Summer Commissions! (OPEN)

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Commissions will be open this summer!  Starting today and ending on a date that will be announced later!

Now, I'm only gonna be offering two things:

First is <a href-"…">paper children.

Now, when requesting a paper child, certain things would be helpful:

1) A reference.  ESPECIALLY if it will be of an OC.  If it's an OC, a general personality overview's VERY helpful
2) A preferred pose or grab-point.  Do you want it to be held by the hair?  Cape?  Etc?
3) Preffered pose and expression?  If you would prefer to have them interacting with an object?  Have a particular facial expression?

Here's how the pricing will be as follows:

Black and White Shaded Paperchild</u>

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Price: $3.00 (USD)

Colored Paperchild</u>

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Price: $4.00 (USD)

Paperchild Chains</u>

Example 1
Example 2

Black and white shaded- $4.00 for two +$0.50 per added character
Colored- $5.00 for two +$1.00 per added character


Paperchildren are able to be sent via standard envelope (in most cases) and, thus, the shipping is included in the cost.  
HOWEVER- If you order a chain that is too long for the standard envelope, I will have to send it by other means and you may have to add $1.00 to the cost to pay for shipping.
I will notify you prior to your transaction if that's the case.

The other item I will be offering is Artist Trading Cards

These are, basically, minature paintings I will be doing on bristol or illustration board cut into 2.5"x3.5" rectangles.

Some examples of artist Trading Cards

A couple things that would be helpful to include in the request:

1) A reference.  ESPECIALLY if it's an OC.  A personality overview is good too, since it helps me put more emotion in it.
2) Any requested or preferred poses/colors/styles/etc.  Basically, describe

The trading cards will have your requested painting on the front, and the back will have a custome design, hand-painted and unique to each card.  
It makes it more special, you know? :)

Price: Each trading card will be $5.00 regardless of the detail or style.  This covers the cost of materials.

In regards to shipping, the trading cards will fit in standard envelopes, so there's no extra shipping fee.


Yes, I will offer other types of commissions such as sketches, CG works, Traditional Works, etc.
But for this... YOU offer the price.
That's right... you pitch to me what you think is fair for my services and we'll haggle from there.

What I'll need from you for this is reference (if applicable) and an idea of how you want it to look. ;)
Anything else will be discussed via not or comments here after you pitch your order to me. <3

Now, about payment.

I will not ask you to send money to me UNTIL I am done, but I will not send the item to you until you complete the transaction.
This assures that you will get your commission, and that I am paid.
After all, trust is important, especially since this is the first time I will be doing commissions.

Basically, the system is as such:

1) You send me a note on DA with your order request and any info I need to start the commission
2) I work on, then complete the commission, taking a picture of the completed work
3) I send you that picture so you see I have completed the commission.
4) You pay for the commission via my paypal, the address to that will be included in the note.
5) I stick the commission in an envelope when I see you have completed the transaction, and send it.
6) You receive the commission and dance for joy.

In case you wanna use this. XD
It' not required, but it helps me. :)
Basically, fill this out and send me a note here on DA.(I can get notes faster and it's easier for me to keep track of who wants what)

If paper child, colored or not?
If a paperchild chain, how many characters?
References (if any):
Ideas about the commission (how do you want it to look?):



Trading Cards




:bulletred: Kiki color paperchild for Elibbabeth

If you guys have any questions, either ask me in here, or send em to me via note. <33

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i wish i could get one, but my parents don't want me spending money for things like this...