again a groan came from the room.

This time a reply came back. " Leave me alone. You don't remember how much it sucks to be a little kid. If you did you would get why being like you would be so awesome."

Jamie text again "please open the door so we can talk about it like grown-ups."

The door opened a moment after the alert sounded. Callie stood in the doorway looking more than a little sad. “I just don’t get why everyone treats me like I am some kind of little kid.”

Jamie not wanting to hurt the girl any further, simply shrugged a little and said only “I wouldn’t worry about that very much. Every kid goes through what you're going through.”

Jamie knew that wasn’t a real answer, but she was only 16 herself and she didn’t have very many more answers than Callie did no matter what what she may think.

“Honestly Callie some times my folks still treat me like a little kid. Really though we are both still kind of kids.”
Callie smiled a little “you don’t look like a kid though. I would give anything to look like you.”

Jamie gave a faint smile back to Callie. She noticed where the young girls eyes rested. Her eyes were squarely on her ample chest. “These things” She cupped them in her hands laughing as she did so. “They are more trouble sometimes than they are worth.” She took her hands away and they bounced a little but not much as they were still very new and perky. Jamie noticed the envy in the younger girls eyes. “Don’t worry I’m sure as big as your mom’s are your’s will start coming in soon enough.”

Callie did smile at that remark. Her mother did have pretty big boobs. They were even bigger than Jamie’s. Still when you had none, any looked pretty good.

The two girls continued to talk for a while and Jamie was able to get Callie to come back down stairs so the two could play games and eat junk food. It was still a couple hours before Callie was supposed to have to get to bed.

The two girls spent the rest of their remaining time together chatting and just doing the kinds of things that Callie liked doing. Then it came time for her to go to bed and as per her usual routine she tried to talk her way into getting more time but Jamie was good at getting Callie to get to bed.

Callie wasn’t happy about it but right on schedule she was laying on her back in her bed with her covers tucked in all around her. Just as Jamie was walking out of the bedroom her cell phone rang. Callie's parents had been called to go into the city for several days to do some work and wanted to know if she could stay with Callie. They never did that kind of thing but told Jamie that they would pay her for the inconvenience.

Jamie tried very hard to bring Callie out of her doldrums every time she saw he for the the next few days. Every Time it failed except in small little bursts. The best way she knew to get her to smile or be happy even for a little while was to spend time making her over, playing dress up with her. Jamie had a knack for making people look pretty and squeezing beauty out of people. Still most times it wasn’t enough because when it was all over Callie could wash away the make-up and be right back to what she was before a 9 year old little girl.

Jamie took Callie out one night to go shopping and just mainly to get her out of the house, since she didn’t leave for very much. The two went from store to store at a nearby strip mall. Jamie who was an only child looked at Callie as her kid sister and honestly loved her like she was. So spending a day out with her was not a burden on her. She enjoyed it. Still she girls went from shop to shop trying on different clothes, and buying more than they should have but Callie had money and Jamie had a hard time saying no.

Still when the trip into town was mostly finished the two stopped at a novelty shop. Jamie wasn’t sure about letting Jamie go in because there were a lot of stuff in there for older people. Yet she allowed herself to be drug into the store to look around. Jamie understood that there was no telling what you would find in a store like that and she wanted to keep Callie from seeing things she shouldn’t. Yet Callie hit the store running and Jamie could barely keep up. Callie found every little dirty joke and toy the place had and she and Jamie had a huge laugh about most of it.

Then something really did catch the little girls eye. It was a set of two necklaces. Each one had a girl on it. One had a little girl on it and the other had a sexy woman on it. The necklaces was supposed to be for sisters at least that is what the package said. “Jamie lets get these. One for you and one for me.” Jamie thought the necklaces were cute and everything but she didn’t understand why Callie wanted them so bad. Still though she handed over the card to let the store attendant finish the transaction. He was a wild looking dude with a spiked mohawk that was several different colors. Knowing the necklaces were mainly for the little girl he smiled and said “enjoy these little missy.”
As they walked out the man behind the counter just laughed and laughed. Jamie got cold chills running up her spine as he did so. “Well that wasn’t creepy at all was it Callie?” She put her arm around her adopted little sister. Callie laughed a little “yeah it was little missy.” As they got back to the car Callie put her necklace on and asked Jamie to bend forward so she could put her’s on her. Jamie did so and Callie hugged the older girl. “I know I’ve been weird lately, I’m just glad your still around.” Jamie hugged the little girl back “I’m not going anywhere, I mean we have sister necklaces now.” The two laughed again as they started to drive away from the strip mall.

The two girls held a bit of a slumber party that evening as Bethazaine went out of town for a couple days to her canasta tournament. Jamie spent the night making Callie up and for the first time Callie tried her hand at doing the same back to Jamie. Ten o’clock was nearing though and that would be bed time for Callie and she was dreading it because the two were having a great time. She just for once wanted to be able to stay up like Jamie did. So as bed time got closer she tried to extend the amount of time she would be allowed to stay up and like the good babysitter Jamie was she was not budging. “You know Callie that I love ya like a sister but the rules are the rules.” She was teasing the younger girl a little because she fully intended to let her stay up a little later just because she wasn’t ready to be alone in the big house by herself, only she couldn't tell Callie that it had to be a surprise.

The two playfully fussed for the remaining 20 minutes and then as ten o’clock struck Jamie lifted the little girl up off the floor as if to carry the girl up stairs by force laughing the whole time. When from outside they both heard a noise. Jamie went to sit Callie down when a bright light shined through the living room window. The light was coming from the street. The next thing either of them knew they were bombarded with a beam of some sort. Time seemed to stand still as neither of them could move and get away from the beam of light. Jamie heard the same laugh he had heard earlier. Callie heard it too. They both grew scared. Then just like that the beam was gone and whatever vehicle it was in speed away.

Neither one of them had any idea what had just happened. They both just knew that it was weird. Jamie spoke first “What the hell was that all about?” She normally didn’t cuss in front of Callie but she felt like the situation called for it. Callie feeling a little bold added “I don’t damn know.” The two girls died laughing as they shared a look at the bad word that had came from Callie’s mouth. The two girls shared a hug, then they both doubled over in pain.

“What’s happening” Callie screamed as both girls fell upon the floor. Jamie was unable to answer as the pain was too much. Jamie could feel bones cracking in her hands, feet, legs and arms. Callie could also feel the same things happening to her. Both girls were crying from the horrible pain.

Jamie noticed what was happening to her first as she was transfixed on her hands as the became smaller. She was shrinking she thought at first some how that crazy guy from the store was shrinking her. Then the pain started in her chest and she watched in disbelief as her breasts un-developed right in front of her. She panicked as her breasts withered away and her shirt became loose and the medium sized bra attempted to fall off her body. The pants she wore became much to large for her as her hips and waistline shrank away from the waistband. Her pants were trying their very best to swallow her whole. being almost nude she wrapped herself in the much larger tee shirt so she could stay covered. She was afraid for a moment that there wouldn't be anything left of poor little Callie and so she frantically looked around for her finding her crawling towards a door. Only something quite different was happening to her.

Callie had seen what happened to Jamie, but now she was watching the opposite kind of things happen to her. She watched as her hands and feet expanded and got larger. The same thing happened to her arms and legs. Her mid-section became bare as her small shirt was not long enough any more for her longer more lean frame. Her legs grew out of her pants legs and worked their way up her calves stopping when they grew too much tight and splits began to develop up the sides with little bits of flesh trying to poke out in the splits. The pressure in her chest was killing her and she nearly fainted when her flat chest, blossomed almost instantly. She watch as her non- existent breasts expanded stretching her small little tee shirt beyond its limits, as it strained it ripped up the side to relieve some of the tension off the seams. She reached for a chair so that she could get to her feet. The pain began to subside as she reached her knees. When she got to her feet the world didn't seem so big and as she scanned the room she noticed her babysitter seemed much smaller. If she had to guess she would say they had swapped ages. Jamie walked over to where Callie now stood and looked up and the not so little girl. Both said the same thing at almost the same time "what the damn hell?"

Callie just was dumbfounded but unable to help herself as she rushed to the nearest mirror to take in her new and improved view. Jamie joined her as she had just wrapped her shirt around her now much smaller/younger body. Jamie noticed that the necklaces they had been wearing were different. Almost like they had been switched. Jamie screamed at the now older Callie "thats not damn fair." Callie wanted to agree but she was just to hot to care at the moment.
Callie wants to be grown up, her baby sitter is everything she wants to be. What happens when the roles get suddenly swapped. Story include age regression and age progression. Age swap for the lack of a better term. 
This is a request from :iconredacegod350: with a few modifications. This story will end up connecting with my Other Realms stories.
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Safetystars Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Personally I'm not really into age changing, but this was a fun read. My only criticisms really were that the part where the light shined on them felt a little jerky - I get that it was meant to be fast, but I think that could improve. Also, there were some typos (not a big deal or anything but I'm just pointing it out.

I really like the way we're introduced to the characters and the dynamic between them. It's also interesting how after the change I'm not sure how they have altered mentally, but I get the impression they've retained at least some of their prior maturity.
jtcmario12 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Student General Artist
I agree with your comment on this, even though you made it in march 2015, and it still stands to this date.
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for your input I will work harder to make sure my stories are cleaned up and ready when posted. I am glad you thought this was a fun read, I do try to make stories worth ready.
Safetystars Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Well, it certainly was :D
Bluefoxmask Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
This is pretty good! Although I hope part 2 will be up in the coming week and there will be GTS growth too :) Also I have a question if you don't mind me asking, what did you mean redacegod requested, with a few modifications? :(
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yeah there will be. Red asked for the babysitter and the little girl to get large. I added the age swap. I had emailed him about a week ago and had not heard back from him sonic went a head and posted part one.
Bluefoxmask Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
Cool :) Also yeah, sorry about that, he has been busy with work since this is around the time of year when he get's slammed :( But the last of it should be today. But as long as it will have GTS, I don't think he'll be upset. I will wait not for part 2 :meow: good luck on it.
Samarkana Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
There will be plenty of transformations coming, growth may be one XD I like putting my baby through some hell
Bluefoxmask Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
Cool, I know Red will enjoy hearing this.
Samarkana Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
Oh crap, for some reason this comment came up on my dash. DISREGARD everything I said lol, that was meant for the other one you commented on lol
Bluefoxmask Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Okay then
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