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Constant Companion- Portal

I think.... I think I'm right.

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Your mind is dark and twisted.
I love it.
i think gladus is messed up enough to do that, but that was no where near as amazing as the whole lemon section XD
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I dunno if this will mean anything to you given you drew this comic so long ago, but I wrote an essay about this hypothesis (and why it doesn't work at all) here: babycharmanderkeckleon.tumblr.… I cited your comic here as the origin of this hypothesis, so. XD;

I don't mean any offense to you--you couldn't have known the impact this would have had on the fandom. I'm just trying to straighten things out for my own sanity. @___x
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...Oh gosh. I never realized before that this was the source of this thing.

Are you aware of what impact this hypothesis has had on the Portal fandom...?
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 ... pettystoptryingtoblowmybrainup
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This is a common theory. And, personally, my favorite of Valve's.
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yes you are right....
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Game theory made an episode about that
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I like in the second game when glados is making fun of you and fizzes the companion cubes
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I felt bad when I had to kill the cube :( when I threw him in the incinerator my friend immediately took my controller and jumped into the incinerator, yelling "LET ME LOVE YOU!!" And he and the cube died, period
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well that made the game even darker
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YAY I'm not the only one who thought this.
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Actually you're theory might be right because someone on youtube did a theory of the Weighted companion cube!: [link]

Dat Theory... :iconmotherofgodplz:
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but remember!It's just a theory!A game theory!
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*hugs cube* I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO. :(
Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar
...oh...oh wow XD *rofling*
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But what about the :iconcakeisalieplz: ?
tigerstorms's avatar
oh my god, my head just exploded
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Just... omg.... sudden realization... :O
FUCK. JUST FUCK. And it matches the song, "there is research to be done, on the people who are still alive"
One of the best games i have played
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that frame of the stickfigue in the cube...
made my thoughts rage...

so well placed - together with the text...
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