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WALL-E-- Speedpaint

I'm such a huge fan of this movie now.
Hoooly cow.

Anyways, this is a 45-minute speedpaint, no references picture I decided to do, cause it was buggin me. XD

I think listening to the WALL-E soundtrack has something to do with it or something. XD

I may do more fanart of this later... I want to do a WALL-ExEVE picture cause that pairing is super uuber cute, holy cow. XD

WALL-E belongs to Pixar
Art belongs to moi~
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beautiful, i really get a sense for the isolation of Earth.

That is so awesome, I love WALL-E- and i'm 19 years old and always will!!!
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That's awesome for a 45 minutes speedpaint. That's one thing i was never so great at, speedpainting! Nice mood, too.
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Why thank you!

Yeah, I love speedpainting, it's really relaxing to me. :)
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Really? LOL it just ticks me off because i can't do it well :grin:
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This is awesome! :heart: *favs*
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Haha, thanks! :3
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... wait, wrong forum.
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XDDDD!! -snerks loudly-
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it's cute!
Wall-E, there ( in Finland) this is new movie...I want see this movie! Absolute!
But yes, I fav this. <3
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It's amazing! I saw it twice in a row... so beautiful and wonderful... I can't think of enough good comments to give it. :3
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Yeah, I see. :3
Hopefully I will see this movie before long!
(bad english..yeah)
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I don't understand how you can draw such pretty things in such a short amount of time! its craziness! This pic is really amazing!
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Drawing classes that force you to paint a model in about 30 minutes help. XDD
I love speedpainting.. you get a better FEEL behind it when it's not as precise~ <33
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XD I really need to take more art classes!
^^ I don't have a tablet...nor am I any good at regular paints, but I do love speedsketching!
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I loooove art classes. In high school, every study hall I would go down and bug one of my art teachers until he gave me a permanent art room pass for that period and I would hang out in there... at one point I basically had 3 art classes in an 8 period day.

It was oh so excellent. X3 <3

Have you tried watercolors? They're one of my favorite ways to color things.. if you haven't run out and get even the cheapy $1 kids set, they're decent enough and you can go crazy with experimenting since they aren't expensive to replace. :) <3
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XD Lucky you! My school runs on 4 blocks, instead of 8 periods, so I have considerable less blocks free.

:D Actually, watercolors is really on my to do list. I think I'll just steal some from my little sibs! ;p
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ewww, Block scheduling? Grossssss. D:<

Do it! They're so much fun. 8D
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XD Actually, its good for AP classes and such. But that's really the only thing its good for.

:evillaugh: *runs off to steal paint from little kids*
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Yeah, I JUST made it out of my school before it went to block scheduling. :0

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Aww ^^
Awesome, the colours are spot on.
You did a fantastic job for 45 minutes!
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Thank you!~ <3
I tried nice and hard to get the feeling of that scene (not realy going for accuracy since I didn't use a ref. XD )
mckolley's avatar
Well it most definitely worked :)
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Most expressive mechanical things EVER. I loved that movie. ...and this is just as sweet as those two are together. :heart:
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